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1[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:Don'tcha just wanna take her home and love her forever?]]²²My Little Dashie is a popular ''[[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic]]'' fanfic by [=ROBCakeran53=], based on [[ this art piece]].²²In a grey, dull, dying city, one man comes across a box on his way home from work. Upon opening it, he finds a filly-fied Rainbow Dash. When he takes her home and raises her as his own, she takes his life in new directions he never imagined possible.²²It has been known to be up to par with ''FanFic/{{Cupcakes}}'' in terms of notoriety, and is often considered to be the ultimate bittersweet literary contribution of the MLP fandom. It can be found both on [[ Equestria Daily]] and [[]], and a plethora of readings have been released under Website/YouTube. It has also been heavily parodied in [=FiMFlamFilosophy=]'s ''[[WebVideo/MyLittlePonyTheMentallyAdvancedSeries Rainbow Dash Presents]]'' series, found [[ here]].²²There is also a [[ sequel]] that gives closure to the open-ended conclusion of the original, and a [[ "threequel"]] which looks to tie up the loose ends remaining (it's worth noting, however, that these are just some of the many fics based on this work; neither the sequel nor threequel are by the original author). In addition, it has spawned a ComicBookAdaptation, complete with ''its own'' [[ original sequel]] that the author of the original has given his blessing for.²²There is now a [[ Mini Movie on Youtube]].²²----²!!This ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' FanFic contains examples of:²²* AbandonedPetInABox: The premise; a man finds a filly Rainbow Dash in a box and adopts her.²* AdultFear: The man's reaction to Celestia and the other Mane 5 showing up to retrieve Rainbow Dash.²* ApologeticAttacker: "Attacker" isn't quite the right word for it, but before she [[spoiler:erases Dash's memories]], Twilight breaks down and apologizes to her and her father for having to do it and insists that she wishes there was another way.²* BittersweetEnding: On the one hand, [[spoiler: Dash is gone]]. However, as the protagonist says, "These last fifteen years have been the best of my life," as well as "I have a lot of life left to live. I will make the best of it."²* CelebrityParadox: Explicitly discussed; the man is a brony, and does his best to hide the existence of the show from Rainbow Dash to avoid the inevitable confusion. When she finally discovers it, the resulting identity crisis leads to her running away from home for a while.²* DeweyDefeatsTruman: ²** When Rainbow Dash discovers the show for the first time, the author implies that it has been a while since the show concluded after its eighth season. In reality, the show concluded after a ninth season.²** The author also makes the reasonable assumption that the show would continue to air on The Hub. While technically true, the station was rebranded as Discovery Family in 2014. ²* ExtraStrengthMasquerade: Even though there's mention here and there of the man taking precautions as well as the fact that the setting seems to be a dying town where not a whole lot of people live anyway, it's amazing that a blue talking Pegasus - let alone one that's a main character in one of the most popular television programs in the United States - can live on Earth for ''fifteen years'' and never, '''''ever''''' be seen or noticed by anyone else. The only reason this doesn't happen is because the author didn't want to address the ramifications.²* ForegoneConclusion: From the very moment he finds Rainbow Dash, the man knows that the other Mane 5 will come back for her someday, and never lets himself or the readers forget this fact.²* FountainOfYouth: Coming to Earth from Equestria de-aged Rainbow Dash from her show age to a newborn.²* TheGlomp: Pinkie Pie does this, first to Rainbow (who doesn't recognise her) and then the protagonist, to thank him for taking such good care of Rainbow.²* HappilyAdopted: Rainbow Dash by the man.²* HopeSpot: Throughout the story, the man keeps reminding us of the aforementioned ForegoneConclusion, but later in the story it eventually slips into the background as he stops bringing it up. ''Then it happens''.²* HumansAreBastards: The man is hesitant to even let Dashie watch TV let alone go on the internet at all, worried about the depths humans can sink to and how readily visible it can be. When Celestia and the other 5 ponies show up, Celestia is surprised and relieved that, not only was Dashie [[spoiler:over here for a whopping 15 years]], but she wasn't tainted, abused or harmed, and was fortunate enough to be shown the best of humanity. To think what would have happened if he never went back for that box.²* InnocentlyInsensitive:²** The man accidentally upsets Rainbow Dash when she considers trying to get a job by saying that she can't because she's a pony and chuckling. Cue MyGodWhatHaveIDone?²** Pinkie Pie and Rarity are also this when the Mane 5 come for Rainbow Dash. Pinkie due to wanting to check out the "alien house"'s kitchen, and Rarity when she feels the man and Dash have gotten friendly quickly (at this point, none of them know [[spoiler:the time difference between the worlds).]]²* MetaFic²* ModernStasis: Although no exact dates are given, the numbers of years that pass between events combined with pinpointing the beginning of narration to premiere of [=MLP:FiM=] second season indicate that the story takes place [[NextSundayAD between 2011 and 2026]], yet no changes in technology or lifestyle are mentioned.²* NoNameGiven: The man who finds Rainbow Dash goes nameless until the threequel, presumably to allow the reader to feel more like they are the protagonist. Until then, he is referred to as "I" or "me" due to the first person perspective, and several variations of "Dad".²* WhamLine: Curtesy of [[spoiler:Celestia]].²-->Twilight? Do you still remember that [[LaserGuidedAmnesia memory spell?]] From the Discord incident?²* YearInsideHourOutside: [[spoiler: A day in Equestria is a year on Earth]].²²----²The sequel contains examples of:²²* EarnYourHappyEnding²* FishOutOfWater: Rainbow Dash wakes up in Cloudsdale having no idea what is happening.²* SanDimasTime: Subverted. The [[YearInsideHourOutside time differences]] start coming closer together as the two dimensions start colliding.


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