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1[[quoteright:350:]]²[-[[caption-width-right:350:''"It's a bird... It's a plane... It's... Shinji Ikari?"''\²[[ Art by Marcoasalazarm]]]]-]²²->''"You will believe Shinji can fly."''²²[[TheHero Shinji Ikari]] is summoned to Tokyo-3 by [[AbusiveParents his father Gendo]]. However [[ParentalSubstitute Misato]]'s car gets knocked over by the shockwave of a [[NuclearWeaponsTaboo N2 mine]], preventing them from reaching the [[HomeBase Geofront]] in time for Shinji [[FallingIntoTheCockpit getting into the]] [[HumongousMecha giant robot]] and fighting [[{{Robeast}} Sachiel]], forcing [[EmotionlessGirl Rei]] to sortie despite being badly wounded.²²To her complete shock and disbelief a [[FlyingBrick flying, super-strong stranger]] comes along, saves her from getting killed and defeats the [[{{EldritchAbomination}} Angel]] with his bare fists before flying away.²²Later Misato and Shinji arrive at the Geofront, but Shinji cannot synchronise with [[HumongousMecha Unit 01]] for some reason, leading Gendo to summon [[{{Tsundere}} Asuka]] [[FieryRedhead Langley]] [[AcePilot Sohryu]] to Tokyo-3 and send his son away again. Misato though pities Shinji and takes him in together with Asuka.²²Before long Misato and Asuka realize that Shinji is quiet, soft-spoken... and one of the most caring, kindest and most compassionate persons they have ever met. Asuka cannot help to be drawn to him, but she also notices that he is abnormally strong and seems to be hiding something.²²Unbeknownst to her, her own past also hides secrets... and the survival and freedom of humankind depends on Shinji, her and other people learning the secrets of their pasts and mastering powers and capabilities beyond human understanding.²²''Fanfic/LastChildOfKrypton'' by Tropers/{{Chuckman}} is a ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'' SuperFic that has an interesting premise: What if Shinji Ikari was ''Franchise/{{Superman}}''? The answer is a story that seamlessly combines elements of the Superman mythos with the setting and story of Evangelion, eventually becoming a FusionFic of sorts, in which more characters and elements of the DC universe are integrated into the plot.²²It can be read [[ here]]. Some time later, Chuckman wrote [[ a redone version]], although it eventually strays considerably from the original fic to the point it could be considered its own.²²Discussion about the story and fanart can be found in Website/SpaceBattlesDotCom in [[ this thread]].²²Compare and contrast with ''Fanfic/SOE2LoneHeirOfKrypton'', another story where an Eva character gains Superman powers, and with ''Fanfic/ShinjiAndWarhammer40K'', ''Fanfic/GodsAngelsAndKings'', ''Fanfic/ThousandShinji'' and ''Fanfic/ChildrenOfAnElderGod'', other {{Crossover}} fics where Shinji becomes a badass and/or gains powers due to circumstances that change his personality profoundly and turn him into TheHero... or an AntiHero. ²²Check ''Fanfic/AdviceAndTrust'', ''Fanfic/TheChildOfLove'', ''Manga/{{Evangelion 303}}'', ''Fanfic/HigherLearning'', ''Fanfic/TheIkaris'', ''Fanfic/NobodyDies'', ''Fanfic/TheOneILoveIs'', or ''Fanfic/MobileFighterEvangelion'' to see other AU Eva fics. Check ''Fanfic/ACrownOfStars'', ''Fanfic/{{HERZ}}'', ''Fanfic/NeonGenesisEvangelionR'', ''Fanfic/ScarTissue'', ''Fanfic/WalkingInTheShadowOfDreams'' and ''Fanfic/NeonGenesisEvangelionGenocide'' to see other Eva continuation fics. Check ''Fanfic/DoingItRightThisTime'', ''Fanfic/OnceMoreWithFeeling'', ''Manga/ReTake'', ''Fanfic/TheSecondTry'' to see PeggySue Eva stories.²²----²²!! Tropes:²²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:A-C]]²²* AbusiveParents: Shinji’s father abandoned him shortly after his mother’s death. After ten years Gendo summoned him and Shinji thought his father wanted to see him…but when Shinji failed to synch with an Evangelion, he sent him back without even saying one word to Shinji. And then you have the “I’ll hurt your little girlfriend or use kryptonite on you if you get in the way” parts…²* AMechByAnyOtherName: The Evangelions, humongous half-biological robots. Ritsuko calls them “artificial humans”. Touji’s sister calls them “big robots”.²* AccidentalTruth: In chapter 2 Kaji thinks that angering Asuka would be a bad idea because she might breach the hull of the plane. He was just kidding, but she actually might breach the hull [[spoiler:thanks to her Amazonian heritage.]]²* AcePilot: Asuka had prepared her whole life to pilot war mechas and fight giant alien monsters, spending twelve years of hard training and rigorous preparation. She was the best pilot in the base, but every time she sortied and her skill seemed to be insufficient, her fragile self-esteem deteriorated, which in turn made piloting her mecha harder. At the end she had become unable to pilot... but since she [[spoiler:had gained super-powers,]] she did not mind much.²* AchillesHeel:²** Since Shinji has Kryptonian DNA, he is weak to Kryptonite.²** While Shinji fights Sachiel, he hears Rei saying that its weak point is the red core. Right away he punches the red orb until he cracks it.²* ActionGirl:²** Asuka's job consists of piloting giant robots and killing {{Eldritch Abomination}}s that shrugs n''nukes'' off. Later she [[spoiler:becomes a super-heroine: ''Franchise/WonderWoman'' in the original story, ''{{Comicbook/Supergirl}}'' in the rewrite.]] As a result she kicks even more butts ''with her bare hands''.²** Misato and Rei also are perfectly capable to fend for themselves in a fight. [[spoiler:Naoko Akagi also gets to be one when she gets a spiffy new body.]]²* ActionMom: [[spoiler: It turns out that Kyoko was an Amazon, and demonstrates this trope quite well in a video of her forced Contact Experiment with Unit-02]].²* AdaptationalBadass: Shinji. He goes from the emotionally insecure Shinji Ikari of NGE to, well, ''Superman''. Later examples include [[spoiler: Asuka, Toji, Kaji, and Kaworu. Zeruel is also replaced with its Rebuild counterpart, which stands out amongst an otherwise NGE-only roster of Angels.]]²* AdaptationalCurves:²** As his SuperStrength begins manifesting, Shinji's muscle mass grows and increases. Although he tries to hide it, the women he lives with and works with note he is buffed.²** After [[spoiler:her Amazonian heritage,]] was revealed [[spoiler:Asuka's muscles]] became stronger and bulkier without making her looking less womanly and feminine. In the rewrite it happened when [[spoiler:her DNA got mixed with kryptonian genes.]]²* AdaptationSpeciesChange: Shinji is half-Kryptonian in this story.²* AdaptationalVillainy: ²** While Gendo was never a kind or understanding man, he was never outright abusive to Ritsuko in Canon. ²** The change done to Kaworu between both versions of the story: while on the original he is forced to fight Shinji via BrainwashedAndCrazy (and before and after the fight he is a very useful ally), the Redux version ''starts'' as a slimy bastard and only gets more horrible as it goes.²* AdaptedOut: Matariel and Sahaquiel, two of the least impressive Angels in the show, are skipped over entirely in the story.²* AffectionateGestureToTheHead: After [[spoiler:beating Sachiel]] Shinji got Rei out of Unit 01 and caressed her head as he asked what happened to her.²* AfterActionHealingDrama: In the rewrite, Shinji gets badly wounded after a battle, and hides in Misato’s apartment. Misato and Asuka find him and try to heal him behind Gendo’s back.²* AlienNonInterferenceClause: [[DefiedTrope Defied ''hard'']] by [[spoiler: Jor-El, who specifically chose Earth to send the rocket to ''because'' they need the most interference.]]²* AliensSpeakingEnglish:²** Shinji, naturally.²** [[spoiler: [[{{Franchise/Martian Manhunter}} J'onn J'onzz]] also plays this trope straight when he communicates with Shinji on the Moon]].²* AllAccordingToPlan: Parodied in an {{omake}} when Pen Pen revealed he was behind the entire plot, and all went as he planned.²* AllLovingHero: Misato is shocked when Shinji states he doesn't like or trust Kaworu. He had never disliked anybody until then.²* AmazonChaser: [[TheHero Shinji]] [[HeroesWantRedheads loves and is drawn to]] [[FieryRedhead Asuka]], who [[spoiler:IS an [[Franchise/WonderWoman Amazon]]]] and is one of the few persons in the planet who rivals [[Franchise/{{Superman}} him]] in strength, speed and fighting capabilities.²* AmazonianBeauty: After becoming [[spoiler:''Franchise/WonderWoman'' -or ''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}'' if you are reading the rewrite]] Asuka is brawnier, more muscular, and still gorgeous. When Shinji saw her he thought she looked even more beautiful.²* AncientConspiracy: Several characters [[spoiler:such like Kaji or even Gendo]] warn Shinji he is getting involved in an ancient ploy people very powerful and very dangerous have spent a long time scheming.²* AndManGrewProud: In the first chapter of the rewrite a recording of [[spoiler:Kal-El]] reveals Shinji the Kryptonian civilization died because they grew too proud, tampered with beings too great for them and doomed their civilization to a slow death by sterilization.²* AndMissionControlRejoiced: Misato starts cheering alongside the bridge crew after Superman manages to quickly resolve the Jet Alone incident.²* AngerBornOfWorry: When [[spoiler:Shinji reveals Asuka he is ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'']] she is furious because he has risked his life and he has been about to die several times to save her:²-->'''Asuka''':''"Why? You flew into that thing, what, to come after me? You could have ''died''. Why would you do that? How could you be so ''stupid''?"''²* ApologisesALot: Par for the course, Shinji apologises a bit too much for Asuka's taste. In chapter 9 of the rewrite she tells him that if he wants to be her boyfriend he must stop to apologize constantly:²-->'''Asuka''':''"Quit being such a doormat,"''\²'''Shinji''':''"Sorry,"''\²'''Asuka''':''"Stop apologizing all the time. That's the first rule."''²* AppropriatedAppellation: After Shinji rescues a crashing airplane, dozens of newspapers publish headlines about the mysterious saviour of Toyko-2. However, a headline stuck out most of all: "Who is Superman?". People started calling Shinji's hero identity "Superman" and the name stuck.²* ArcWords:²** "[I'm/He's] Superman. [I/He] can do anything."²** In a ShoutOut to the [[SupermanTheMovie 1978 movie]], "I believe a man can fly."²* ArchnemesisDad: When Shinji finds out about his father’s plans, he decides to attack Gendo openly.²* ArmorPiercingSlap: In chapter 12 Asuka is so angry at Shinji for risking his life only to save her she slaps him before performing a tackle-kiss double combo.²-->''He stood there for a minute, looking at her. She was inscrutable, her arms crossed beneath her chest. He was stunned by her speed when she slapped him. It actually stung. He touched his cheek in surprise.''²* AsLongAsThereIsEvil: Deconstructed. After being defeated, [[spoiler:Darkseid]] says this line... and [[spoiler:Rei's reply]] demolishes him, retorting as long as there is a [[spoiler:Darkseid,]] there will be a Superman to fight him.²-->'''Rei''':''Look at you. The final crisis has come and gone. You are dead, but refuse embrace your end."''\²[[spoiler:'''Darkseid''':]]''"It doesn't matter, [...] so long there is evil, there will be a place for [[spoiler:Darkseid."]]''\²'''Rei''':''"So long as there is a [[spoiler:Darkseid]], [...] there will be a Superman to oppose him."''²* AttackItsWeakPoint: When Shinji was fighting Sachiel, he heard Rei whispering: “Destroy the red core”. He started to punch the core right away until it cracked.²* AttentionWhore:²** Subverted with Shinji. Asuka thinks this is the ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'''s [[spoiler:-a. k. a. Shinji-]] motivation to perform heroic deeds, but later she learns he simply does not want to see people hurt.²** Played straight with Asuka. Due to deep childhood trauma she yearns for someone else’s attention in order to convince herself she is worth of something.