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1Fanfic Recs go here. Please warn if it strays into non-canon territory. Some people are sensitive to that. And never underestimate the power of shipping to be serious business. So mark those, too.²²[[ Here's a template]]²²[[ Chamomile]] by K'Arthur²²* Recommended by: Leonatlyn²* Status: Complete²* Synopsis: A wonderfully written story about Kerri and Hubert when they have tea at the end of the main arc. This one is a real tearjerker.²* Pairing(s): None²[=[[reviews:TitleOfTheFic]]=]²²[[ Full Circle]] by darkangel.mya²²* Recommended by: Mister Tamborine Man²* Status: Dead (Last updated July 2014)²* Synopsis: [Post L&L] Peaceful days can never last, and when Asbel falls mysteriously ill it's up to his friends to figure out what is wrong. To find a cure Richard will have to face the darkness he thought he'd left behind him. Can he conquer his inner demons in time to save his best friend? *Spoilers*²* Pairing(s): [[OfficialCouple Asbel/Cheria]]²[=[[reviews:FullCircle]]=]


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