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1[[quoteright:261:]] ²''Class of 1999'' is a 1990 American science fiction action thriller horror film directed by Mark L. Lester, featuring Creator/MalcolmMcDowell, Creator/StacyKeach, and Creator/PamGrier. In the film, set in the year 1999, school violence has reached the point where humanoid robots originally designed as soldiers had to be reprogrammed to become teachers that would administer discipline unto the unruly students set to do harm unto others at Seattle's John F. Kennedy High School. Cody Culp, a gang member, teams up with Christie, the principal's daughter, to find out the secret behind the new teachers and to destroy them before they do harm unto all the students.²²It was followed by the 1994 direct-to-video sequel ''Class of 1999 II: The Substitute''.²-----²!!This film provides the following tropes:²* AgonyOfTheFeet: Miss Connors, the Chemistry teacher (who is a robot), crushes a student's foot with one of her heels.²* AIIsACrapshoot: Although the humanoid robots have been reprogrammed to work within a civilian population as teachers and disciplinarians, it doesn't take long before their original programming kicks in and they become lethal killing machines unto the students. Of course, it turns out that Dr. Forest was expecting for that to happen.²* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: Christie, the daughter of the principal and perfectly law-abiding student, befriends and later falls in love with Cody, a former gang member on parole.²* AndShowItToYou: This how Bryles kills Dr. Forrest.²* AttemptedRape: A few students try to rape Christie, but Cody comes to her rescue and protects her from her would-be assailants. Unfortunately for him, NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished, as he is subjected to getting the crap beaten out of him by Mr. Bryles, the Phys Ed teacher.²* AxCrazy: The robot teachers once their military programming kicks in, especially Bryles, who is the first one to actually kill a student.²* BlackAndGreyMorality: A bunch of morally ambiguous students against killer robots. ²* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Dr. Bob Forrest. He is the head of Megatech and willing to get countless teens killed so he can profit.²* CrapsackWorld: The 1999 as depicted in the film's setting looks rather bleak, although it is most likely the case for the underclass who have to resort to being in gangs in order to get by, with drugs and violence being a way of life.²* DeceptivelyHumanRobots: The robots introduced by Dr. Forrest as replacement teachers for a high school where violence has become a common everyday thing. Mr. Bryles does reveal their robotic insides to a group of people by stretching his mouth open.²* DisproportionateRetribution: The robot teachers' modus operandi. Even before they begin killing students, mind.²* DontMakeMeTakeMyBeltOff: Hardin delivers painful "corporate punishment" on two unruly students in his classroom right in front of the other students.²* EnemyMine: Once the Razorheads and the Blackhearts realize that the teachers are robots and were using each other's hatred for the other gang to destroy themselves, they team together to put an end to the teachers once and for all.²* FantasticDrug: Edge, which is used by most of the gang members. Cody refuses to have any part in using it.²* FatalFamilyPhoto: In the scene after Cody and his brother Angel declare that, gang stuff aside, they still love each other, the KillerRobot teachers abduct Angel, kill him, and dump the body at the entrance of the Blackhearts' hideout, making it look like it's a declaration of war by the Razorheads.²* ForceFeeding: Hardin kills a drugged-up student by force-feeding him with Edge.²* GangInitiationFight: The Blackhearts have the "get the shit pummeled out if you by every member" variant. Angel and Cody both endure it, or in Cody's case ''re''endures it, do he can take part of the gang fight and take revenge on his brother's death.²* HoistByHisOwnPetard: Dr. Forrest gets killed by the very robots he sent into a high school to do the killing for him.²* JunkieParent: Cody and Angel's mother turns out to be a junkie getting high on Edge.²* OffWithHisHead: Mr. Bryles is defeated when Cody wraps a chain around his neck and uses a machine to rip his robotic head off his body.²* PlayingWithFire: Miss Conners uses a flamethrower in the climax. Cody and Christie use this ability against her when they lure her into the Chemistry lab and turn on the gas nozzles to flood the room with flammable gas, causing Miss Conners to set herself on fire.²* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Miles Langford, the principal of John F. Kennedy High School, tries his best to be this even in the face of accusations about the new robotic teachers committing murder upon the students. When Langford tries to pull the plug on the project, Dr. Forrest has his robots kill him.²* RoboCam: Whenever the film jumps into the POV of the robots, we see visual displays featuring ''[[Franchise/TheTerminator Terminator]]''-style information such as the proper form of action to take. In Teacher mode, the visual readouts are in white, but in Military mode, they become red, indicating a threat that must be eradicated.²* SmugSnake: Dr. Bob Forrest.²* TeenageWasteland: The CrapsackWorld cyberpunk ghettoes are worse around the schools of America -- as in the government established a ''defense force'' to try to keep order in them and perimeter of about ten miles around them is considered a "free-fire zone" (read:"cops aren't coming, you're on your own").²* ThisIsADrill: Hardin has a grip with a drill attached to it hidden under one of his arms, which he uses to bore into a student's head to kill him near the end of the film.²* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture: Filmed in 1990, the movie is set in the future world of 1999.


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