²*** In chapter 2 she expected being met by a huge reception at the airport, not knowing Misato wanted everything low key. Kaji was gradually letting her down during the whole flight so that she did not get angry.²*** As seen in chapter 8:²--->''First of all, when she arrived at school, Shinji in tow, she discovered that she was no longer the center of attention, and this inflamed her sensibilities deeply.''²* ATragedyOfImpulsiveness: After [[spoiler:Gendo almost got his best friend killed during the Bardiel disaster]] Shinji resolves to stop Gendo and rallies several of his friends. Kaji is against it because he thinks that fighting Gendo there and now is a bad, dumb idea, and he thinks Shinji is being too impulsive and hasty, but he joins them anyway. Unfortunately[[spoiler: Gendo was prepared for their arrival, their assault failed, and Maya lost an arm.]] Later Kaji rebuked Shinji for its impulsiveness.²* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: After spending one or two chapters arguing, Asuka accidentally sees Shinji berating his friends for taking pictures of her and selling them, and she is moved. Later he is not in their apartment so that she goes out to find him, the whole time telling herself she is not looking for him.²* BabiesEverAfter: In the last chapter of the rewrite [[spoiler:Asuka tells Shinji he has got her pregnant.]]²* BadassBookworm: He also knows German and it is implied that he reads about a wide variety of subjects.²* BadassCape: Shinji wears Superman's iconic red cape which makes him seeming larger and more imposing.²* BadassNormal: Kaji, [[spoiler: AKA Batman]].²* BareYourMidriff: When Asuka becomes [[spoiler:the next Wonder Woman]] she rips parts of her plugsuit off, leaving her arms, legs and belly bare.²* BatmanCanBreatheInSpace: Shinji thinks maybe he can breathe in space… sometimes he jokes about it… and later he confirms he ''can'', indeed. Justified because he is Superman.²-->'''Shinji''':''"Hi, I'm Shinji Ikari, and I can breathe in space?"''²* BattleCouple: Shinji and Asuka. He is Franchise/{{Superman}}. She is [[spoiler:Franchise/WonderWoman.]] And their enemies are ''screwed''.²* BattleInTheCenterOfTheMind: Shinji fought Leliel in an illusory dreamscape to save Asuka’s mind.²* BeingWatched: In chapter 3, as Shinji is in school, he realizes he is being watched. Using his SuperSenses he quickly spots Kaji standing out of the school grounds, and he quietly slips out to have a talk with the older man.²* BelligerentSexualTension:²** Shinji and Asuka argued sometimes, although less often than in canon due to Shinji being more patient and less wimpy.²** On the other hand, Misato and Kaji argued nearly every time they met before reconciling.²* BeneathTheMask: Asuka asks Shinji why he likes her and Shinji replies he has seen her real self under her "tough, boastful, rude girl" mask, and he knows she is brave, intelligent, and kinder than she thinks she is.²* BenevolentBoss: Misato replaced Gendo after the latter was relieved of duty, and she was a nicer, more caring commanding officer than him.²* BewareTheNiceOnes: Shinji takes a cue from ''Comicbook/ForTheManWhoHasEverything'' when [[spoiler: Leliel attempts an early version of Asuka's infamous {{Mind Rape}} on her after she is pulled into the Dirac Sea.]] Shinji's response?²--> '''Shinji''': [[spoiler: [[{{Red Eyes Take Warning}} ''BURN'']]]]²* BigDamnHeroes: Shinji does this ''constantly'' in the original story and in the rewrite. Some instances:²** During the battle against Sachiel [[spoiler:Shinji stopped a chunk of debris was about to crush Touji and his sister]] and then he proceeded to [[spoiler:trash Sachiel right when it was about to blast Rei.]]²** Shamshel [[spoiler:was about to kill Asuka by crushing her head with its whips. Asuka had no weapons and was nearly out of power. Then Shinji showed up, tore a whip, bit the other one in two and killed the monster.]]²** He also [[spoiler:dove into Leliel]] to save Asuka before her robot's life support failed or she got nuked.²* TheBigDamnKiss:²** Between Shinji and Asuka in chapter 12:²-->''She closed her eyes and he closed his again, and she rested her hand on his neck, drawing him in, tilting his head just a bit. They were close, very close, and then it happened. Her lips touched his, warm and moist and tasting ever so slightly of strawberries from the lip gloss she wore, open just a touch so that he could taste her breath, feel it mingle with hers. He shuddered, his belly muscles contracting involuntarily.''\²''Gingerly, without opening his eyes, he put an arm around her and drew her into a second, deeper kiss, longer and harder. She shifted her weight onto him and he put his other arm around her waist to support her, and soon she was only his lap, her head above his, holding his chin with both hands. She drew back again and fell against him onto his shoulder and breathed a soft sigh under his chin.''\²''"Wow," he said.''\²''"Wow," she smiled.''²** In the rewrite it happened in chapter 9:²-->''She sat up. She grabbed him by the collar –he still had his stupid school uniform on, at least the shirt, anyway- and she kissed him. He jerked back for an instant, and then he kissed her back, slipping his arm around her waist. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled, dragging him onto the bed with her. She broke from the kiss, and the look of shock on his face, the way his breath quickened, excited her. With both hands on his shoulders, she pushed him down onto the bed, threw her leg over him, and sat on his waist. He had on a pair of sleeping shorts, and the skin of her thighs whispered against his.''²* BigEgoHiddenDepths: Asuka may come across as a braggart, but in Shinji’s words “she’s beautiful, smart and nicer than she believes she is.” She’s also [[spoiler:the last Amazon.]]²* BioAugmentation: In the rewrite, [[spoiler:Asuka gets modified genetically with Kryptonian DNA. She effectively becomes the most powerful woman in the planet.]]²* BizarreAlienBiology: When Shinji flies into Gaghiel's mouth he gets shocked because it had no real innards, only a tongue and a core embedded in overlapping petals of flesh. He called the body of the alien monster "a mockery of biology".²* BizarreAlienSenses: The story goes into great detail about how Shinji sees the world in the entire electromagnetic spectrum.²* BloodKnight: Asuka really likes fighting, not only because she is a good fighter but also because piloting a giant robot and fighting {{Eldritch Abomination}}s makes her feeling she is not worthless. When she got into her Eva to sortie for first time she was really eager because she had been waiting for that moment since she was three.²* BlueIsHeroic: Shinji wears iconic Superman’s blue outfit.²* BodySnatcher: [[spoiler: Darkseid does this to Fuyutsuki]].²* BoisterousBruiser: Asuka is bold, bashful, energetic, and after going through her CharacterDevelopment, she is happier and more mirthful than she used to before meeting Shinji. She is also [[spoiler:Franchise/WonderWoman in the original story and ''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}'' in the rewrite.]] She is an excellent warrior and hits very, ''very'' hard.²* BoldlyComing: Shinji -Kryptonian- and Asuka -Amazon- get together. At the end of the rewrite, Asuka's gotten pregnant.²* BondingOverMissingParents: Asuka and Shinji do this when they start living together, and they talk about their missing mothers.²* BonusMaterial: An omake features Pen Pen bathing with a bunch of ladies and revealing he was behind all.²* BrainwashedAndCrazy: [[spoiler: It turns out that Kaworu is this when he transforms into Black Adam, courtesy of a Mister Mind {{Expy}}. Shinji manages to resolve the situation with some well placed heat-vision]].²* BreakTheCutie: Although Shinji had spent ten years living alone after his father left him in the wake of his mother's death, he was getting better. And then [[spoiler:Bardiel hijacked Unit-03. Asuka got emotionally hurt, Touji got one arm and one leg removed and Hikari blamed ''him'' for it.]] When he confronted Gendo [[spoiler:his father used a kryptonite chunk against him.]] Shinji had to fight Zeruel straight after and he [[spoiler:got blown to the Moon.]] Literally. When he returned he rallied his friends to stop Gendo together, but his father was prepared, their assault failed and [[spoiler:Maya got maimed.]] And Kaji blamed ''him'' for it.²* BreakTheHaughty: Due to her rigorous training and inferiority complex Asuka was -or pretended to be- cocky and self-assured, and thought she would easily destroy any enemy. However she got nearly killed in her first deployed and was admonished for a mistake was not her fault. She got better afterwards, but she was put through more humiliations and defeats until she [[spoiler:stopped being an Eva pilot.]]²* TheBridge: The Geofront has a bridge. It is described as this in chapter 4: ''The vast expanse of the "bridge" yawned before her. The command center was constructed not unlike the conning tower of a submarine above the sea of machinery and support networks that composed the MAGI system, centered on the three spherical computer nodes beneath her. The three technicians in front of her set to work, and a variety of views appeared above her on an enormous holographic screen overlaid with topographic maps, technical readouts, and other data.''²* BridgeBunnies: Maya, Shigeru and Aoba are NERV's Bridge Bunnies. In chapter 4 they are seen performing MissionControl when Ramiel arrives at Tokyo-3.²* BringMyRedJacket: Asuka got hurt constantly as of her first fight in which the whips of Shamshel scarred her face.²* BrokenAce: When Shinji met Asuka he shortly realized that gorgeous, intelligent girl and AcePilot was very hurt and was way more fragile and more vulnerable than she looked.²* BrokenBird: Asuka devoted herself to train to become the best HumongousMecha pilot and prepare to fight giant alien invaders to overcome being an orphan kid abandoned by her surviving parent. When the war finally broke out, nothing was going how she thought it should: her enemies beat her, the Commander berated her for anything and an interloper come from nowhere was hogging the credit. However she kept fighting and found a worthier cause to devote herself to.²* BrokenHero: Shinji is the more powerful hero in the planet, and he tries to be nice and upbeat despite of having abandonment and loneliness issues.²* BrokenTears: Asuka’s first battle was supposed to be her big debut. She had been waiting her whole life for that moment, training hard and rigorously since she was a child. She almost got killed, had to be rescued, and the Commander ordered she got punished by something was not her fault. When she was home she slammed her bedroom’s door, threw herself down on her bed and sobbed.²* BroughtToYouByTheLetterS: On the chest of Shinji’s Superman costume is an “S” emblem. It is one of the first things Touji notices about him when Shinji saves him and his sister.²-->''Those hands belonged to a boy, a boy his own age in red and blue. The sun was behind him so that he shone, and his face was in shadow. On his chest was an emblem, like an English S, angular and stylized in a diamond-shaped red field on the expanse of his blue chest.''²* BruiserWithASoftCenter:²** Shinji fits this: he can punch a hole through a mountain and has beaten thugs and giant aliens... and he is a nice, kind, caring boy who cares about everyone and is always willing to give a hug and a YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre speech to whoever is cring or upset.²** Asuka also fits this after her CharacterDevelopment and her powers' awakening helps her to stop being frightened of displaying her softer, kinder side.²* BulletCatch: An exaggerated example. [[spoiler: When Mad Hatter attempts to assassinate the UN Council by having security guards fire assault rifles into the room, Shinji manages to catch all of the bullets, also grabbing the guns for good measure.]]²* BullyingADragon: Gendo taunts and even threatens Shinji several times… even though he knows he is Superman. Later events proved that it was NOT a good idea.