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1Written by otherwise not very noteworthy author [=AnotherChapterOfMe=], ''[[ Stay]]'' (also known as ''Stay the Fanfic'' due to its hashtag on Twitter) is an AU ''Series/{{Victorious}}'' fanfiction that focuses on Jade after the season 1 finale. In the story, unlike the canonical (and comical) moment in which Jade burns her hand on Sikowitz's quesadilla platter, Beck is the one who gets his hand burnt, thus having to go to the hospital. After everyone is presumably home, Jade appears at Tori's door, broken and traumatized after what the reader later finds out was sexual assault. The readers then follow Jade and her friends throughout a story that eventually turns into a romance between her and Tori, as the writer herself explicitly states in the summary, although the work begins with Jade and Beck still very much together.²²----²!!''Stay'' provides examples of:²²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Jade proves to be this many times in the story, much more than the actual series. Most notably, the way she acts towards Cat.²%% * DeadpanSnarker: Most of the characters at some point. Notably Jade and Cat.²%%* TearJerker: Various moments throughout the story, such as when Jade appears at Tori's door asking for help, or when [[spoiler:her father beats her with one of her boots.]]²* BrokenHero: Jade and Cat, as it's very explicitly said that [[spoiler:both are abused verbally and physically by their father and brother, respectively.]]²%% * BrokenBird: Definitely Jade.²* NothingIsScarier: Jade, usually a loud and ruthless person, goes into complete silence at certain points in the story, after traumatic events, which promptly causes her friends (especially Tori and Cat) to panic.²* ShipTease: Cat and Jade are a little too close sometimes, and it's been stated that [[spoiler:Cat taught Jade how to kiss.]]²%% * BadassInDistress: Jade.²* DamselInDistress: Jade refuses to be seen as one, but is still often in need of rescue from her friends.²-->'''Jade:''' QUOTE COMES HERE WHEN I FIND THEM²* RunningGag: Arguably an OverlyLongGag. Cat is apparently "incapable" of saying the word 'dick', or swearing in general.²%% * ObliviousToHints: Beck and Trina are guilty of this.²%% * AbusiveParents: Jade's.²* NotEvilJustMisunderstood: [[spoiler:Tori and Beck are sure that Sikowitz is the one who raped Jade based on very generic clues.]]²%% * OpportunisticBastard: [[spoiler:Sinjin.]]²%% * WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: [[spoiler:Again, Sinjin.]]²----


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