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1[[ This Means War!]] by [[ Brahian]] is a MegaCrossover between ''Franchise/HarryPotter'', ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'', ''Literature/MaximumRide'', and all of Creator/RickRiordan's works. Basically, all the characters who didn't know they had books in the Muggle/human/mortal world find out, and then they basically get jealous of each other's books because of popularity issues. So, they decide to challenge each other, assuming they'll become more popular because, quote Annabeth: "Somone will write about it, or something." After a series of events, they finnally contact each other through a medium called [[Series/WizardsOfWaverlyPlace [=WhizFace=]]] . All of them, along with an [[OriginalCharacter OC]] named Ryan, arrange to meet at a certain place. Then they proceed to undergo a series of [[Franchise/HarryPotter Tasks]] and [[Literature/TheHeroesOfOlympus war games]] , gaining popularity because of, ironically, the fanfiction itself. Somewhere along the way, they find out all the major villains are coming back (even those from ''Twilight'', which one at first thinks are there for comic relief). Now, strange things are happening, major changes are occuring, and our heroes must team up to once again save the world from the forces of evil.²²Not to be mixed up with [[ This Means War]] by Jeconais - a somewhat Marysueish Harry/Ginny fic where EverybodyLives. Still worth reading.²----²!!Other than those in the original works, this fic contains examples of:²* AuthorAvatar: According to WordOfGod, (me!) Ryan started out as one but then evolved into something else...²* BigNO: [[spoiler:Angel after having her mind-control fail on Harry due to Bella's mental shield.]]²* BreakingTheFourthWall: It's kind of a RunningGag with this guy.²* CallForward:²** [[-'''Percy:''' "There's no way they could fit all that in there, unless they make the whole thing, like, a huge control panel with buttons all over the place."-]]²* DepartmentofRedundancyDepartment: A LOT.²* EverythingMakesAMushroom: [[spoiler:When Carter and Sadie's chariot explodes, Percy can see the mushroom cloud all the way from the finish line.]]²* GameBreaker: Jason has control over the wind, making Quidditch pretty much unlosable for him. [[spoiler:However, Angel averts this by making Travis turn around just as he's about to catch the Snitch.]]²* HeinzHybrid:²** Ryan is a mutant demigod wizard who was bitten by a vampire and a werewolf at the same time. (Fortunately, vampire and werewolf venoms are polar opposites, so they canceled each other out, saving him many a hideous transformation.) Oh, and his great-great-great-great-whatever-grampa was a pharaoh.²** Princess Buttrflykiss, as well, is a hyrid between a unicorn, pegasus, hippocampus, and [[Franchise/HarryPotter thestral]] , all of which are hybrids themselves.²* JokeCharacter: The Twilight cast is chalk-full of them, [[spoiler:although, they do win one competition, so they're not competely useless...]]²* IHaveManyNames: [[spoiler: The Voice to Travis.]]²* KatanasAreJustBetter: Esa sure seems to think so.²* LastOfHerKind: Princess Butterflykiss, the [[Franchise/HarryPotter Crumple-Horned Snorkack]] .²* ManchurianAgent: [[spoiler: Ryan]] .²* TheNondescript: During his first introduction, Ryan is frequently described as looking like an average teenager.²* OriginalCharacter: Ryan, as well as Princess Butterflykiss, Esa, Jasmine, and Ash.²* OutOfCharacter: Piper and the Twilight characters, due to the RuleOfFunny.²* OverlyLongName: Princess Butterflykiss.²* OnlyOneName:²** [[-'''Ryan:''' "I am Ryan. Just Ryan."-]]²* PlotHole: Bella shouldn't have been able to see the unicorns, considering the fact that she's not a virgin.²** Incorrect assumption, unicorns are perfectly visible. Virginity affects whether they allow you to interact with them. ²* RunningGag:²** BreakingTheFourthWall.²** Characters from different books reading each others' books.²* RuleOfFunny: Pretty much the only reason the Twilight characters are so [[OutOfCharacter OOC]] .²* ShoutOut: Let's see, there's...²** The song in Chapter 13 goes to the tune of "Run, Candace, Run," from the ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'' episode of the same name.²** Carter and Sadie's chariot is ''VideoGame/MarioKart'' themed.²** [=WhizFace=] is obviously a shout-out to Series/WizardsOfWaverlyPlace.²** Princess Butterflykiss ''might'' be a shout-out to WebVideo/TheAnnoyingOrange.²* SongFic: about 1/3 of Chapter 13 is one.²* WingedUnicorn: Ginny rides one in Chapter 13.²----


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