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1[[ Horrid Horrificator]] is an AlternateUniverseFic made by [[ RockSunner]], for ''WesternAnimation/MiraculousLadybug''. Part of the [[ Smart Adversaries AU]] for Miraculous Ladybug on [[Website/ArchiveOfOurOwn AO3]], in which Ladybug villains make smarter decisions. The series has a [[Fanfic/SmartAdversariesAU tropes page here]].²²This is a three-chapter work and it is now complete.²----²!!This fanfiction series contains examples of:²* AlternateUniverseFic: A WhatIf with the change that [[spoiler:Hawk Moth encourages Horrificator to start her attacks while Marinette and Alya are still in the bathroom, with the result that both are glued into a stall by the monster.]]²* BiTheWay: Alya [[spoiler:admits to liking both guys and girls]]. Marinette [[spoiler:ends up with her after being heartbroken by the kissing scene between Adrien and Chloe.]]²* BoundAndGagged: In order to protect her secret identity, [[spoiler:Marinette leaves Alya not only still stuck in the goo but also blindfolded and with her ears plugged by extra goo transferred by Tikki.]]²* BruceWayneHeldHostage: Marinette [[spoiler:is stuck in the monster's goo trap in the same stall as Alya, and may have to expose her secret identity to Alya to come to the rescue of the others.]]²* {{Claustrophobia}}: Alya's weakness, which is why [[spoiler:being trapped in Horrificator's goo has a much greater effect on her than other dangers, like getting pushed into a portal in the sky by Pharaoh.]]²* EntertaininglyWrong: Alya thinks the goo on the mirror is due to vandalism, rather than seeing it as an indication that an akuma victim is near.²* FixFic: It is absurd in the original episode that Marinette says she didn't find Mylène in the bathroom when she never checked the stalls.²* LogicalWeakness: Since the goo [[spoiler:hardens when it dries, it is logical for it to soften when it is made wet.]]²* OnTheRebound: Alya [[spoiler:becomes a rebound relationship for Marinette.]]


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