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1[[quoteright:300:]]˛˛Classic 1983 Australian children's film directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith (of ''Film/TheManFromHongKong'', ''Film/TurkeyShoot'', ''Film/DeadEndDriveIn'' and ''Film/{{Leprechaun}}'' fame.) Notable for being the big-screen debut of Creator/NicoleKidman.˛˛Two BMX bikers, P.J. (Angelo D'Angelo) and Goose (James Lugton) and a friend of theirs named Judy (Kidman) want nothing more than a track for them to engage in their sport to be built. To raise money, the three salvage a carton from the local docks. Inside they find some walkie-talkies, which they hope to sell. Unfortunately, the walkie-talkies are set to the frequency of a police station; and were stashed in the dock by a gang of [[BankRobbery bank-robbers]] planning to use them to eavesdrop on the police. So a pair of [[TheFamilyForTheWholeFamily Bumbling Criminals]] are sent to stalk to the kiddies and get the walkie-talkies back. This culminates in a lengthy foot/car/bike chase about UsefulNotes/{{Sydney}}.˛˛-----˛!!This film provides examples of:˛˛* AdultsAreUseless˛* UsefulNotes/AustralianNewWave: One of the later examples.˛* BMovie˛* ChaseScene: The climax involves a lengthy chase around Sydney, with stunts such as taking the BMX bikes down a water slide.˛* CoolBike: BMX ProductPlacement is all over the place in this movie.˛* EightiesHair: Judy/Kidman.˛* TheFamilyForTheWholeFamily: Kids pursued by StupidCrooks, and outrunning them in bikes even when the bad guys are in cars.˛* FatBastard: There's the obligatory nasty fat kid who annoys the protagonists. He's even listed in the credits as "Fat Kid".˛* [[KidHero Kid Heroes]]: Well, actually technically young teens.˛* UnabashedBMovieFan: Goose is a fan of slasher movies with titles like ''Kiss the Blood Off My Tyre Iron'', and keeps regaling his friends (and, at one point, the crooks) with their plots.˛----


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