²* TheCape: [[spoiler:''[[Franchise/{{Superman}} Jor-El]]'' sends the rocket to Earth hoping helping them and guiding them this way.]] As he grows up Shinji aspires to be a good person and help people as much as he can. This mindset helps him to overcome some of his childhood traumas and become Superman. When someone says he can not fight fate, he replies "You watch me".²* CameFromTheSky: Details vary between versions, but when the Kryptonian rocket crashed down on Antarctica, Yui Ikari found it.²* CanNotSpitItOut: Shinji did not dare to confess his feelings to Asuka because he was afraid that she would not love him back or she would find out about his SecretIdentity and regard him as something was above her rather just Shinji. Asuka did not dare to confess her feelings because she was afraid to open up and get rejected.²* CantLiveWithThemCantLiveWithoutThem: At the beginning Asuka complained about Shinji constantly, but when he was missing, she was restless and worried.²* ChefOfIron: Shinji is a skilled at making meals for Misato and Asuka, and is also, well, ''Superman''.²* CheshireCatGrin: In chapter 11, Misato grinned widely and wickedly after catching Asuka flat-footed.²-->"You really did silence me before the blackout, right?"\²"Yes," said Misato. "No one heard you swear your undying love, I promise."\²"Good, I- hey, wait!"\²Misato grinned a cheshire cat grin. "I'm not stupid. I just want to know how the hell Rei figured out how to use the Evas to make a phone call. Don't worry, no one eavesdropped on you."²* ChestInsignia: Shinji's Superman costume has a very prominent red "S" on his chest.²-->''Those hands belonged to a boy, a boy his own age in red and blue. The sun was behind him so that he shone, and his face was in shadow. On his chest was an emblem, like an English S, angular and stylized in a diamond-shaped red field on the expanse of his blue chest.''²* ChronicHeroSyndrome: Being Superman, Shinji can not help it: he ''has'' to help everyone or at least try to. At one point he tells [[spoiler:Kaji]] every life counts.²* ClarkKenting: Duh. It's a story with Superman in it, the trope is expected. Semi-justified, as it is mentioned that Shinji vibrates at a high rate in order to blur his facial features.²* ClarkKentOutfit: Shinji wears shirts, baggy pants and multiple layers of clothing to hide his super-human muscles. The only time he wears -reluctantly- a skintight [[LatexSpaceSuit plug suit]], Misato and Ritsuko note that he's shockingly brawny and muscular.²* ClothesMakeTheSuperman: In the original version Asuka was [[spoiler:the second Wonder Woman.]] Her bracers drew power from Earth itself and gifted her with strength, speed, endurance and power comparable to Shinji's, and made her capable to fly.²* ClothingDamage: Shinji loses his cape during the fight of Ramiel, and [[spoiler: is stripped from the waist up after his fight with Zeruel, in which he survives ''a dozen'' N2 mine detonations]].²* ComboPlatterPowers:²** Shinji gets whole Kryptonian package, including:²*** EyeBeams²*** FlyingBrick²*** {{Flight}}²*** NighInvulnerability / ImmuneToBullets²*** SuperStrength²*** SuperBreath²*** SuperSenses²*** XRayVision²*** SuperSpeed: Faster than a speeding bullet, literally proven.²** [[spoiler:Asuka]] is ''Franchise/WonderWoman'', so she has almost similar but weaker powers and is not ImmuneToBullets. In the rewrite, though, she becomes ''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}'', so she has all Kryptonian powers.²* ComesGreatResponsibility: Shinji decides to use his powers to help people because he thinks it is his responsability using them wisely and he does not like seeing people hurt.²* ConvenientlyAnOrphan: Shinji's genetic donor [[spoiler:Jor-El or Kal-El depending on what version of the story you are reading]] sent a sample of Kryptonian DNA to Earth before dying. Yui Ikari used it to modificate her unborn baby and several years later she died. Gendo abandoned Shinji after her death, entrusting him to the care of an uncle of his. When Shinji discovered his powers and started to use them to help other people, nobody found out, and he kept his secret for years.²* CooldownHug:²** In the rewrite Shinji gives one to Ritsuko in chapter 8 while she is breaking down. It calms her down.²-->''He took her by the shoulders and to her immense shock, he hugged her. It was a calm, almost fatherly embrace. Her arms hung at her side, limp, and her eyes were wide with surprise. It was the most reassuring thing she could remember ever feeling. He was so strong, so sure, like nothing could move him without his wanting it to. It was like being held by a castle.''²** He also gives one to Asuka in the next chapter while she is crying.²* CrisisCrossover: Characters from both ''Last Child of Krypton"s show up in ''Crisis of Infinite Shinjis'', as well as from Chuckman's other Evangelion crossovers.²* {{Crossover}}: Between ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'' and Franchise/TheDCU (the rewrite focusing exclusively on the Franchise/{{Superman}} side of the universe). In ''Crisis of Infinite Shinjis'', they cross with EVERY single Shinji to exist across the whole of existence.²* CrushBlush:²** Shinji and Asuka often blushed when they stared at each other during their UnresolvedSexualTension phase.²** In chapter 4 Shinji is staring at Asuka when all of sudden her gaze meets his. Shinji blushes.²* CrystalSpiresAndTogas: [[spoiler: Paradise Island, which is where Asuka, Misato, Rei, and others are brought after the battle with Zeruel]].²* CurbStompBattle: Shinji's early battles against the Angels tended to be very one-sided. He pushed around and punched Sachiel as much as he wanted while Sachiel was unable to retaliate. Then Sachiel self-detonated... which harmed Shinji not at all.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:D-F]]²²* DeathGlare: In chapter 2 Kaji ensures Misato he regards Asuka as a daughter. Asuka shot a furious glare at him.²-->''Shinji didn't need fifteen kinds of vision to see the girl glare at the older man with a look so fierce it could cut glass.''²* DefrostingIceQueen: Since she was four Asuka tried being self-reliant and pushing everybody away so that nobody hurt her or left again. Then she met Shinji Ikari, and he was the one of the kindest, most caring and most honest persons she had ever met... and Superman, too. He was always so attentive, so caring, so sad when she got hurt, so determined to cheer her up when she was depressed, and so insistent on [[YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre she being better than she thought she was]] she could not help to fall in love with him.²* DefusingTheTykeBomb: Shinji showed to Asuka that she didn’t need to be an Eva pilot to be special, valued or loved. By the time she’s unable to synch with her Eva, she doesn’t care for it anymore because Shinji loves her [[spoiler:and she has super-powers.]]²* DesignerBabies: The exact method varies depending on the version (original story or redux), but Shinji was genetically altered with Kryptonian DNA before he was born.²* {{Determinator}}:²** Being Superman, Shinji does not know the meaning of the word “quitting”. A giant alien monster whose body is an alternate dimension [[spoiler:has swallowed his LoveInterest and is [[MindRape MindRaping]] her?]] He’ll [[spoiler:dive into Leliel’s body, enter the illusion, convince Asuka to let him into her mind and burn the alien.]] Another giant monster with devastating power is flattening the Geofront and the army is about to blow it up with nukes, killing everybody? He’ll [[spoiler: pick Zeruel, lift it and will take the impact of dozens of nukes.]] An [[spoiler:ancient GodOfEvil has set Third Impact off?]] Shinji’ll [[spoiler:wrestle Instrumentality’s control off Darkseid’s hands and will use that power to ''punch'' him.]]²** Rei does not care about being badly hurt. If she has to fight, she will do:²--->''Hearing the commander's voice, she stirred. Her one good eye opened and scanned the room fitfully, unable to focus. She settled her blurry gaze on the fluorescent lights above her head and waited as long as she could for the throbbing in her skull to ebb just a bit. It didn't, but she had to answer. She was driven. It was her purpose, her reason for being. Pain was irrelevant, a signal that her body was damaged, nothing more.''²* DeterminedDefeatist: When Shinji rallies his friends to move in on NERV, Kaji firmly believes that operation is doomed to failure. He joins them anyway.²* DevotedToYou: There were several girls after Shinji, but he only had eyes for Asuka.²* DisappearedDad: Shinji and Asuka’s fathers ditched their children when they were four. Asuka has no relationship with his father, and Shinji’s relationship with his got gradually worse.²* DisneyDeath: [[spoiler: Shinji is briefly thought dead after the battle with Zeruel]].²* DistaffCounterpart: To ''Fanfic/SOE2LoneHeirOfKrypton''. Same merged universes, same powers, same enemies, same themes... but here Shinji gets genetically modified with Superman's DNA whereas than in the other fic Asuka inherits Superman's genes.²* DistractedByTheSexy: It happens to Shinji when he first meets Asuka. He stands so distracted, gawking at her, that he forgets where he is.²* DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength:²** During a conversation with [[spoiler:Kaji]] in the chapter 3 of the original version, Shinji admits he does not know what the limits of his super-strength are and he is still trying figuring it out. The older man reminds him that he has to be careful to not hurt other people.²** In chapter 2 Shinji tried to straighten a falling plane by taking hold of the tail and pulling, but he miscalculated his strength and torn the tail off the plane.²* DomesticAbuse: Gendo’s treatment of Ritsuko is anything but kind, loving or tender. Often she is afraid of him or sport bruises. In the rewrite Ritsuko sobs she deserves it due to everything she has done to further his plans.²* DoomedHometown: Shinji has kryptonian powers because planet Krypton was about to explode (in the rewrite Krypton did not blow up but its inhabitants were dying), and Jor-El (Kal-El in the rewrite) sent a rocket with a DNA sample to Earth. Yui Ikari found it and used it to alter her unborn child's DNA. So that Shinji is technically kryptonian but his homeworld has disappeared.²* TheDreaded: Amongst the various agents of the villains, [[spoiler: The Joker is this]]. As [[spoiler: Kaji]] notes, when they just want someone dead, they send Mr. Freeze. When they want to send a message, they send ''him''. [[spoiler: The leaders of SEELE find this out the hard way]].²* DrivesLikeCrazy: Misato is very, very careless with traffic rules when she drives. In chapter 2 Shinji gets to personally experience what means travelling in her car:²-->''"Uh, yeah, can I call you back? Misato's trying to kill us."''\²''"I am not," Misato snapped as the car drifted out onto the highway, slammed the car into a lower gear, and gunned it. The car fishtailed a bit, and then straightened as its tiny four cylinder engine roared, a look of manic glee on the driver's face.''\²''"You know what the best thing about a rental car is, Shinji?"''\²''"No, what?"''\²''"No car can accelerate quicker, corner harder, or go from reverse into drive at a higher speed!"''²* EarlyBirdCameo:²** Asuka travelled to Japan right after the death of Sachiel.²** In both stories, Kaworu shows up early on.²* EarnYourHappyEnding: [[spoiler: Though there is a great deal of hardship, ultimately the story ends a whole lot better than canon]].²* EatingTheEyeCandy: When Shinji meets Asuka in chapter 2 he spends a long while staring at her, blushing and pondering what should he tell to such a gorgeous girl:²-->''Shinji resisted the urge to lean on his knees and pant, or brush the debris off his costume. He did his best to keep his eyes off Asuka, and he failed totally. Misato's description of her was a pale reflection, like the light of the moon in the ripples across a pond. She wore a yellow sundress and a ribbon at her pale throat and crossed long, supple legs in front of her. She met his eyes with her own, a deep cerulean that reminded him of the sky on a summer afternoon. Her auburn hair was like the sunset, held back on her head by a pair of barrettes that he recognized, after a moment, as A-10 connectors. Misato had told him she never took them off.''