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1Proof that [[SturgeonsLaw the remaining 10% worth drowning in a pool for]] is here.²²These are recommendations made by Tropers for ''VideoGame/TheSims'' fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found [[Main/FanficRecommendations here]].²²You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Administrivia/ConversationInTheMainPage though; that goes in the discussion page. ''No-name recommendations will be '''{{zapped}}'''.'' Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.²----²''Webcomic/FortuneAndRomance'' by [=Skellington7d=]²* Recommended by: Tempscire²* ''Status'': Dormant²* Synopsis: A prequel to the Sims 2 focusing on the Caliente sisters. Mainly characterized as [[GoldDigger gold-digging]], promiscuous, and possibly evil [[SpicyLatina Spicy Latinas]] in the actual game, the story seeks to develop the characters and explain their back story while retaining their personalities and aspirations.²** Comment: There's also some fantastic staging in the pictures. Be sure to pay attention to background events and details...there's frequently foreshadowing or [[FunnyBackgroundEvent funny background events]].²* Pairings: Dina Caliente/Michael Bachelor, Nina Caliente/[[{{Robosexual}} Servo]] with a healthy dose of Dina/Bella LesYay.²²''Webcomic/StrangetownHereWeCome'' by Strange-Tomato²* Recommended by: [=SevenOfDiamonds=], [=hipsterkitties=]²* ''Status'': Dormant²* Synopsis: A story about the lives of the characters from Strangetown.²* Pairing(s): Ripp Grunt/Ophelia Nigmos/Johnny Smith, Frances Worthington/Beau Broke, Lucy Burb/Tank Grunt, Zoe Zimmerman/Jasmine Rai, Jill Smith/Buck Grunt²²''Webcomic/AliceAndKev'' by Robin Burkinshaw²* Recommended by: [=Valjevert=], Pichu, Mystyr Nile²* ''Status'': Complete²* Synopsis: An experiment began by creating a homeless family and seeing if they could survive using a rather hands-off approach to playing. Soon it a rather poignant story unravels as they grow up and struggle.²²''Webcomic/BellaSquare'' by prah2010 and hyden312215341²* Recommended by: [=LobsterMagnusNovus=]²* Status: Dormant or Dead (see synopsis)²* Synopsis: A series that seems to be set a few years after the start of the game's story in ''The Sims 2''. The missing Bella Goth reappears, and her family travels to Strangetown in order to pick her up - only to find out that she got kidnapped ''again''. But was this the real Bella in the first place? And what exactly are Malcolm Landgraab and his friends up to? This story has many funny ideas, and a clever way of expanding the casts of Pleasantview and Strangetown by using many sims from the expansion packs, mostly from ''University'', here apparently post-graduation. Unfortunately though, this [[DeadFic series ends mid-story with Chapter 6]], due to [[AuthorExistenceFailure Existence Failure]] of the author's external hard drive, according to the annotation at the end of said chapter. There, the author also mentions the possibility of a remake in the future. Still, the little part of the story that is there is a fun read nevertheless.²²''[[ The Seven Deadly Sims]]'' by Sim-Fi²* Recommended by: [=QueenMarine=]²* Status: Dormant²* Synopsis: Set in Strangetown, the series focuses on the lives of Ophelia Nigmos, Olive Specter, Jill Smith, General Buzz Grunt, Kristen Loste, Loki Beaker, and Vidcund Curious, along with their families as the seven of them are targeted by intergalactic forces who have deemed them a threat to the entire galaxy as they represent the seven deadly sins of mankind. Seven aliens are assigned to invade their lives in order to derail their actions and kill them at an appointed time, while Pollination Tech#9 and others work to save them. Interestingly set in the real world, rather than in the fictional sim world. Its last chapter was five years ago, though the author claims to be interested in finishing the work.²²''Webcomic/EightCicadas'' by Trip²* Recommended by: rednessamon²* Status: Ongoing²* Synopsis: A dark little gem featuring a rather interesting family of Immortals (Which stems from the Founder making her mark in Twinbrook). The story begins with one of them reading through the life story of one of their (living) ancestors. The story that unfolds is one best described as dark, frightening, and ultimately sad and tragic. Any other description is difficult to put into words, and any reading experience should be done firsthand.²** Note: You need a Wordpress account and the owner's permission to read.²²''Webcomic/TheScumthorpeFiles'' by [=MinghamSmith=]²* Recommended by: [=theAdeptrogue=]²* ''Status'': Dead²* Synopsis: A series of short stories that began life on the ''Mod The Sims'' forums as a collection of comedic sketches involving various members of the absurdly dysfunctional Scumthorpe family. Has since acquired a large fan following and developed into a much more complex storyline, with a large number of readers producing their own fanmade spinoffs.²²''[[ The Southern Prettacy]]'' by missmiserie²* Recommended by: gizmoman49²* Status: Complete²* Synopsis: missmiserie takes the concept of the classic legacy challenge (playing a Sim family for 10 generations) and tears it to shreds. The series follows the lives of the Secksie clan through 10 generations, starting with the horrendous looking Leroy Secksie and attempting to breed out the ugly over the course of the family's story. The series is extremely irreverent, with missmiserie taking every opportunity to tear into her Sim's poor choices and generally make fun of the American South, and is filled to the brim with snark and comedy.²----


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