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1''[[ Grimm Tidings]]'' is an AU fanfic of the anime-styled cartoon series ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'', created by [=Shadenight123=]. The differences from canon begin when Jaune tricks his way into Beacon with some faked identification papers, taking the Entrance Exam and almost dying in the process. He ends up going into a different team than the one canon takes, partnering with Yang, Pyrrha and Blake to create team BAYN ('Bane').----!!''Grimm Tidings'' contains examples of:* BeneathTheMask: We get to see Jaune's inner thoughts, and not just the persona he (attempts to) presents to others.* ChronicHeroSyndrome: Jaune has the belief he has to be one of these, as a side effect of his upbringing. The nature of Hunters in the RWBY universe may also be related.* HeroicResolve: Jaune desires to be a Hunter with little to no training, even without the protective Aura all Hunter possess as protection from attacks.* SwissArmyGun: Most weapons in the RWBY universe tend to have multiple modes, from scythes which are also sniper rifles to handbags which double as mini-machine guns.----


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