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2-> ''"Shall we stay here forever?"''
4''Boys'' (originally ''Jongens'' in its original Dutch) is a 2014 Dutch [[ComingOfAgeStory coming of age]] drama directed by Mischa Kamp and starring Gijs Blom and Ko Zandvliet. It depicts the maturation and self-discovery of gifted young athlete Sieger as he falls for his quirky, charming relay partner Marc.
6Originally released on Dutch television, the film was so critically and commercially successful it moved to Dutch theaters, and eventually ran in the United States, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Poland, France, and Germany, as well as several film festivals.
8!! ''Boys'' provides examples of...
10* BeachKiss: Marc and Sieger have a few of these after sneaking out at night together on the training trip.
11* TheBeard: Jessica is unwittingly Sieger's.
12* BigBrotherInstinct: Marc is shown to be kind and protective towards his little sister Neeltje.
13* ClassTrip: Technically, it's a training trip for the athletics team.
14* ClosetKey: Marc is Sieger's.
15* ComingOutStory
16* FirstKiss: Marc and Sieger have one after going out swimming together, initially with the other two members of the relay team. They kiss after tension builds when left alone for awhile, in an overhead shot so beautiful it was used for the movie poster.
17* FoolishSiblingResponsibleSibling: Eddy and Sieger could be seen as this. Eddy is reckless, carefree, and often disrespectful, while Sieger is [[TheDutifulSon dutiful]], disciplined, reserved, and polite.
18* GoodParents: Marc's parents are [[OpenMindedParent open-minded]], supportive, and generally fun; Marc clearly loves them a lot.
19** Theo tries his to keep his children both safe and happy, despite the sad circumstances of his wife's death. He even [[spoiler: allows Eddy to have a motorcycle]] despite his own inhibitions because he knows it will bring him joy.
20* HeldGaze: Because so much of their communication and sexual tension is silent, Marc and Sieger get ''several'' of these.
21** Before and after their FirstKiss. The entire scene is shown overhead, so they appear in almost complete symmetry as they watch each other.
22** At the fair, in the awkward encounter where Sieger introduces Marc to his "girlfriend" Jessica.
23* HippieParents: Though we only get a brief glimpse of Marc's mom and dad, Marc's parents are most likely this. The fact that they got married after both children were born so that their offspring could enjoy the wedding should suffice as evidence.
24* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Eddy. He lashes out at his father, but he's shown to genuinely care for his family on several occasions.
25* LovableJock: Sieger, Marc, and Stef.
26* MissingMom: Sieger and Eddy's mother died in recent memory before the events of the film, implied to be as a result of a motorbike-related accident.
27* OpenMindedParent: Marc's parents seem comfortable with their son's homosexuality.
28** Given what we know about Theo, in all likelihood, he's one, too.
29* QueerRomance
30* SecondActBreakup: After the initial conflict over Sieger pretending to be with Jessica, Marc ''officially'' breaks up with Sieger after [[spoiler: being stood up, then shoved and told to leave after running into one another]]. [[TheyDo Everything gets resolved]], of course.
31* SerenadeYourLover: Indirectly. Marc sings "You Are My Sunshine" at the campfire, [[HeldGaze holding Sieger's gaze]] the entire time.
32* StraightGay: Sieger and Marc.
33* TheyDo: The end of the film has Marc and Sieger riding off on Eddy's motorcycle together.
34* TransparentCloset:
35--> '''Sieger:''' ''[following his and Marc's first kiss]'' I'm not gay.
36--> '''Marc:''' Of course you're not.
37* TroubledButCute: Eddy. [[FreudianExcuse Angsty about his mother's death]], he's a reckless motorcyclist with a penchant for leather and a lot of female admirers.
38* UptightLovesWild: Sieger is quiet and reserved, whereas Marc is a quirky, happy-go-lucky free spirit.