\²''Then the doofus behind her said something about biting his tongue, and she stifled a laugh. He couldn't help but smile. He was paralyzed. What should he do? Offer her a hand? Introduce himself? Say "Hi, I'm Shinji Ikari, and I can breathe in space?" He had to do something, to say something, so he did.''²* EatingOptional: Having Kryptonian DNA, Shinji does not really needs to eat, but he does anyway because he likes the taste of food. In chapter 3 he eats a toast as he ponders that he is not hungry and can't even remember having been hungry.²* EldritchAbomination: This story includes eldritch beings of both universes: the Angels (giant alien beings who display a myriad of shapes and defy the laws of physics) and [[spoiler:the New Gods. Most prominently, evil god Darkseid.]]²* EmotionlessGirl: Rei is aloof, quiet and expressionless, and other people find her behaviour eerie and creepy (right like she was intended to be in the original series).²* EstablishingCharacterMoment: In the first story scene, as soon as Shinji sees Sachiel he asks what that monster is and states firmly that it must be stopped. That moment shows this Shinji is not his timid, weak canon self even before being revealed he is Superman.²* EverythingIsBetterWithPenguins: Pen Pen makes many scenes funnier. Some examples:²** Seeing Misato’s fridge stocked with beer and junk food bothered Shinji so that he threw the junk food away and blamed it on the penguin.²** In TheStinger the penguin is lounging in a hot spring, surrounded by beautiful ladies, and declares he was behind everything the whole time and it went just as planned.²* ExpendableClone: When Shinji was too late to fight Sachiel, Gendo ordered Rei to sortie despite of being badly wounded. In the rewrite she [[spoiler:died fighting Sachiel,]] and Gendo nonchalantly got another clone ready.²* ExtraParentConception: In the redux, when Yui Ikari tinkered with the alien rocket, the ship's devices grafted a sampling of Kryptonian genetic onto her fetus' while Shinji was in her womb, giving him an extra set of chromosomes and a huge array of powers when he grew up.²* EyeBeams: Shinji has heat vision thanks to his Kryptonian DNA. He uses it most memorably to [[spoiler:burn [[EldritchAbomination Leliel]] down when it tries to MindRape Asuka]] in a scene which is a homage to ''ComicBook/ForTheManWhoHasEverything''.²* FacePalm: In chapter 2, Shinji has just prevented a plane from crashing. He boards the plane, asks if anybody has been hurt... and a guard of Asuka's security detail announces he bit his tongue. Asuka facepalms.²* FacePalmOfDoom: In chapter 1 Sachiel attacked Unit 01 like this when Rei was piloting it: the monster grabbed the robot's face and slammed an energy spike through it.²* FanArt: [[ Marcoasalazarm]] drew pictures of all hero of the original story.²* FantasyKitchenSink: Let's see, we have a [[spoiler:HalfHumanHybrid]] superhero, cybernetic HumongousMecha,[[spoiler: aliens, more cyborgs, supervillains, SpacePolice, brief mention of Atlantis, Amazons, a magical ritual, powerful space gods]]... yep, this story qualifies.²* FemaleGaze: The female characters –Misato, Ritsuko… and above all Asuka- constantly ogle to Shinji’s muscular body.²* FieryRedhead: Asuka is very feisty, short-tempered (especially when she has to deal with idiots or perverts as Touji found out), hot-blooded and battle-thirsty (she was eager to hop into her giant robot and fight when an enemy struck).²* FingerTenting: In chapter 4 Ritsuko walked in Commander Ikari’s office and he immediately tented his fingers and assumed his pose. She found it annoying.²* FirstKiss: Shinji and Asuka had their first kiss in chapter 12 of the original after he had told his past's secrets , and in the chapter 9 of the rewrite after she finally got over her crush on Kaji and acknowledged her feelings towards him.²* FixFic: Shinji gets Kryptonian powers and an early lesson on power and responsibility. As a result of it, he tries to use his powers to help people. When he is summoned to Tokyo-3, he is still shy and soft-spoken, but he is more emotionally stable and more compassionate than his canon counterpart, he is committed to help and protect others, and he is powerful enough to fight anything is thrown at him.²* {{Flight}}: Shinji finds out he can fly when he tests how high he can jump.²-->"No. The speed came first. I remember that from when I was little. I didn't fit it at the school in my uncle's village. Some bullies chased me, and I outran them easily. I started to run, a lot. One day I noticed was running faster than a car, and I kept getting faster, and I could jump higher. One time I decided to see how high I could jump, and I just didn't come down."²* FlingALightIntoTheFuture: Jor-El (Kal-El in the second version) sent a sample of his DNA to Earth and a recording of the last days of Krypton because he thought that "[Earthlings] cry out for a champion". Yui found the rocket and modified Shinji's genetic makeup with Kryptonian DNA to protect the future of humankind.²* FlyingBrick: Naturally, Shinji is one as Superman. He is super strong, super fast, invulnerable, flier, and has EyeBeams and a BreathWeapon.²* FlyingFirepower: As you would expect Shinji is a FlyingBrick with EyeBeams.²* ForeignLanguageTirade: In chapter 11, when Shinji is gravely wounded, Asuka whispers:²-->"Oh Gott, nicht zu sterben. Bitte nicht sterben. Ich brauche dich. Bitte."²* {{Foreshadowing}}: ²** In chapter 3 Asuka moved so fast that even Shinji was surprised. In chapter 12 she slapped Shinji and again he got stunned by her speed and surprised because her slap actually stung (even though he is nearly invulnerable). Then she ''tackled him'' before kissing him. A few chapters later [[spoiler:it was revealed her mother was an Amazon,]] so her greater-than-average strength and speed made sense.²** Kaji manages to sneak up on Shinji several times despite Shinji's SuperSenses. [[spoiler: Just as you'd expect from someone who was trained by, and [[LegacyCharacter eventually became]], Franchise/{{Batman}}.]]²* ForWantOfANail: Aside from the fact that Shinji is Superman in this story, there is also his origin. [[spoiler: Lara dies before Jor-El finishes the rocket, leading him to instead place a computer database of Krypton and Kryptonian DNA inside of the rocket. The rocket lands in Antarctica instead of Kansas, where it is found by Yui. Upon receiving a message from Jor-El, she decides to artificially inseminate herself with the stored DNA, leading to Shinji becoming half-Kryptonian]].²** As well, [[spoiler: the lack of a Superman is a large part of why the original Justice League failed against the villains]].²* FreudianSlip: In chapter 11, Asuka accidentally slipped that Shinji and she were together.²-->"You really did silence me before the blackout, right?"\²"Yes," said Misato. "No one heard you swear your undying love, I promise."\²"Good, I- hey, wait!"\²Misato grinned a cheshire cat grin. "I'm not stupid. I just want to know how the hell Rei figured out how to use the Evas to make a phone call. Don't worry, no one eavesdropped on you."²* FusionFic: Between Evangelion and DC Comics. Shinji is Superman, [[spoiler: Kaji is the second Batman; having been trained by Bruce Wayne, Kyoko was an Amazonian, Asuka takes on the mantle of Wonder Woman, Toji becomes a Green Lantern, Kaworu is essentially Black Adam, Rei is essentially Supergirl, and Naoko Akagi is essentially Galatea. There is mention made of Barry Allen, Shinji meets the Martian Manhunter before the latter expires, Diana takes gives Asuka and the others refuge after the Zeruel incident, Atlantis was destroyed by Second Impact, and several classic DC villains make an appearance in the story]].²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:G-I]]²²* GeniusBruiser:²** Shinji is pretty intelligent, knows several languages and reads about a wide variety of subjects. He is also Franchise/{{Superman}}, ergo he is a super-strong fighter.²** Asuka was out of college when she was thirteen. She is also a HumongousMecha AcePilot and a super-heroine endowed with SuperStrength and other FlyingBrick skills.²* GiantEqualsInvincible: Subverted. Yes, the regular army is useless against Angels or Evangelions... but when (human-sized) Shinji [[spoiler:a. k. a. Franchise/{{Superman}}]] comes along, being giant only means that you are a giant ''target''.²* GiantFlyer: When Shamshel attacks, several characters note that it’s a skyscraper-sized flying creature.²* GibberishOfLove: When he met Asuka for first time, Shinji got so lovestruck that he had no idea what saying... so he restorted to talk about flight security.²* GirlishPigtails: Several characters wear this hairstyle: Asuka, Hikari, Sakura Suzuhara…²-->''She clapped with joy, pigtails bouncing, and he turned in horror and saw it.''²* TheGlomp: Performed by Asuka on Shinji in chapter 12 after their first kiss. Her flying tackle was so powerful that she sent both to the ground. The feat is even more impressive when you keep in mind she should not be capable to move him.²* GoThroughMe: In chapter 11 of the original version [[spoiler:Leliel is [[MindRape Mind Raping]] Asuka.]] Right when her mind is about to collapse, Shinji steps between them and says:²-->'''Shinji''':''"If you want her, you have to go through me."''²* GratuitousGerman: In chapter, when Shinji is gravely wounded, Asuka whispers over and over again:²-->"Oh Gott, nicht zu sterben. Bitte nicht sterben. Ich brauche dich. Bitte."²* GratuitousSpanish: In chapter 11, when several sailors spot Superman, one of them exclaims:²-->"¿Qué fue eso? ¿Fue un avión?" Paolo called.\²"!Es Superman!"²* GraveMarkingScene: In both versions of the story Shinji and Gendo visit Yui's grave together and have an argument where Shinji tries -and fails- to convince his father to work together against the Angels and SEELE.²* GrewASpine: Thanks to his powers and the inspirational speech of Jor-El (Kal-El in the rewrite), Shinji becomes braver, more determined, and a real hero.²* HalfHumanHybrid: Aside from the canon examples of [[spoiler: Rei and Kaworu]], there is also [[spoiler: Shinji. In this story, Lara died long before the rocket was launched. Instead of putting a baby in the rocket, Jor-El opts to store a powerful supercomputer and Kryptonian DNA in it. When the rocket is discovered later by Yui, she inseminates herself with the DNA, giving birth to Shinji as the result]].²* HatesBeingTouched: In chapter 9 of the rewrite Kaworu introduces himself, lifts Asuka hand to kiss it... and Asuka reacts brusquely, stepping back and telling him never touching her.²* HeartbrokenBadass:²** After the battle against Zeruel, [[spoiler:Shinji was supposedly killed-in-action,]] Asuka fell apart.²** In the rewrite, when [[spoiler:Shinji was mortally wounded,]] she was so grief-stricken that she ran out of their apartment and wandered for several hours.²* HeldGaze:²** In chapter 2 Shinji and Asuka met for first time and they gazed straight at each other’s eyes for several seconds. Asuka broke eye contact off before he realized she was staring, and Shinji was simultaneously relieved that she was looking away him and wanting to be under her gaze again.²** In chapter 4 Shinji and Asuka are in the school yard. Shinji is gazing at her and for a moment their stares met. They gazed at each other during seconds before Shinji blushed and looked away.²* TheHero: Shinji. Thanks to the obligations and responsibilities his vast powers entail he matures and becomes a symbol of hope, courage and determination.²* HeroesWantRedheads: One of the first things Shinji noticed about Asuka was her beautiful red hair.²-->''Her auburn hair was like the sunset,''²* HeroicBuild: It is mentioned that Shinji has one, which is noted by Misato when he tries on a [[LatexSpaceSuit plugsuit]].