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1!Shipping Fics²²[[ Potentially Awkward]] by madsthenerdygirl²²* Recommended by: PillarGeneral8²* Status: Complete²* Synopsis: There are some things a mother can never tell her daughter.²* Pairing(s): Ripley/Hicks²* Tags: AlternateUniverse ²* Review: This is a wonderful one-shot that examines the relationship and chemistry between Ripley and Hicks, set years after the events of the film, when Ripley tells a teenaged Newt about how she fell in love with Hicks on Hadley's Hope one night. I loved how the author expanded upon an already-delightful chemistry between Ripley and Hicks, and showed how their tentative interest strengthened and grew into genuine love for one another.²²!Crossover Fics²²''[[ The Last Connor]]'' by Captain Tazer²²* Recommended by: Marcus S Lazarus²* Status: Complete²* X-Over with: ''Film/TerminatorGenisys''²* Synopsis: Three Terminators arrive in the year 2180 with the intent to terminate a selected group of people. One of the targets is a little girl named Newt. Can a certain Terminator from the past keep her safe?²* Review: A fascinating blend of the two series, the fic starts with the premise that the survivors of ''Aliens'' made it to safety rather than the crash-landing witnessed in ''Film/Alien3''. With Ripley and Hicks' fates initially unknown, Newt's miserable life with uncaring grandparents is abruptly upended when "Pops" appears to protect her from a new group of Terminators, revealing Newt's family 'secret' as the last of Sarah Connor's descendants, pitting Newt and her guardians against a new generation of Skynet...²* Now has a Tropes page [[Fanfic/TheLastConnor here]].


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