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1->''"Notorious super-criminal Shego and hero-turned-criminal mastermind Kim Possible are still at large."''''[[ Don't Haze Me]]'' by [=PsychSpark=] is a ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'' oneshot exploring Kim's descent into {{anti hero}}ism.21-year-old Kim has noticed that her missions have been getting tougher lately. To protect her on her increasingly dangerous missions, Wade gives her a gun. A real gun, not one of his gadgets. Kim reluctantly takes the weapon and this one decision changes her life, and everyone elses, forever. Kim Possible with a gun is not an adversary to be messed with.----!!This fanfic provides examples of:* {{Continuation}}: ''Don't Haze Me'' is set a few years post-series and explores how Kim could turn out if she JumpedOffTheSlipperySlope with Shego.* DarkFic: ''Don't Haze Me'' is a story where Kim turns evil and partners with Shego.* FlashForwardFic: Former teen hero Kim is now a 21-year-old, and her missions get more violent as an adult.* HeelFaceTurn: Downplayed with Shego. She switches sides to be Kim's ally, but she's not exactly "good". She's just gone from a villainous criminal to an antihero criminal.* NotSoHarmlessVillain: Falcon Sentinel is predominantly an annoying new villain who won't stop following Kim. But, when angered, he's dangerous. Shego learns this when he beats her up. Falcon Sentinel's increasing violence leads to Kim shooting him in self-defense when he tries to kill her.* OutlawCouple: Shego and Kim become one when they team up. * ShoutOut: The title comes from Music/TheReignOfKindo's song "Don't Haze Me".* SlashFic: The main ship is Kim/Shego, but it's not the focus of the narrative. Kim and Shego end up becoming a BattleCouple.* SongFic: The story features lyrics from "Don't Haze Me" by Music/TheReignOfKindo, though it's not a full-on song fic.* TitledAfterTheSong: The story's title comes from Music/TheReignOfKindo's song "Don't Haze Me".* WellIntentionedExtremist: Kim takes her heroism into criminal territory when she sides with Shego. She still wants to better the world, but at the cost of becoming a vigilante murderer. Kim and Shego takes down anything and anyone they deem immoral and dangerous to society. This includes killing anything from drug cartels to predatory businessmen.----


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