²* HiddenDepths:²** When Asuka discovers Shinji plays cello, is an excellent cook and reads books in half a dozen of languages (including Japanese, French, Spanish, Russian and Latin), she is impressed.²** When Touji uses words as “waif” or “encircled” his classmates get shocked. He complains that everybody assume he is a dumb jock only because he works out.²* HighAltitudeBattle: [[spoiler: When a dozen N2 missiles are launched at the Geofront in order to destroy Zeruel, Shinji has a HeroicSecondWind and pulls the Angel into the stratosphere, drawing the missiles away from NERV. The resulting explosion sends him to the ''Moon'']].²* HighSchoolSweethearts: Asuka started to go to Shinji's school when she moved to Misato's apartment. During the Angel War they grew closer and eventually fell in love and got married. At the last chapter of the redux [[spoiler:Asuka told him she got pregnant.]]²* HoldingHands:²** Subverted in chapter 2 with Asuka and Kaji. She has a crush on him and constantly tries to hold his hand. He sees her like his surrogate daughter and constantly looks for excuses to snatch his hand away.²* HopelessSuitor:²** Kaworu to Asuka in the redux. She is already in love with Shinji, and even if she was not, she finds Kaworu creepy.²** And in both versions, Asuka to Kaji, who still carries a torch for Misato and regards Asuka as the daughter he never had.²* HotBlooded: Asuka was emotional, furious and vivacious. When she fought her first enemy she was engulfed with rage and determination. However she nearly got killed, and she got reprimanded afterwards because something was not her fault, and her reaction was hurrying to her bedroom, slumping over her bed and weeping bitterly.²* HouseHusband: When Shinji started living with Misato and Asuka, he quickly became in charge of all household chores. Asuka joked that he was a housebroken male.²* HumanoidAbomination: Rei and Kaworu. In the rewrite, Kaworu is even more inhuman and creepier than his canon self.²* HumansNeedAliens: [[spoiler:Jor-El sends the rocket carrying Kryptonian DNA to Earth because "they cry out for a champion". Yui accidentally found it and altered her unborn son to carry alien DNA.]] Due to this Shinji has DNA kryptonian with [[ComboPlatterPowers everything it implies]], and he is capable to fight the beings threatening his world and save humanity (rather crumbling down due to excessive pressure).²* HumongousMecha: The bio-mechanical Evas. As in canon, Shinji gets summoned to Tokyo-3 to pilot one. However, he is unable to synchronize with it, but due to him being he is capable to support the pilots of the other giant robots without riding one.²* HurtingHero: Shinji's mother died when he was four and his father abandoned him. As he grew up he found out he had powers he could use to help other people. Throughout the history he fights {{Eldritch Abomination}}s to protect his new family. He gets punched, burnt, blasted to the Moon… he sees his family and friends getting hurt…²* IAmWho: In chapter 16, [[spoiler:Diana reveals to Asuka that]] she is an Amazon.²* IcyBlueEyes: Asuka is blue-eyed, harsh and indomitable. In chapter 4:²-->''For a moment their gaze met, and her bright blue eyes were an utter mystery to him, as a bright placid sea hides its own depths from the eyes of those who gaze upon it.''²* IdealHero: In this story Shinji is ''[[Franchise/{{Superman}} half-kryptonian]]''. Since his powers began to manifest he used them to try to help people because he is genuinely good, caring, kind-hearted, and hates seeing people hurt and suffering. In a instance [[spoiler:Kaji]] notes that despite of being a tad cynical he really believes Shinji when he tells he would never hurt people and he only wants to help.²* IfYouEverDoAnythingToHurtHer: In chapter 3 Kaji explains to Shinji that Asuka is like his daughter, and if he does not watch out for her, he will find a way to hurt him. Shinji replies sincerely that he would never hurt her.²-->'''Kaji''':''"She's like my daughter, boy. I expect you to watch out for her, and be a gentleman. If you don't, if there's way out there to hurt you, I'll find it."''\²'''Shinji''':''"I would never hurt her."''²* IKissYourHand: In the redux Kaworu kissed Asuka's hand as soon as he met her, believing he was being chivalrous. However he came across as decidedly creepy, and Asuka felt very freaked out and repulsed. She withdrew her hand, warning him to not touching her again.²* IMissMom: The story examines how Shinji and Asuka felt after their mothers' deaths and how much they miss them.²* InferioritySuperiorityComplex: When Shinji met Asuka she acted as an aggressive, boastful AttentionWhore, but Shinji realized she was just trying to hide her insecurity and fear. Later Shinji saw first-hand how fragile and vulnerable she was inwardly when [[spoiler:he fought to save her from Leliel's MindRape attack.]]²* InnocentBlueEyes: Shinji has blue eyes… and he’s the nicest and less mean-spirited person that you’ll ever meet:²-->''His hair was an unruly mop of brown and his eyes a dark blue, hidden behind a pair of glasses he didn't need.''²* InterspeciesRomance: [[spoiler: Shinji, who is [[{{Half Human Hybrid}} half-Kryptonian]], and Asuka eventually become a couple]].²* ItsAllMyFault:²** In chapter 1 Touji blames himself because his little sister had the suicidal impulse to see a giant robot closely and he was unable to catch her in time and get her back into the shelter before the battle.²-->''He pulled her into the arch of one of the low buildings that ringed the outskirts of the city, not far from the school, and cursed himself. This was his fault, it was all his fault.''²** Later [[spoiler:Kaji blamed Shinji for the failure to take over NERV and Maya missing a limb.]] Despite of it being due to Gendo’s actions Shinji blamed himself.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:J-L]]²²* JerkassWoobie: Asuka was obnoxious and arrogant because she was abandoned when she was a child. She devoted her life to train and pilot Eva to fight the Angels, but she got beaten in her first battle and reprimanded unfairly by the Commander.²* KickTheDog: Gendo provides plenty examples of dog-kicking. Some instances:²** He [[spoiler:engineered a plane crash to test Shinji’s reaction. Yes, he risked hundreds of lives –including one of his pilots- only to be sure that he could predict Shinji’s actions.]]²** Gendo demanded Asuka got disciplined for “insubordination” when she fought Shamshel, despite of it being not her fault at all.²** While Rei was hospitalized Shinji brought her flowers. Gendo saw them, he told: “You do not need flowers” and dumped them in the trash.²* KidHero: Shinji, Asuka, Rei, [[spoiler:Touji and Kaworu]] are fourteen-year-old mecha pilots and super-heroes.²* TheKidWithTheRemoteControl: Evangelions can only be controlled by children because the pilot needs being somehow connected to the soul within the robot. That is because Rei has such a hard time riding Unit 00 –the soul locked inside it hates her- and this is because Asuka can pilot Unit 01 [[spoiler:-Yui likes her-.]]²* KryptoniteFactor: [[spoiler: Revealed when Gendo pulls a piece out on Shinji after the Bardiel incident]].²* TheLadette: Misato enjoys eating junk food, drinking heavily and being loud, uncouth and slovenly. It’s so bad that Asuka identifies her apartment automatically when she smells the beer and curry. Shinji was disturbed by it, so he took surreptitious steps to talk her into cutting down the booze and the junk food.²* LastGirlWins: Asuka is the last important female character joins the cast and the one Shinji falls in love with.²* LastOfHisKind: Before the destruction of Krypton Jor-El sent a DNA sample to Earth (or, if you are reading the second version, Kal-El sent a sample of his DNA before his species' extinction). Yui Ikari found it and used it to modify Shinji's genetic makeup. So Shinji is the last kryptonian despite of having never been in Krypton. [[spoiler:In the last scene of the rewrite Asuka reveals he will not be the last child of Krypton for much longer.]]²* LatexSpaceSuit: The pilots wear skintight piloting suits. There’s an especial partial model, prepared for when a pilot has a member bandaged or in a cast. It has to be cinched into place manually. Rei wears it in the first chapter.²** After [[spoiler:finding out she was an Amazon]] Asuka modifies her plug-suit so that it resembles [[spoiler:Franchise/WonderWoman's]] outfit.²* LeeroyJenkins: Subverted. Asuka tried to behave as a disciplined soldier and retreat when she was ordered… but when Shamshel’s whips impaled her mecha she went mad and tried to kill it there and then.²* LegacyCharacter: In the original story, when most of the cast seeks shelter in [[Franchise/WonderWoman Paradise Island]], Wonder Woman reveals [[spoiler:Asuka that her mother was an Amazon. Then she shows Asuka her bracers -which grant powers to their wearer-, her lasso and her tiara and says she wants to Asuka becomes the next Wonder Woman.]] Asuka agrees and takes up the mantle. Similarly, Kaji [[spoiler:had been trained by Franchise/{{Batman}} to become his sucessor, and later Misato wears ''[[Comicbook/{{Batgirl}} Barbara Gordon's]] costume.]]²-->'''Diana''': "When I was younger, my elders recognized the dangers facing Man's World. A champion was chosen, an emissary to bring peace and justice, to act as an example. That champion was gifted by the Gods themselves. These bracers gift those who wear them with strength drawn from Gaea herself, granting great power and endurance, and speed, the gift of Hermes. Through this lasso, one may wield the fires of truth, making any bound by it incapable of lying."\²'''Asuka''': "You want me to…"\²'''Diana''':"Yes, [...] By taking up the gifts of the gods, you will become more powerful than any man. You will rival Yui Ikari's child in strength and speed. You will even be able to fly."\²'''Asuka''': "Fly? [...] Why me? Why give this to me?"\²'''Diana''': "We are few, now, [...] Second Impact and what came after took a terrible toll on our populace. More importantly, I am… no longer worthy. They are no longer mine to use. Will you accept them, Asuka? Will you become our champion?"\²'''Asuka''': "Yes,"²* LeotardOfPower: After becoming [[spoiler:the next ''Franchise/WonderWoman'',]] Asuka tore her [[LatexSpaceSuit plugsuit]] to model it after [[spoiler:Diana's]] swimsuit. In the rewrite she wears [[spoiler:''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}'' uniform.]]²* LetsWaitAWhile: In chapter 9 of the rewrite Asuka tries to seduce Shinji, but Shinji convinces her to wait a while because she was severely hurt and distraught.²* LighterAndSofter: In this setting Shinji gets Superman powers and a lesson on power and responsibility. He grows into a more idealistic, more caring and less passive person, and that different mindset and their powers let him alter events positively.²* LivingEmotionalCrutch: Throughout the story Asuka bonded with Shinji, fell in love with him and became very dependent on him. When Shinji disappeared or got hurt she get worried or freaked out.²* LongingLook:²** In chapter 2 Asuka laid her eyes on Shinji for first time and she rapidly looked away before he noticed she was staring.²** A chapter later Shinji is gazing at her longingly from afar.²* LoveAtFirstSight: Shinji fell for Asuka as soon as he saw her after rescuing a falling plane where she was travelling. He thought she was the most beautiful girl he had met, and he was trying very hard to not gape.²* LoveConfession:²** In chapter 12, Shinji and Asuka kiss. Then Shinji reveals ''[[Franchise/{{Superman}} his secret identity]]'' and tells he likes her. Her reaction? Getting angry because he had risked his life to save hers, tackling him and kissing him.²** In the chapter 9 of the Redux a distraught Asuka goes to Shinji's room to seduce him. When she is trying to make something more than kissing, Shinji stops her. Trembling, she asks if he does not like her and he tells he does, but he is not ready and he is afraid of hurting her.