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1Proof that [[SturgeonsLaw the remaining 10% is worth a dreadful conversation with Adritch Killian]] here: 께This page is for fanfiction related to Iron Man 3 (see fanfiction recs for Iron Man 2008 film [[ here]]). Any troper can recommend a fic, with the condition that they sign their username. Recommendations without signed usernames will be removed. Signed usernames allow readers to find similar fics based on the troper's tastes. 께Remember your tv tropes etiquette. Use the [[FanficRecommendations Fanfic Recommendations Form]]. The Fanfic Recs page is for summaries and brief comments only; any in-depth discussion belongs on its own page. 께----께[[WMG: Authors and Websites]]께None yet. 께[[WMG: [[GenFic General Fics]] ]]께''[[ Connected]]'' by Lady Merlin* Recc'd by error-cascade* ''Status'': Complete* ''Synopsis'' After the events of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark stays connected with Harley. 께''[[ Small Town]]'' by ifitwasribald* Recc'd by error-cascade* ''Status'': Complete* ''Synopsis'': Tony Stark makes semi-regular, supposedly surreptitious, trips to Rose Hill, Tennessee to visit Harley. This story is an outsider perspective on how the town views (and quietly supports) one billionaire's mentor-ship of one of their own. * ''Comments'': This is a companion piece to ''[[ Connected]]'' by Lady Merlin. 께''[[ Genius]]'' by quigonejinn* Recc'd by error-cascade* ''Status'': Complete* ''Synopsis'': An AU story where Maya Hansen doesn't meet Tony Stark at a conference, but as a teenager in an outreach program for gifted children. And more importantly, Maya doesn't need Adritch Killian to enact her plans. * ''Comments'': This is a darkfic with an unconventional writing style. 께[[WMG: Shipping Fics ]]께''[[ The days we don't know yet]]'' by everythingispoetry.* Recc'd by error-cascade* ''Status'': Complete* ''Synopsis'': The story diverges from canon after ''Film/TheAvengers2012'' when Tony Stark is kidnapped on routine Avengers business. He resigns from the Avengers and his mental health severely lapses. The story focuses on his relationship with Pepper Potts and his eventual recovery.* ''Pairings'': Pepper Potts/Tony Stark; het* ''Comments'': The story is impressive for realistically portraying mental illness and demonstrating that an event can be traumatic without dropping [[DeusAngstMachina an unrealistic bucket of angst]].


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