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1''Sunset's Recovery Arc'' is the name of a series of ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyEquestriaGirls'' fanfics by Soufriere. As the name implies, it's recovery-themed series starring Sunset Shimmer. The series shows Sunset's character change in detail, with other elements such as mental illness added in as well.²²Each story is a oneshot and there are over ten of them. A list of each fic and how they fit in the timeline can be [[ found here]].²²The series starts with ''[[ Sasha]]'', which is set soon after the first ''Equestria Girls'' film. It's about Sunset looking for a new jacket at the botique that Rarity works at. The two aren't on good terms yet, but it's a start.²----²!!''Sunset's Recovery Arc'' provides examples of:²²* DarkFic: Sunset's recovery isn't as clean-cut as in canon. She's suffering from some intense mental issues.²* DisabledInTheAdaptation: Sunset Shimmer has manic periods and periods of depression, but no disorder is mentioned in-series.²* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: The narrative mentions "those occasional light-skinned kids who seem to have polar bear powers", riffing off the stereotype that white people can withstand cold weather easily. ²* DrivenToSuicide: The story revolves around Sunset recovering from her suicidal depression.²* MentalHealthRecoveryArc: The core of the series' arc is Sunset recovering from her mental illness. It's not an easy task due to lack of assistance and relapses, but she has friends to help her.²* SelfHarm: ''Night of Faded Sun'' ends with Sunset, in her depressed and apathetic state, cutting her arm with a steak knife. ²* TherapyIsForTheWeak: When Rarity recommends that Sunset see a therapist, Sunset replies that she doubts they could do much. Her reaction is not due to her seeing therapy as "weak", but due to the limits of modern medicine. The brain is complicated and Sunset Shimmer doubts that medicine or therapy will do much to help her.²* VagueAge: ''Sunset's Recovery Arc'' hints that Sunset is chronologically (and, likely, also mentally) older than she seems. Her human form is a teenager, however she should be several years older judging by her age when she left Equestria.


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