²* LoveInterest: Shinji and Asuka are each other's.²* LovelyAngels: Unlike in the original series, Shinji did not become a pilot, so Asuka and Rei fought most of battles together in their war mechas. Asuka also went through a synch training with Rei (instead of Shinji) to fight Israfel coordinately.²* LoveTriangle: Shinji likes Asuka, Asuka likes Kaji, Kaji likes Misato. Gradually Asuka fell for Shinji, and allowed herself open up to him after realizing her crush towards Kaji was hopeless.²* LuminescentBlush: In chapter 4 Shinji blushes profusely after he and Asuka gaze at each other.²* LustObject: As soon as Asuka started going to Shinji’s school, Shinji’s male classmates became obsessed with her.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:M-O]]²²* MakingLoveInAllTheWrongPlaces: Since Shinji [[spoiler:is ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'']] and Asuka [[spoiler:''Franchise/WonderWoman'' (''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}'' in the rewrite)]] it is possible for them having sex in ''anywhere'' in the planet... and outside of it. In the final chapter of the rewrite they make love floating between Earth and the Moon.²* MaleGaze: In chapter 2, Kaji and Shinji walk behind Misato and Asuka. Kaji advises Shinji to let them walk in front in order to enjoy the “sight”.²* TheManBehindTheMan: [[spoiler:Darkseid]] was pulling the SEELE’s strings behind the scenes to [[spoiler:find the Anti-Life Equation.]]²* ManipulativeBastard: Gendo tries to use Shinji’s emotions and morals in order to manipulate him and mould him.²* ManOfSteelWomanOfKleenex: Subverted with Shinji and Asuka. At the beginning, it looks like they're going to have this trouble... until [[spoiler:it's revealed Asuka is an Amazon, and nearly as strong as Shinji.]] In the final story version, she [[spoiler:becomes a Kryptonian via bio-engineering.]]²* MechaShow: The Evangelion characters have HumongousMecha, and the DC characters have all kind of cool sci-fi gadgets.²* MeleeATrois: In this story there’re several sides fighting each other: The Angels; SEELE; NERV; and [[spoiler:the Justice League and their successors: Shinji, Asuka, Touji, Kaji, Misato…]]²* TheMenInBlack: NERV's Section-2 agents wear black suits and sunglasses and are tasked with protecting the pilots. However they often are useless or a nuisance. Kaji and Misato got several disputes with some of them.²* MildlyMilitary: NERV is a quite informal military organization. This irritates Gendo, who wants well-trained puppets.²* MindRape: When [[spoiler:Asuka falls into the Sea of Dirac, Leliel sends all kind of nightmares and illusions into her mind to drive her to kill herself, one of them being a giant, knife-wielding version of the doll her mother called Asuka, and says over and over she is useless and worthless and nobody will ever help her or love her.]] Shinji [[spoiler:dives into the Sea to save her, breaks into the illusion despite of the mental barriers and traps set by Leliel and shields Asuka. When Leliel objects, Shinji simply replies: [[RedEyesTakeWarning "Burn."]].]]²* MissingMom: Shinji and Asuka lost their mothers due to contact experiments with Evangelion Units. Ten years later [[spoiler:Shinji found out his mother was the cause of his Kryptonian DNA,]] and Asuka found out during her stay in [[spoiler:Paradise Island]] that her mother got forced to undergo that experiment.²* MotherlyScientist: Ritsuko becomes this after the battle against Zeruel. When she understood what Gendo was like, she stopped treating Rei like an inhuman thing.²* MuggingTheMonster: When Shinji was younger some bullies harassed him and he ran away. When they chased him, he outran them easily… luckily for them. Otherwise they would have found out that scrawny, shy kid could bend steel with his bare hands.²* MythologyGag: When [[spoiler:Leliel {{Mind Rape}}s Asuka with its illusions,]] Shinji, a. k. a. ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' confronts him ''[[Comicbook/ForTheManWhoHasEverything saying a single word]]'':²-->'''Shinji''':'''"BURN."'''²* TheNeedless: Shinji eats food but he’s never hungry, he sleeps although he doesn’t really need to, and he doesn’t need to breathe. Justified because he is Superman, and his body is a living solar battery.²-->Asuka was already heading out the door when he popped a piece of toast in his mouth (he wasn't hungry, and it fact couldn't remember being hungry, but liked toast)²* NegativeSpaceWedgie: The Dirac Sea, as always, an impossibly thin inky-black shadow in reality is a vast alternate universe. [[spoiler:Asuka falls into it and gets {{Mind Rape}}d by Leliel. Shinji flies into it to save her, and a mysterious trio of aliens takes advantage of it to communicate with Shinji as he is inside.]]²* NiceGuy: Shinji and Kaworu both qualify, although [[spoiler:Kaworu becomes rather... [[AxeCrazy different]] when he transforms into Black Adam, and in the rewrite he is very creepy and not nice at all.]] Regardless, Shinji is the nicest, most compassionate, most considerate and less judgemental person Asuka and Misato have known...²* NighInvulnerability: Shinji Ikari is as invulnerable as any Kryptonian. At one point he gets hit with one dozen of nukes and survives.²* NightmareSequence: In chapter 11, Shinji and Asuka suffered several nightmares as they fought Leliel’s psychic assault. Shinji saw his self choking Asuka on a beach under a red sky, and Asuka saw a version younger of herself turning into a monstrous, blood-stained doll and urging her to die with her before strangling her.²* NoMrBondIExpectYouToDine: Lampshaded by Fuyutsuki when Ra's Al Ghul is explaining his evil scheme:²-->'''Fuyutsuki:''' If you mean to detail your nefarious plan to me, shouldn't we be eating dinner? Or did you plan to aim a laser at my crotch?²* NonActionBigBad: Gendo is a ManipulativeBastard, but when Shinji attacked him, there was nothing he could do to stop his son. If he’d have not got kryptonite, he had been done.²* NoSenseOfDirection: Misato gets lost very easily. In the third episode of the redux, she got lost on the way to her own office.²* NoSocialSkills: Shinji is shy and quiet, but he is somewhat better at socializing than his canon counterpart because his altered backstory. So, when Asuka comes along, and she is as socially inept as her canon self, he is better prepared to deal with her mood shifts and see the real Asuka under the "leave me alone" mask. Even so he completely misses many clues hinting Asuka's feelings.²* ObliviousToHints: Despite having enhanced senses, Shinji is ''horrible'' at noticing hints. In chapter 2 Asuka met him for first time. She stiffened and stared at him for several seconds before quickly looking away lest he noticed she was staring. Shinji, despite of being able to sense the heat rising from her skin, missed this.²-->''The second thing that happened was that Asuka Langley Soryu laid eyes on Shinji Ikari for the first time, and stiffened oh so subtly, her air of casual indifference shifting to one of deliberately indifference, her eyes rapidly snapping off him to look anywhere else before he noticed her looking. Shinji, being Shinji, despite being able to see the heat rising from her skin, hear the quickening of her heartbeat, and practically feel the sounds of the afternoon breeze brushing through her hair, of course noticed none of this.''²* ObliviousToLove: Shinji fell for Asuka as soon as he met her, but did not believe she liked him... until she lunged at him.²* OfficialCouple: Shinji and Asuka.²* OfficialKiss:²** In chapter 12 Asuka and Shinji kissed for first time. Afterwards Shinji revealed Asuka that he was ''Franchise/{{Superman}}''. She got angry with him for risking his life only to save hers, slapped him, tackled him and kissed him again. She were together since that point onward.²** In the rewrite happened in chapter 9 when Asuka went to Shinji's cabin and kissed him.²* OhCrap:²** In chapter 2 a plane is crashing down. Shinji manages to straighten it and stabilize it. Then he notices he missed the airport.²--->'''Shinji''':''“Great.”''²* OldFlame: Misato and Kaji were in a relationship when they were college students, but they broke up (and Misato blames herself for it). As they were fighting Gendo, they got back together.²* OnceGreenMars: [[spoiler: As it turned out, Mars was destroyed by the Angels in this story instead of the White Martians]].²* OneManArmy: Shinji and Asuka, which is easily understandable and explainable, since in this crossover story he is ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' and she is [[spoiler:''Franchise/WonderWoman'' (or ''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}'' in the reboot).]] They do not even need a HumongousMecha to punch out enormous alien monsters.²* OrphansOrdeal:²** After his mother Yui died and his father Gendo left him, Shinji lived virtually alone for one decade. During that time he found [[spoiler:a recording revealed his DNA had been modified with Kryptonian chromosomes. When his DNA donor said]] he hoped his father raised him properly, Shinji snorted.²** Shortly after her mother's suicide, Asuka's father married his mistress and abandoned her daughter. Asuka threw herself into becoming the best HumongousMecha pilot ever to validate her existence. Unfortunately, no one in her organization cared about her, and she was regarded as a tool to use or discard, or lust target to be leered at by perverts.²* OutsideContextProblem:²** Shinji -Superman- is capable lift mountains, faster than a speeding bullet, nearly invulnerable, capable to fly... He can crush an Evangelion or Angel with his bare hands, Gendo and SEELE have no way to counteract their powers and abilities and they have no way to harm him.²** [[spoiler:''[[Comicbook/NewGods Darkseid]]'']] was this to NERV. Giant aliens? Sure, we can deal with it. An ancient, malevolent, overwhelming powerful alien GodOfEvil? Hell, no.²* OutsideGenreFoe: [[spoiler:Darkseid]] was this to NERV. Giant aliens? Sure, we can deal with it. An ancient, malevolent, overwhelming powerful alien GodOfEvil? Hell, no.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:P-R]]²²* ParentalAbandonment: Shinji and Asuka’s fathers abandoned them shortly after their mothers’ deaths when they were four. After ten years Shinji was summoned by his father and he thought Gendo wanted to see him, but when he failed on synching with an Eva Gendo intended to send him back without even saying one direct word to his son. In the rewrite, when [[spoiler:Shinji watched the Krypton's recording, Kal-El]] told he was his genetic donor and hoped his biological father raised him properly. Shinji snorted.²* ParentalObliviousness: Misato had no idea what her young ward and assistant was Superman. She only found out when Kaji told her.²* ParentalSubstitute: When Shinji told Misato he had to go back to his uncle’s house again without ever talking with his father she insisted he could stay with her. Shortly after she also took Asuka in when she arrived. Misato was the first adult wanted to take care of both kids in one decade. A while later, when Shinji decides to fight Gendo head-on, she joins him despite of Kaji's misgivings because she can not abandon her kids.²* PatchworkFic: Although this fanfic uses the original series continuity, it introduces Mari Makinami from the Reduild films and uses Rebuild Zeruel instead of the original version. Likewise, the ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' elements are taken from many different sources (comics, cartoons, films...)²* PersonOfMassDestruction: Shinji [[spoiler:and Asuka]] are capable of picking up Mount Everest with their bare hands and put it in the Gobi Desert.²* PervertRevengeMode: In chapter 3, Touji was drooling over Asuka’s legs. When she noticed and confronted him about it, he put his foot in his mouth, so she half-dragged him out of his seat by his tracksuit’s collar and suggested him keeping his eyes to himself.