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1A Manga/DetectiveConan FanFic by Tropers/MagicConan14 that can be read [[ here]]. It's of the fantasy/humour genre and was first published in 2013. It came to its end the following year having a short but complete run of 3 chapters.²²Akako casts a spell on Kaito which causes him to turn into a dove. However, Kaito somehow manages to change back. By utilising his new skill of VoluntaryShapeshifting, he pulls off a heist with a difference.²²[[ Once a Dove]] is the one-shot pilot of the idea - ''The Dove Thief'' is actually a WhatIf for the spell at the beginning of ''Once a Dove''.²²Note: This article is for both ''Once a Dove'' and ''The Dove Thief'', since the first chapter of the latter is very similar to the former.²----²!! ''The Dove Thief'' and ''Once a Dove'' contain examples of:²* OneHundredAndEight: Ambush position 108.²* AttackPatternAlpha: See 108 above.²* CivilisedAnimal: See TalkingAnimal below.²* FingerlessGloves: In ''The Dove Thief'', Kaito sports a pair as part of a disguise.²* IfICantHaveYou: Akako says this word for word.²* MeaningfulName: ''The Dove Thief'' has Shiro and Kuro. Shiro is white in Japanese, and Kuro is black in Japanese. However, Kuro is grey, not black.²* PhantomThief: the Kaito Kid, of course.²* ShoutOut: ''Once a Dove'' has Chris, Jonny, Will and Guy. The names may seem unrelated at first, but when you realise that the four names are the names of Music/{{Coldplay}}, it all makes sense.²** In ''The Dove Thief'', Kaito wears fingerless gloves from a thrift shop - the author was trying to allude to ''Thrift Shop'' by Macklemore And Ryan Lewis.²* TalkingAnimal: Kaito in dove/pigeon form. It's lampshaded by people's jaws dropping at him talking. The gang of pigeons or the duo of doves, depending on which version you read, are also {{Talking Animal}}s.²* VoluntaryShapeshifting²* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Kaito's fear of fish pops up in both. After all, ''Once a Dove'' is one of 50 one-shots starring Kaito and his reaction to fish.²** In ''The Dove Thief'', Shiro even lampshades it by stating that he and Kuro already know about Kaito's ichthyophobia.


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