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1Proof that the remaining 10% are worth seeking revenge for here.²²These are recommendations made by Tropers for ''VideoGame/{{Dishonored}}'' fanfictions, all of which have to be signed to stay on page. Feel free to add a fanfiction of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found [[FanFicRecommendations here]].²-----²[[WMG:[[GenFic General Fics]]]]//²''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.''²²''[[ Close Your Eyes You've Been Here Before]]'' By: Taywen²* Recommended by: Chaos_Greymistchild²* Status: Complete²* Synopsis: You wake up on a ship with bad news burning a hole in your left breast pocket (over your steadily beating heart) and a damning brand burned into the back of your left hand. You're home. / Timeloop AU.²* Comments: A very well-written, very chilling take on WhatIf Corvo was stuck in a GroundhogDayLoop. Some Corvo/Jessamine if you tilt your head, squint, and subscribe to the popular theory that Emily is Corvo and Jessamine's daughter.²²''[[ Honor for All]]''²* Recommended by: cricri3007²* Status: Complete²* Synopsis: A small series of drabbles based on the question "What if [[spoiler:The Loyalists didn't go power-mad]]?" There is a paragraph for almost every character and they are quite well-written and fun to read.²²''[[ Heard It Through The Heart Line]]'' By: [[ EeveebethFejvu]]²* Recommended by: nmn3r3, Red-Dead-Redeemer²* Status: Complete²* Synopsis: The Heart reveals many secrets about the world and the people around Corvo. Sometimes too many secrets. If Corvo didn’t know any better, he might even say the Heart is a bit of a gossip.²* Comments: Warning for vulgar and sexual humor, given the Heart's/[[spoiler:Jessamine's]] habit of giving Corvo TooMuchInformation. Then again, that ''is'' the point of the fic.²²''[[ Nature of Man]]'' By: Smaragdina²* Recommended by: Madame_Newbie²* Status: Complete²* Synopsis:Corvo fails to escape from Coldrige and is executed. Emily Kaldwin must learn that the only person who can rescue her is herself.²* Comments: As the synopsis implies, this fic is very depressing if you love Emily. [[spoiler:Good thing she wins in the end.]]²²''[[ Two Steps to the Left]]'' By: Etothefifth²* Recommended by: Madame_Newbie²* Status: Dormant²* Synopsis: The Outsider grants Corvo his Mark two days earlier than expected. Corvo must now use his newfound powers to restore Emily on the throne but everything has changed.²* Comments: An AU novelisation on Corvo's adventures in Dunwall. Well-written and does an excellent job at exploring the changes that had happened since Corvo was marked. Timelines and the people he met are scrambled thus it avoids being too similar to the original game. ²²''[[ Transfusion]]'' By: [[ darknessfactor]]²* Recommended by: nmn3r3²* Status: Complete²* Synopsis: The world takes up so much of her that it’s hard to make room for emotion. Or maybe it’s hard to feel anything other than regret - regret that this couldn’t have been prevented, or regret that she can’t do anything more to save anyone. She cannot remember how she died, but she remembers who killed her. She cannot remember her name, but she can remember the name of her daughter.²* Comments: The deceased Empress Jessamine becomes the Avatar of the Void after the unexplained disappearance of the Outsider.²²''[[ The Red Queen]]'' By: [[ Faiakishi]]²* Recommended by: madame_newbie²* Status: In-Progress²* Synopsis: Through a series of strange and improbable events, Billie Lurk is Empress. Daud is her Royal Protector and mentor-until she receives a blade through the gut and Daud is framed for her murder. Six months later, Daud finds himself bearing the Outsider's Mark, and he burns with a new purpose: to save the Empress's brother, Thomas, and restore him to the throne. Featuring Corvo and Jessamine as badass avian-themed assassins, Lizzy Stride as the sassiest Samuel ever, and the weirdest (and most inefficient) conspiracy to ever grace the Isles.²* Comments: One of the best role swap AU fic featuring a grief PTSD Daud seeking vengeance for his dead Empress. ²-----²[[WMG:[[{{Shipping}} Shipping Fics]]]]²''[[ Diplomatic Gestures]]'' By: Aicosu²* Recommended by: [=Avenger09=]²* Status: Dormant²* Pairing: Corvo/Jessamine²* Synopsis: She didn't have need for an assassin, but she couldn't very well reject the gift without angering the Serkonos regency. They were a traditional people with a traditional mind. She'd have to work around it. (A take on how a mute Corvo Attano came to be the Royal Protector and the object of Jessamine's heart.)