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1[[quoteright:300:]] ˛˛The second sequel to ''Film/BeverlyHillsCop'', released in 1994.˛˛This time, Axel (Creator/EddieMurphy) is attempting to take down a car theft ring when the thieves well-armed clients shoot their way out, killing Inspector Todd (Gil Hill). To avenge his boss, Axel follows a lead to a Los Angeles theme park which is the front for a massive counterfeiting operation. Accused of the shooting of the park's owner, he enlists the help of Rosewood (Creator/JudgeReinhold) and his new partner, Jon Flint (Creator/HectorElizondo), to prove his innocence and get revenge on the ringleader. ˛˛!!''Beverly Hills Cop III'' provides examples of:˛˛* ActionizedSequel: The two previous films were action comedies, leaning both in Creator/EddieMurphy's comedic skills and action scenes. This sequel does away with some of the comedy and adds more action scenes.˛* ArtisticLicenseLaw: ˛** The frame-up using faulty [=CCTV=] footage. Most judges would seriously doubt the authenticity of such poor quality video, and some police would immediately accuse [=DeWald=] of tampering with evidence.˛** The radio codes for when Axel breaks into Wonder World are either out of date or poorly researched. The (current) codes for what was happening are AT LEAST 10-71[[note]]Shooting[[/note]] and 10-80[[note]]Explosions[[/note]]. There is no known use of a 12 prefix, and the other two are Return To Station and Condition Of Patient. ˛* AwesomeButImpractical: The Annihilator 2000. It'd be a great weapon, if you can figure out how to use it properly. And that's not even getting into its more ridiculous attachments, such as CD player, phone and ''microwave oven''. As it is, Axel has trouble even firing the damn thing because [[SomeDexterityRequired its operation is so convoluted, he keeps activating all the weapon's supplementary functions]]. Axel drops it for a [[BoringYetPractical simple]] [[RevolversAreJustBetter revolver]] the first chance he gets. ˛* {{BFG}}: The Annihilator 2000. With [[MoreDakka machine gun]], [[StuffBlowingUp grenade (or rocket) launcher]], net launcher, [[LongList compact disk player, radio, microwave, cell phone]]... "the ultimate in urban survival gear", indeed.˛* BadBoss: [=DeWald=] responds to an injured henchman's plea for assistance by kicking him out of their speeding truck and underneath the wheels of Axel's car during the opening ChaseScene.˛* BerserkButton: Taunting Axel about his boss' death will make him forget his BavarianFireDrill skills and prompt him to go straight for the punch in the face.˛* BigBad: Ellis [=DeWald=].˛* BrandX: Wonder World, a Disneyland expy.˛* BreakTheFake: Axel printing his own version of Wonder Dollars... on the [[CounterfeitCash seemingly legal tender]] paper stock.˛* TheBusCameBack: Serge is back, after being being absent from the second film.˛* TheCameo: Axel cuts in front of Creator/GeorgeLucas to get on a park ride.˛* CaptainErsatz[=/=]{{Expy}}: Creator/AlanYoung admitted his “Uncle" Dave Thornton character is loosely based on Scrooge [=McDuck=] and David Filby.˛* ChekhovsBoomerang: The Annihilator 2000, which turns out to be complicated to operate.˛* ChekhovsGun: The blinding light keychain Serge gives Axel.˛** The handwritten note given to Uncle Dave from his friend the day he disappeared from the park. ˛* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: While Taggart's absence is explained, Bogomil isn't even mentioned at all.˛* CounterfeitCash: The bad guys are using Wonder World as a cover to create massive amounts of counterfeit money using stolen U.S. mint paper.˛* FerrisWheelOfDoom: The Spider goes completely bonkers when some Wally World security guys tamper with the controls trying to bring Axel down. If not for Axel's brave actions, two kids would have been killed.˛* HateSink: Ellis [=DeWald=] is a smug asshole that kills people (even his own men and most importantly ''Inspector Todd'') and rubs their deaths on Axel's face without barely changing his demeanor. Other villains of the series were evil and attacked people close to Axel, but [=DeWald=] does everything to want you (and Axel) to punch him in the face.˛* HeroWithBadPublicity: Axel becomes one after [=DeWald=] frames him for [[spoiler:the attempted murder of Uncle Dave]].˛* ImprobableAimingSkills: After being shot at from a theme park sky-gondola ride, Flint returns fire with an MP 5K, stitching a perfect line up the door (which is at most two feet wide) and bulls-eyeing the gunman with most if not all of his shots. Landing over a dozen fully-automatic shots on target at a range of at least 100ft with a lightweight SMG that has a 4.5 inch barrel really stretches the word "improbable."˛* ManipulativeEditing: Done by [=DeWald=] several times to make it seem like Axel's actions were purely criminal in nature, abusing suspiciously poor quality recording equipment and the fact he's the head of security.˛* MinorCrimeRevealsMajorPlot: A car theft ring were all murdered by members of what turned out to be a major counterfeiting operation.˛%%* MookLieutenant: Holloway.˛* MrAltDisney: Uncle Dave is definitely this. He even creates a mascot based on Axel in thanks for saving him!˛* OfCorpseHesAlive: Axel uses a dead henchmen to trick the others where he fled.˛* PunchClockVillain: The chopshop guys at the start. They don't carry guns, try not to hurt anybody, and sing along to the radio cheerfully. Even Axel didn't want to see them get hurt, and the BigBad gunning them down is clearly supposed to make us hate him more.˛* PutOnABus: Taggart, Bogomil, and Friedman are nowhere to be found in this movie. Taggart is mentioned as having retired and moved to Phoenix.˛* RankUp: Billy is now a Sergeant who has a job with a ridiculously convoluted title.˛* RummageFail: When Axel tries to use the {{BFG}}.˛* SignatureStyle: Creator/JohnLandis likes to feature celebrity cameos. For instance, Creator/GeorgeLucas is the tourist Axel cuts in front of at "The Spider".˛* SoundtrackDissonance: The Wonder World theme continuously plays in the background as Axel is in a firefight with [=DeWald's=] mooks, as well as his attempts to use the Annihilator 2000. One of the weapon's add-ons is a radio, which blares "Luv 4 Dem Gangsta'z" by Music/EazyE and shuts off when the mooks open fire on him. Then "North Dakota, South Dakota" by Creator/JerryLewis plays from the radio, and Axel finally gets the hang of the weapon and kills the mooks. Then back to the Wonder World theme.˛* SuddenSequelDeathSyndrome: Inspector Todd.˛* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: Jon Flint is this to Taggart, who is mentioned by Billy to have retired from the police force and moved to Phoenix.˛* SwissArmyGun: The {{BFG}} again. It even has a microwave oven and CD player, for crying out loud!˛* TemptingFate: Axel cancelling the SWAT backup purely since it's a simple carjacking operation. [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded by his boss]]...˛-->'''Axel''': Boss, I cancelled the SWAT team.˛-->'''Todd''': You what? I wouldn't raid a church bingo game without SWAT.˛* VillainWithGoodPublicity: [=DeWald=]. This is why the Beverly Hills police has a hard time believing Foley's claims that he's killed his boss back in Detroit.˛˛----


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