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1''What Falls and What Grows'' is a ''WesternAnimation/{{Trollhunters}}'' fanfic by [[ quietpagan]].˛˛An innocent woman happens upon an injured Kanjigar and becomes the new Trollhunter. The only problem; she is a changeling.˛˛The fanfic can be found on [[]].˛˛----˛!!This fanfic provides examples of:˛˛* NotAlwaysEvil: Alexandra is a changeling. In the world, all changeling are a part of the Janus Order and loyal to Gunmar. The fact that her third human family was a Quaker family that taught her the importance of compassion and empathy made a world of difference though. ˛* PizzaBoySpecialDelivery: Downplayed, PG-version. When doing Gnome extermination for Bagdwella, Alexandra quickly draws the conclusion that she had Kanjigar do things for her ''very'' often as an excuse to have him around.˛* SecretIdentity: Subverted. Since the general troll world despises changelings, Alexandra has to keep up the appearance that she is just regular troll from a secluded troll family lest she is torn limb from limb.˛* TheStationsOfTheCanon: With characters behaving as they do in-canon, some events are bound to repeat˛** Draal challenges Alexandra, [[DefeatMeansFriendship she spares his life and he becomes her protector]].˛* YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre: As a changeling, Alexandra is essentially an enemy of Trollmarket, so if anybody found out she would be shunned by them, and if the Janus order or the Gumm-Gumms found out about her being the troll hunter, they would try to kill her as well. The Amulet choosing her and the Heartstone accepting her like any other troll gives her some solace, visiting the Heartstone and speaking with Vendel like one would visit church and speak with the priest there in penance.˛˛----


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