²²''[[ Scenes from a Marriage]]'' By: Serindrana²* Recommended by: Madame_Newbie²* Status: Complete²* Pairing: Callista/Treavor²* Synopsis: AU where Callista is an accidental heiress and the twins Pendleton offer up their little brother to the Curnow family line. (Callista/Treavor)²* Comments: This story is basically about the arranged marriage between Callista and Treavor Pendleton, it showcases their growing bond with one another. A Callista/Treavor pairing. ²²''[[ Thick as Thieves]]'' By: Serindrana²* Recommended by: Madame_Newbie²* Status: Complete²* Pairing: Callista/Teague ²* Synopsis: An AU where Captain Curnow murders the High Overseer Campbell and how it affects the only family member he left behind, Callista. Bereft of her Uncle's protection she must seek out an alliance with the cunning Teague Martin for survival.²* Comments: Contains BDSM elements but it's done tastefully. This story is bittersweet and Serindrana has managed to capture everyone's characterisation perfectly. A Callista/Teague pairing. ²²''[[ Dust After Rain]]'' By: Serindrana²* Recommended by: Madame_Newbie²* Status: Complete²* Pairing: Callista/Daud²* Synopsis: A modern AU. Callista Curnow has been kidnapped by the former assassin Daud for the purpose to tutor the kidnapped Emily Kaldwin. ²* ''Comments'': Slow-burn Callista/Daud with a very small Corvo/Geoff. ²²''[[ The Hound Pits Coffee Shop and Cocktail Parlour]]'' by [=NeverwinterThistle=]²* Recommended by: Lexxi²* Status: Complete²* Pairing: The Outsider/Corvo²* Synopsis: Corvo Attano is a struggling actor working full time at the Hound Pits Coffee Shop and Cocktail Parlour to make ends meet. A wide range of colourful personages wander through his life, apparently for the sole purpose of making him more miserable, and that's even before the Outsider shows up. Fifteen minutes late, and seeking coffee.²* Comments: A brilliant modern day-retelling of the game's plot.²²''[[ An Omen in the Bones]]'' by Dreabean²* Recommended by: Nox Gold²* Status: Complete²* Pairing: Corvo/Daud²* Synopsis: An AU where the Outsider gives Corvo his Mark in Coldridge and Daud refuses to hand Emily over to the Pendleton Twins, instead taking her in as a Whaler. Feat. Witch!Corvo, Assassin!Emily and Dad!Daud. ²* Comments: The first in a four part completed series called The Bone Collectors.²²''[[ Eyes Turned Skyward]]'' by ''[[ Puppyblue]]''²* Recommended by: Depths/Leviathiane²* Status: Ongoing²* Pairing: Corvo/Daud²* Synopsis: AU! Granny Rags gets revenge on Corvo after he refuses to help her but transforming him into a crow. Unable to speak, and forced to relearn his own powers within a new body, there is little he is able to do when he is found and taken in by Daud... who just thinks he's a weird crow. ²* Comments: Has nearly 200K words and a good knowledge about how crows actually move and grow, and this shows in the realistic ways the author describes Corvo having to learn to fly and move in his different form. It's a long slow-burn. A brilliant way to have both Corvo and Daud get to know each other while still being fully in character, and reveals more to Daud's whalers than we get in original first-game canon. ²-----²[[WMG:[[{{Crossover}} Crossovers]]]]²²''[[ DisTowered]]'' by ichypa²* Recommended by: [=ZeusXenios=]²* Status: Dormant²* Synopsis: Crossover fiction between Tower of God and Dishonored. Corvo Attano, after bringing ruination to everything he loves, seeks a way to make things right. The Outsider shows him a way. To reclaim all that he has lost, Corvo must prepare to climb the Tower. Rated M for violence. Focuses mostly on a group of interesting original characters. Time in which events transpire is speculated to be after the end of the first Season.²* ''Comments'': A very interesting cast of characters and an original take on the tests of the Second Floor.²[=[[reviews:DisTowered]]=]²²''FanFic/AChangeOfPace'' by [=AtrenGraves=]²* Recommended by: Leid²* Crossovers with: ''Literature/{{Worm}}''²* Status: Dormant; last updated January 2018²* Synopsis: When Taylor went into the locker, she drew the attention of two beings. One offered an absent thought, and a broken tool that wasn't even meant for her. The other took a more '''personal''' approach.²[=[[reviews:AChangeOfPace]]=]


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