²* PietaPlagiarism: In chapter 11, Shinji sees a vision of another Shinji holding Asuka in this way. The narration notes that they looked like “some Renaissance statue”.²-->The other had sunk to the ground, holding the broken body of Asuka in her plugsuit, like some renaissance statue.²* PitbullDatesPuppy: Despite of her abrasive, bold nature, Asuka could not help to be drawn to quiet, non-belligerent, unasuming, polite Shinji. And it was Shinji's kind nature that allowed him seeing she was a better, kinder person than she thought she was despite her aggressive, forward behaviour, and falling in love with her. Subverted when she discovered he was ''Franchise/{{Superman}}''.²* PleaseDontLeaveMe: In chapter 11 (original version) Shinji is trying to [[spoiler:burst in Leliel's illusion to save Asuka from being {{Mind Rape}}d]]. When he tries talk Asuka into lowering her mental shields and letting him into she replies that he will just leave her. Shinji assures that he will not do, and she asks him if he promises (what he does).²-->'''Shinji''':''"Asuka, listen to me. I can't get through the doors unless you let me. It's trying to keep me out."''\²'''Asuka'''(sobbing):''"Why should I bother, [...] You'll just leave me. Everyone leaves me."''\²'''Shinji''':''"I won't."''\²'''Asuka''':''"You promise?"''\²'''Shinji''':''"I promise."''²* ThePowerOfTheSun: Shinji gets genetically altered with Kryptonian DNA, and starts developing powers by absorbing sunlight. Asuka does the same thing in the rewrite.²* PowerPerversionPotential: Shinji has –among other powers- XRayVision, telescopic vision, SuperSpeed... however he makes a conscious effort to not use them in improper ways. So, when Asuka is [[ShowerScene taking a shower]] and getting dressed in their apartment he is careful to look anywhere but at the space she would occupy.²* PowersInTheFirstEpisode: In the redux, Shinji's Kryptonian powers start manifesting in the first episode.²* PrimaryColorChampion: Shinji as Superman wears a blue and red outfit.²-->''He opened his eyes, blinked once. The shadow was over them still. A chunk of debris hovered over them in the air. He stared at it, jaw slack, and then followed it down to the ground. He saw the hands, first, young hands like his own, pressed into the gray stone among rebar that hug down like twisted roots in a clump of earth. Those hands belonged to a boy, a boy his own age in red and blue. The sun was behind him so that he shone, and his face was in shadow. On his chest was an emblem, like an English S, angular and stylized in a diamond-shaped red field on the expanse of his blue chest. He held the stone over their heads for just a moment and then tossed it aside, brushed his hands together to clean them of dust, and offered Toji a hand.''²* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: Ra's Al Ghul's real age can't be guessed based on his physique. He vaguely looks like a middle-aged man, but in reality he's lived several centuries.²-->I am nearly seven hundred years old. Give or take. Perhaps it is five hundred. I forget so many things, having lived so long.²* RecruitTeenagersWithAttitude: All pilots are teenagers.²* RedIsHeroic: Shinji wears ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'''s iconic red cape. Asuka wears a red plugsuit when she is piloting her red robot and [[spoiler:a red uniform when she dons her ''Franchise/WonderWoman'' identity.]]²* RedOniBlueOni: Passionate and fiery Asuka is the Red Oni and collected and silent Rei is the Blue Oni. It was specially noticeable in scenes where Asuka reacted and acted while Rei prefered waiting and analyzing the situation.²* RelationshipUpgrade: In the first version, Shinji and Asuka became a couple officially when Shinji [[spoiler:revealed his secret identity to Asuka,]] and in reaction she got angry and kissed him. In the redux they got together when Shinji comforted Asuka after Kaji turned her down.²* TheRevealPromptsRomance: In the original story, when Shinji finally told Asuka he was Superman, her first reaction was getting angry with him for risking his life to save hers. Her next reaction was tackling him and kissing him anxiously.²* ReverseMole: Kaji worked for SEELE and NERV, but he was secretly working for a third party that intended to destroy both organizations.²* {{Rewrite}}: A while after finishing the original fic, the author rewrote the story.²* RightInFrontOfMe: Touji does this in the original story and in the rewrite:²** In chapter 4 Touji and Kensuke talk about ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' in front of Shinji, not knowing that Shinji IS Superman.²** In chapter 6 of the rewrite Shinji catches Touji and Kensuke selling pictures of Asuka that they took without her permission. He asks Touji what he thinks Superman would think if he was there right now and he knew what they did. Touji admits that Superman is a hero so he probably would not be okay with it.²* RoaringRampageOfRescue: When [[spoiler:Asuka was trapped by Leliel inside its one-dimensional body,]] Shinji flew inside the alternate dimension, fought back Leliel's mind-raping nightmares, found Asuka and when he confronted Leliel he simply said: "Burn" before setting the alien monster afire with his heat vision.²* {{Robeast}}: Shinji -as Superman- and his pilot friends -driving giant robots- fight the Angels, alien {{Eldritch Abomination}}s. Before assaulting Earth hey had already ruined other worlds: [[spoiler:they wrecked Mars in the original fic, and Krypton in the second version.]]²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:S-U]]²²* SarcasticConfession: Shinji goes out and gets Asuka some of her favorite chocolates to cheer her up. Misato spots this and asks where he got them.²-->'''Shinji''':''"I am in reality Superman. I flew to Germany, bought Asuka a box of chocolates, and flew back just in time to sneak in here before anyone saw me."''²* SavingTheWorld: In the original story, Kaji recruits Shinji to save the world from a Darkseid cult.²* SecretIdentity: Shinji's is Superman and [[spoiler:Asuka's is Wonder Woman (Supergirl in the redux).]] In the original storyline, several more characters had secret identities: [[spoiler:Touji was a Green Lantern and Kaji Batman.]]²* SecretKeeper: In the original story [[spoiler:Shinji reveals his identity to Asuka.]] In the rewrite [[spoiler:Fuyutsuki knows since the beginning. Asuka, Misato and Ritsuko find out later and keep it a secret.]]²* SecretSecretKeeper: Kaji knew about Shinji's secret before meeting him.²* ShesGotLegs: Shinji meets Asuka in chapter 2. During her first meeting, one of the first things he noticed about her were her very nice legs.²-->''He did his best to keep his eyes off Asuka, and he failed totally. Misato's description of her was a pale reflection, like the light of the moon in the ripples across a pond. She wore a yellow sundress and a ribbon at her pale throat and crossed long, supple legs in front of her.''²* ShipperOnDeck: Misato shipped Shinji and Asuka a while before both teenagers met.²* ShipTease: Shinji and Asuka's first meeting already included teasing between them. As soon as Shinji saw Asuka he got frozen, amazed at how beautiful she was, and wondered what he should say. Later Asuka looked at him and instantly she tried to pretend she was not staring.²* ShootingSuperman: To nobody's surprise, it does nothing.²** In the original fic [[spoiler:Asuka becomes Wonder Woman. Her predecessor warns her that bullets ''can'' harm her.]]²* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan: In chapter 9 of the rewrite Asuka explains why she likes Shinji. Simply put, she likes Shinji because he is strong and kind rather merely handsome in a rugged way:²-->''Holding the skimpy gown, she tried to imagine Kaji opening the door to her cabin and falling silently into bed with her, but every time, she forgot herself, and she discovered someone else in his place, someone shorter and slighter without the shaggy two day growth of beard and sloppy grin, someone quiet and unassuming but strong and kind, and in her mind's eye, she'd reach up and slip his glasses off as she…''²* SinisterGeometry: Ramiel was a floating octahedron. Leliel was a black-and-white sphere.²* SleevesAreForWimps: When Asuka becomes [[spoiler:Wonder Woman]] she rips her costume sleeves off.²* SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism: Shinji believes wholeheartedly that everybody have some good in them, a person can change fate, and courage and hope shall eventually triumph over fear and despair. Since he is [[spoiler:''Franchise/{{Superman}}'', he is proven right.]]²* SoulJar: When she arrives on Tokyo-3 Asuka hears rumors that Unit 01 is “haunted”. Asuka dismisses them as silly superstitions, but later she learns that there’re human souls locked inside the Evas.²* SourOutsideSadInside: When Kaji says he is worried about Asuka Shinji answers she seems pretty hard-headed and capable to hold her own. Kaji warns him that she is not as strong as he thinks and she is in reality very fragile.²-->'''Kaji''':''"How's Asuka doing?"''\²'''Shinji''':''"Fine, I guess. It's only been one day."''\²'''Kaji''':''"I'm a little worried about her. She's not as strong as you think she is."''\²'''Shinji''':''"She seems pretty hardheaded to me, [...] She held her own against some of the guys."''\²'''Kaji''':''"Glass seems hard, [...] until you hit it the wrong way, or drop it, then it shatters."''²* TheStationsOfTheCanon: The timeline of events starts changing at the first chapter: Rei sorties in Unit 01 because Shinji was too late. Sachiel is defeated by an unknown party. Shinji is unable to synch with Unit 01, and NERV brings Asuka in a month before canon and makes her Unit 01's pilot. ²* StealthHiBye: In chapter 1, Shinji saw Rei standing in the street. He turned his head for a second, and when glanced back at her, Rei was gone.²-->''In the distance, shimmering with the heat, there was a girl in a school uniform, her skin as white as alabaster, hair so pale that in the strange afternoon light, it looked blue. She gazed at him with piercing red eyes. Instinctively, he turned his head towards the screech of approaching tires. When he glanced back at the street, the apparition was gone.''²* TheStinger: After the final credits, Pen Pen shows up and reveals that he was behind everything.²* {{Stripperiffic}}: [[spoiler:Asuka's]] outfit after becoming the next ''Franchise/WonderWoman''. It is her old red, skintight Latex Space Suit with its sleeves and leggings ripped.²* SuperFic²* SuperheroesWearCapes: When Shinji makes his Superman costume, he adds a cape to it.²* SuperheroesWearTights: Shinji's Superman costume has tights. So do the costumes of [[spoiler:Kaji (Batman), Misato (Batgirl) and Touji (Green Lantern)]] in the original. In the rewrite, [[spoiler:Asuka's Supergirl]] costume has tights.²* SuperHeroOrigin: Origin story detailing how Shinji Ikari gained Kryptonian powers and became his world's first and greatest hero.²* SuperheroParadox: Superman’s existence and activities became public right when the Angel War started. Shortly after, Gendo had super-villains on his payroll.²* SuperheroPrevalenceStages: At the beginning of the story, there's a single superhuman (Superman) and his existence is unknown to the public. Later on, some more characters become heroes and several supervillains pop up. In the rewrite, though, there are a grand total of two superheroes (Superman and Supergirl) and a single supervillain who is an alien menace.²* SuperheroSpeciation: This story's first version invokes this when the main characters gain powers of heroes of the [=DCU=]. Thus, Shinji becomes a Kryptonian, Asuka an Amazon, Rei a biokinetic, Touji a Green Lantern, Kaworu a magic-empowered warrior...²* SuperpowerfulGenetics: In this crossover [[spoiler:Yui Ikari finds Jor-El's rocket with a sample of his material genetic]]] -in the rewrite it is [[spoiler:a sample of ''[[Franchise/{{Superman}} Kal-El]]'''s DNA]]- and she [[spoiler:modifies her unborn baby with kryptonian DNA.]] When Shinji grows up he develops Superman powers.