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1[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:The cover art]]²''FanFic/WelcomeRealityPlusEquestria'' is a WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic FanFic which follows the [[OriginalCharacter OC]] Beta Wires as she deals with [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt The end of the world as she knows it]].²²On Website/ArchiveOfOurOwn [[ here.]]²²----²!!Tropes in this work include:²* AlternateUniverse: Hard to tell, (see: ElsewhereFic) but Discord's apparent vanishing act hints at this.²* AlternativeCalendar: Uses [=PB=] (standing for Post Banishment). JustifiedTrope, because the events that set up the AD calendar never happened in Equestria²* AmbiguousDisorder: Beta is a surefire case, having [[FoodPills LMs]] (Liquid Meals) instead of food because she hates chewing, has reprogrammed the house computer to state the date in a Retraux way, made her own robot legs and a strange fixation on a long-dead historical figure.²* AppliedPhlebotinum: Layers, a major case of CallASmeerpARabbit, given that they amount to existing in several pocket dimensions at once.²* ArtificialLimbs: Beta has four. [[ChildProdigy Which she made herself.]]²* BrainComputerInterface: Whatever those wires coming out of Beta's head are.²* ChildProdigy: Beta Wires, given that she made the legs she wears herself, recoded the house maintenance system, and coded [=ALBI=].²* {{Cyborg}}: Beta Wires... [[TroublingUnchildlikeBehavior at five years old]]²* FoodPills: [=LMs=], which Beta prefers to normal food as she doesn't have to bite it.²* FunWithAcronyms: [=ALBI=] sounds like a butler's name, and stands for Artificial Leg Based Intellect.²* TheFuture: Takes place in 2808 [[AlternativeCalendar PB]], which is 1808 years after season 1.²* TheFutureWillBeBetter: Let's see, dimension switching, house keeping robots, replacement limbs, floating mattresses ... Everything seems pretty good until [[WhamLine the explosions are heard in the distance...]]²* IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming: Each chapter is named after a track from the Music/Nero album Welcome Reality +²* KidHero: Beta Wires is only 5 years old.²* ParentalAbandonment: Beta Wires is explicitly stated to be an orphan, and she only mentioned having a long-dead ancestor for a relative.²* ParentalSubstitute: The House maintenance system and [=ALBI=], her custom AI.²* ProjectedMan: [[FunWithAcronyms ALBI]], the AI in Beta's Robotic limbs.²* SwissArmyAppendage: JustifiedTrope, because what little filly wouldn't stick as much cool stuff in their custom limbs as possible? [[CreepyChild ... A normal one?]]


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