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1[[ How to become a male Batgirl]] by [[ Blackjay27]] is a AlternateUniverse fanfic in a version of the DCU's Pre-New 52 continuity where [[ComicBook/RobinSeries Tim Drake]] becomes the next Batgirl. ²²Increasinly concerned with the deteriorating relationship between Jason Todd and Batman, Tim realizes that Batgirl is the key holding the Dinamic Duo together and decides to talk to Oracle to convince her to take a new apprentice.²²----²!!This Work Has Examples Of The Following Tropes:²* AlternateUniverse: Obviously. The biggest divergence is that Jason doesn't die in Ethiopia, although the events of ''A Death in the Family'' still occurred.²* NoodleIncident: At some point there's an incident involving Dick Grayson, Roy Harper, a metric ton of bananas and three koalas.


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