²* SuperpowerLottery: Shinji has the full Kryptonian package: super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, super-senses, flight... in a world where super-humans are scarce. [[spoiler:Asuka]] has the Franchise/WonderWoman pack or the Kryptonian pack and is a high-powered FlyingBrick.²* SuperStrength: Superman Shinji first demonstrates his superhuman strength when he defeats a massive eldritch monster with his bare hands.²-->She forced her eye open and she saw, through the Eva's eyes, as the impossible happened. The Angel stopped in its tracks, great spindly arms flailing, as if it were confused. For a moment, she wondered how, why the creature would stop in its relentless advance, stop trying to murder her and reach its goal. Then she spotted the tiny blue figure pushing against it, pushing it back. She willed the Eva and Eva answered her, tightening her view. This was not possible.\²There was a person, and he was pushing the Angel back with ''his bare hands''. She gasped, the pain momentarily forgotten, as the tiny figure wound up, drew a fist back, and punched the Angel full on in the face. To her shock, it moved, it actually moved, he was pushing it back.²* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: In chapter 6 of the Redux Asuka runs into Shinji at the arcade and he leaves shortly after. Later he is not in home and she goes back to the arcade and starts looking everywhere. Pointedly and out of nowhere she thinks: "There was one thing she wasn't doing at all, which was looking for Shinji."²* TakeUpMySword: A retired Wonder Woman shows Asuka her tiara, her bracelets and her Lasso and asks her to pick them and carry in her stead. Asuka accepts.²* TakingYouWithMe: Sachiel blew itself up to try to destroy Shinji and Unit 01. [[spoiler:It did not work. Shinji lifted it off the ground and it detonated high above the city, harming nobody, not even Shinji, since he endured the explosion.]]²* TalkingInBed: In chapter nine of the redux, Shinji and Asuka open up to each other and Shinji tells Asuka she is better than she thinks she is while lying together on a bunk.²* TechnoBabble: Among the giant robot show elements and the sci-fi-oriented super-hero comic-book elements there is plenty of jargon around.²** In the first chapter Rei very nearly calls the trope by name:²--->''She held her breath to dull the pain, and for the second day there was light, oh so much light, and she heard the technicians babbling their coded language of feedback loops and neural connections and the Eva went dark, overwhelmed.''²* TeenPregnancy: In the last chapter of Redux [[spoiler:Asuka gets pregnant with Shinji’s baby.]] She was thirteen when she got knocked up, but since she had been genetically modified with Kryptonian DNA, pregnancy complications are unlikely to happen.²* ThatWasNotADream: In chapter 2 Asuka’s plane is crashing down and she believes she is going to die. Then she sees a blue-and-red-costumed person landing on the back of the plane, and pulling it upright. For a second she thinks she is having a nightmare right before the plane lurches again, confirming it is real.²* TheyDo:²** After several weeks of doubts, fears and self-denial (on Asuka's part), Shinji and Asuka kiss. Then Shinji reveals that [[spoiler:he is Franchise/{{Superman}}]] and he likes her. They got together right afterwards.²** In the rewrite they got together after Asuka got over Kaji and acknowledged she liked Shinji. Feeling lonely, she tried to seduce him. Shinji stopped her, arguing that he did not want to take advantage of her when she was feeling vulnerable... but he liked her back. They became a couple from that time on.²* TheyWouldCutYouUp: In the second version’s first episode, Kal-El warned Shinji about this.²* ThouShaltNotKill: Averted. Shinji holds back when fighting humans, but when he fights Angels he has no compuctions about killing.²* TitleDrop: In the last scene of the rewrite Asuka informs Shinji that “[You] will not be the Last Child of Krypton for much longer”.²* TooDumbToLive: Touji’s sister was obsessed with seeing closely a battle between a giant robot and an alien monster. She left the shelter, her brother ran after her, and they almost got killed during the battle.²* TripleShifter: Shinji goes to school, works for Misato and is a super-hero.²* {{Tsundere}}: Asuka hides her vulnerable side underneath a harsh outward shell because she does not want to be hurt again. Shinji realizes she is a better person than everyone -including her- credits her for, and after getting together she dares to show her softer side more openly.²* TookALevelInBadass:²** At the beginning Shinji is his shy, wimpy canon self. Then he discovers that his body got modified with Kryptonian DNA and becomes Superman.²** Asuka also took several levels when she [[spoiler:claimed her Amazonian heritage or -depending on the version- her body got modified with Kryptonian DNA]]. Suffice it say, she did not got upset when she was unable to synch with her giant robot because she "can fly and bench press a cement mixer".²** In the original version several more characters became versions of several superheroes of Franchise/TheDCU, ergo, more badass (for example, [[spoiler:Touji became a Green Lantern]]).²* TookALevelInCheerfulness: Asuka became happier and livelier when Shinji showed he cared about her, and later when he confessed.²* TookALevelInIdealism: After discovering his powers, Shinji becomes unapologetically idealistic. He believes everyone has some good inside them, fate can be changed and hope and courage will triumph over despair and fear. And he then ''proves'' it.²* TookALevelInKindness: At the beginning Asuka was very angry and confrontational. However, exposure to Shinji -the nicest, kindest, less judgemental person that you will meet- helps her to improve her temper and let her nicer side out.²* TroubledFetalPosition: Subverted in chapter 2. Shinji cowers in the car seat and covers his head so that Misato thinks he is shocked, frightened and distraught because the plane they were going to meet is crashing [[spoiler:and she does not suspect he has just rescued it.]] It works.²* {{Tykebomb}}: Asuka and Rei were indoctrinated by NERV into being ChildSoldiers. Rei had become a creepy, emotionless, obedient puppet, and Asuka lived for piloting an Evangelion after training rigorously for ten years.²* UncannyValleyGirl: People find Rei’s unemotional behavior and impassive gaze disturbing and scary (right as it was intended to be in canon). When she was younger other children called her a freak. In reaction Rei started to feel less interested in other people.²* UndyingLoyalty: In chapter 9 of the rewrite when Shinji confesses his feelings Asuka demands this from him. He answers she already has it.²* UnresolvedSexualTension: Shinji and Asuka had this since they met for first time and he could not believe how beautiful she was. Of course, Shinji being Shinji, he did not realize she was trying hard to not stare at him during their first meeting, and he spent several chapters saddened because he did not think she would like him back.²* UnwittingPawn: Shinji was going to be Gendo’s unsuspecting puppet, but his inability to synch with an Evangelion prevented this. The remaining characters were the paws of Gendo and SEELE until Kaji blew the lid off their little conspiracy.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:V-Z]]²* VillainousCrush: Kaworu -who is a full-fledged villain in the rewrite- is infatuated with Asuka (who hates his guts).²* ViolentlyProtectiveGirlfriend:²** Shinji is very protective of Asuka. And since he is Superman getting him angry is not a good idea AT ALL. When he thought [[spoiler:Kaji had hurt her he throw the metallic door off its hinges to have a serious conversation with him.]]²** After getting together Asuka reciprocates Shinji's protectiveness and will beat whoever hurts him. And since she [[spoiler:gains powers and becomes the next Wonder Woman /Supergirl]], she CAN beat whoever is powerful enough to hurt him.²* WakeUpGoToSchoolSaveTheWorld: Shinji is capable of tossing armed thugs around and crushing gigantic monsters easily. Figuring out his feelings for Asuka and spitting them out is hard.²* WhamEpisode:²** In chapter 13 [[spoiler:Shinji fails on saving Touji from Bardiel, his SecretIdentity is revealed, Hikari hates him for not saving her boyfriend, and when Shinji confronts Gendo, his father reveals he has a piece of kryptonite.]]²** And in the next chapter [[spoiler:Shinji fights Zeruel. Kaji extracts Misato and Asuka from Nerv and takes them to his own batcave. Shinji realized twelve nukes were coming his and the Angel's way so he grabbed Zeruel's and rocketed upwards. The nukes struck them and everyone believed he died.]]²* WhamLine:²** In episode 2:²--->'''Kaji:''' Neat trick with the plane. We need to talk. Now stay calm. I'll keep them distracted.²* WhatDoesSheSeeInHim: In chapter 4 Touji has realized Shinji likes Asuka and he says: "I don't know what you see in her,"²* WhatIf: What if Shinji Ikari was Superman?²* WhenSheSmiles:²** Shinji finds [[BrokenBird Asuka]] beautiful when she smiles.²--->Asuka rolled over beside him, her red-gold hair shining in the newborn light. She smiled beatifically, the neural connection clips she wore in her hair blinking faintly. She reached out and stroked his arm gently.²** Kaworu thinks the same thing of [[EmotionlessGirl Rei]]:²--->He said something softly to her, and she jerked back in surprise, and then smiled warmly as he approached.²* WillfullyWeak: Shinji pretends he is way, way weaker than he is in order to hide his secret identity and lead a normal life.²** In the rewrite he –someone capable to lift ''mountains''- pretended he was struggling under the weight of Asuka’s luggage.²* WillTheyOrWontThey: Shinji and Asuka spend several chapters dancing around each other until they opened up to each other and kissed.²* WithDueRespect: When Gendo blamed Asuka for underperforming against Shamshel, Misato tried to reason with him, but Gendo didn’t want to hear it.²* WhipItGood: Shamshel has two cutting light whips. During their battle its whips [[spoiler:rammed through Asuka’s robot and coiled around its head and squeezed, and Asuka felt them both crushing her throat and burning her face.]]²* WorldsStrongestMan: In this crossover, Shinji is Superman and [[spoiler:Asuka is Wonder Woman (Supergirl in the story's second version)]]. They're the two strongest humans in the planet. In his first public appearance, Shinji beat a giant monster up with his bare hands.²* XRayVision: Shinji has X-ray vision thanks to his Kryptonian DNA. He has to remind himself to NOT look at Asuka's room when she's changing clothes lest he sees through the walls accidentally.²* YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre: Shinji gives the speech twice:²** To Ritsuko in chapter 8 of the rewrite:²--->'''Ritsuko''':''"If you knew the things I mean… I'm a horrible, horrible person."''\²'''Shinji''':''"You may have done something wrong, but you're still a human being, and there is good in you. I can see it, even if you can't."''\²'''Ritsuko''':''"Bullshit, [...] Get out, I don't want to hear this. I told you, if you knew half of what I've done, you'd want to kill me yourself."''\²'''Shinji''':''"That's not true."''\²'''Ritsuko''':''"I'm scum. I deserve everything Gendo does to me and more."''\²'''Shinji''':''"You're better than you think you are."''²** And to Asuka in chapter 9:²--->'''Asuka''':''"D-don't, [...] D-d-don't you like me?"''\²'''Shinji''':''"I do, [...] You're the bravest person I know. You're smart and talented and kinder than you think you are."''²* ZeroGSpot: In the redux's epilogue [[spoiler:Shinji and Asuka -a. k. a., Superman and Supergirl-]] make love floating between Earth and the Moon. Given their bodies were modified with Kryptonian DNA with all it entails (flight, invulnerability, capability to hold your breath virtually indefinitely...) they had no trouble pulling it off.²²[[/folder]]²²----²->'''Shinji''':''"You asked me once if I could change fate [...] What do you think?"''²----


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