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1Following the battle with Sasori, Haruno Sakura is informed by Chiyo of an ancient artifact.께A powerful, sentinent weapon, immersed with supernatural properties, that only can be wielded by a worthy female warrior... this weapon is called the Witchblade. It is a masculine aspect forged to unite and balance with only a worthy female wielder.께It is a weapon born from the primordial aspects of light (Angelus) and darkness (Darkness, respectively).께It is a weapon bestowed to Sakura, who struggles in her first trials... only to find herself immersed and driven to defeat the evil that plagues her world. The weapon bonds and accepts Sakura as his worthy host.께Ironically enough, the Witchblade is a ''wicked'' power that consumes one's humanity. This start completely diverges following the Sasuke Reunion arc and goes into its own direction (albeit some manga canon is retained). The enemies Sakura must face include the Akatsuki, Cloneblades, and the forthcoming Darkness.께[[ Witchblade Sakura]] is a Dark!Sakura fanfic and a crossover between ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' and ''ComicBook/{{Witchblade}}''. The author, [[ Kanius]], utilizes elements from the Comicbook, Anime, and Live Action media. The story is currently on indefinite hiatus due to the author's waning interest on the Naruto franchise. 께The official pairings: [=NaruSaku=], [=ShikaTem=], [=NejiTen=].께On top of that, the latest chapters have some amusing omakes based on the Witchblade. There are also cameos from the previous Witchblade wielders (from the comics and anime).께[[ Fanart]] based on [[ Witchblade]] [[ Sakura]] can be [[ found]] [[ here]] and [[ here.]]께In 2015, Witchblade Sakura makes a guest appearance in [[ Chapter 16]] of a ''Anime/GuiltyCrown'' MegaCrossover called ''Fanfic/ShinnenNewYear''.께-------께!! The story comprises the following tropes* BloodLust: In the early chapters, this becomes an issue Sakura must endure to fully tame the Witchblade's lust for violence. Sakura very much demonstrates this when [[LickingtheBlade licking her blade]], her fingers, and lips. ** Tayuya faces a similar situation when wielding a Cloneblade. She developed a double persona as the madness consumed her, driving her to kill aimlessly. The other kunoichi (Kabuto's experiments, who replicates a piece of the Witchblade to create Cloneblades) also endure this fate (except for three).* BoobsOfSteel:** Sakura Haruno... ironically enough. When she becomes Witchblade!Sakura, her boobs grow into [=DDs=] and she can kick ass at the same time. Witchblade!Sakura's chest size rivals Tsunade's. Looks like the student's become her teacher's equal. Boobs and weapons=Power in this series.** Obviously, Tsunade is in this story, but sees little action (except having one training session with Witchblade!Sakura).** Tayuya's chest also grows slightly when she transforms into a Cloneblade. * CrossOver: With the other Top Cow series, the Darkness and there is mention of Lara Croft. Sara Pezzini, the most well known wielder, is featured in cameo scenes whilst conversing with Sakura mentally. Likewise, Danielle Baphiste and the anime wielder Masane Amaha make cameos.** In Chapter 32, nearly the whole chapter is dedicated to Sakura meeting her wielder predecessors. Sara, Danielle, Masane, and even Chiyo (a younger, hotter one during her time as a wielder) encourage Sakura to overcome her burdens and continue the fight on.*** Hell, she even meets the first wielder - a hot cavewoman named Una!* EvilKnockoff: The Cloneblades were mass produced by Kabuto (using a piece of the Witchblade). Tayuya, Karin, two {{OC}} twin sisters who are cousins of Sakon/Ukon, Sasame, and Isaribi comprised of the Cloneblade Five (Six counting both twins), chief antagonists of an arc.* {{Fanservice}}: Lots of it. Witchblade!Sakura and the Cloneblade!Kunoichi wear practically not but revealing armor! And these half-nude, empowered young women won't hesitate to beat the living crap outta each other! Good grief!** Fortunately, the fanservice doesn't hurt the plot.* GagBoobs: Being flat-chested, poor Sakura is the center of the boob jokes. When she transforms, the Witchblade gives her 'chest' an overdue makeover. Being the pervert he truly is, he prefers his hosts with racks. Hench, she gets the 'boob job' during initial transformations. ** Fortunately, Sakura's boob size becomes normal when not utilizing the Witchblade's power.* TheMovie: The series became popular enough for a movie fic called [[ Witchblade Sakura the Movie: Iron Demon]] to be written. The fic is non-canon with the series, taking place before Hidan & Kakuzu arc, and featured [=OC=]s based off characters from the ''ComicBook/{{Witchblade}}'' comic universe.** One of the said [=OC=]s, named Miki, resembles a younger Sara Pezzini, big boobs and all. She and Sakura play off each other as rivals. The other is the story's BigBad and [[spoiler: ''is 'Kenneth Irons' '' from ''the'' Witchblade comic universe]] and is not an [=OC=].** The other [=OCs=] are based off other Witchblade characters, including Danielle Baptiste.** Unfortunately, the movie fic is most likely a DeadFic. Hopefully, he picks up on it again.


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