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1For ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' fanfic recs, look [[FanficRecs/FateStayNight here]].\²For ''LightNovel/FateZero'' fanfic recs, look [[FanficRecs/FateZero here]].\²For ''LightNovel/LordElMelloiIICaseFiles'' fanfic recs, look [[FanficRecs/LordElMelloiIICaseFiles here]].\²For ''LightNovel/FateApocrypha'' fanfic recs, look [[FanficRecs/FateApocrypha here]].\²For ''VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}}'' fanfic recs, look [[FanficRecs/{{Tsukihime}} here]].\²For ''Literature/AngelNotes'' fanfic recs, look [[FanficRecs/AngelNotes here]].²²Proof that [[SturgeonsLaw the remaining 10% is worth walking with death for]] here.²²These are recommendations made by tropers for fics that are set in the general Franchise/{{Nasuverse}} but don't focus on the events or characters of any canon. If you want to recommend a fic focused on characters or events in a Nasuverse work that doesn't yet have a fanfic recs page, '''start a page for that work''' and post it there. All recs have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic you like to the list, but remember to use the template found [[Main/FanficRecommendations here]].²²You can also add your name to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Administrivia/ConversationInTheMainPage, though; that goes in the discussion page.²²Recs on this page are listed in '''alphabetical order'''; please place new entries accordingly.²²'''Status guide:'''²²* '''Complete:''' The fic has been completed. This includes one-shots.²* '''Ongoing:''' The fic is being updated on a regular basis[[note]]which can mean anything from a few days to a few months[[/note]], or has received an update after a significant absence. ²* '''Dormant:''' The fic has not been updated in a fairly long time (six months to a year or more) but the author has not pronounced it dead.²* '''Dead:''' The fic has not been updated in several years, or the author has specifically said that it will not be updated.²²''Note:'' Fics listed as Dormant or Dead will be changed to Ongoing if/when they receive updates. If you see a rec with a blank status, and you're familiar with the fanfic, please add the correct status.²²''Note:'' When adding recs, make sure you use the address from the FIRST page of the fic.²²----²²''[[ A Drop of Quicksilver]]'' by Twilight's Call²* Recommended by @/{{Pastykake}}²* ''Status'': Complete ²* ''Synopsis'': 5000 years before the common era, a young girl has a dream of the end of the world. That end doesn't seem to be as far away as she thought.²[=[[reviews:ADropOfQuicksilver]]=]²²''[[ The Great Beauty]]'' by Snow²* Recommended by @/{{Pastykake}}²* ''Status'': Complete²* ''Synopsis'': Elderly Leonardo da Vinci reminisces about his lifelong friendship with Lisa before he helps her one last time.²[=[[reviews:TheGreatBeauty]]=]²²''[[ Letter to a Young Enforcer]]'' by Dullahan²* Recommended by @/{{Pastykake}}²* ''Status'': Complete²* ''Synopsis'': A letter from a retired enforcer to enforcers-in-training that seeks to dispel misconceptions and elucidate the purpose of the Mages' Association's enforcer organization.²* [=[[reviews:LetterToAYoungEnforcer]]=]²²''[[ Moon's Corral]]'' by You²* Recommended by Nouct²* ''Status'': Complete²* ''Synopsis'': What is essentially the [[VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}} Far Side]] to ''Moon's Coral'' (''Tsuki no Sango'') as one seeks a tree of sapphires in the long-dead Amazon to present to the girl of the island of coral and four follow to stop him at any cost.²* ''Comments'':²[=[[reviews:MoonsCorral]]=]²²''[[ On Wings of Wax]]'' by Twilight's Call²* Recommended by @/{{Pastykake}}²* ''Status'': Complete²* ''Synopsis'': A student at the Clock Tower attempts to reach Avalon, and after success in his initial experiments, gets overeager and finds more than he bargained for.²* ''Comments'': ²[=[[reviews:OnWingsOfWax]]=]²²''[[ Tomb of the Sun God]]'' by Bloble²* Recommended by Nouct, @/{{Pastykake}}²* ''Status'': Complete²* ''Synopsis'': An ''Franchise/IndianaJones''-styled adventure in the middle of UsefulNotes/WorldWarII as a party of three rush to Cairo, Egypt to prevent the awakening of a god that will change the course of history and the world as they know it.²* ''Comments'': ²[=[[reviews:TombOfTheSunGod]]=]


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