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1-->''We are...'''Franchise/SuperSentai!!'''''께Super Sentai Vs Super Sentai is a massive fic project based on the Franchise/SuperSentai series made by Tropers/ChrisX (other pen names include Bloody Tears or Neo Juste Belmont). Or specifically, the (insert Sentai series here) vs Super Sentai. It's separated between two fics: One is the original, and one is the 'Another' story, each containing different teams of Super Sentai.께Note: As this was created during the run of ''Series/TensouSentaiGoseiger'', you should not expect the Goseigers or any team after them to appear.께While the backstory is pretty convoluted, it revolves about how [[color:red:[=AkaRed=]]] actually having his own Super Sentai team where he fought against [[SignificantAnagram Rufecil]]. He drew energies from the Super Sentai teams (who are usually victorious), while Rufecil drew energies from the Super Sentai villains. Eventually, Rufecil is sealed for the umpteenth time and this time, [=AkaRed=] and friends decided to separate the keys to Rufecil's seal into two sets of timelines between the Sentai series, one ranging from [[Series/HimitsuSentaiGoranger Goranger]] to [[Series/ChoujinSentaiJetman Jetman]], the rest from [[Series/KyoryuSentaiZyuranger Zyuranger]] and forward (reasoning speculated that the barrier was made between which Sentai has had a Franchise/PowerRangers counterpart), and the residents of both worlds cannot see the key pieces, just so the seal can never be opened. Travel between both timelines were also disabled thanks to a time and space barrier set up. [[spoiler:The key pieces can be seen by someone from the opposite timeline. EG: The Zyurangers may be able to see and use the piece from the Goranger-Jetman worlds. Problem is, even they can't get into those worlds.]] 께However, when ''Series/KamenRiderDecade'' entered the [[Series/SamuraiSentaiShinkenger Shinkenger]] world, the time and space barrier began to crack. Enough for Rufecil to re-insert bits of his influence into the world ([[AC:[[MemeticMutation ONORE, DICKEIDO]]]])...께When [[Series/SamuraiSentaiShinkenger Takeru Shiba]] AKA '''Shinken Red''' was taking care of a Gedoushuu remnant, the world suddenly turned bizarre and he had to uncover the mystery behind it, alone, without his fellow vassals, but he is helped with several old school Sentai warriors, who are surprisingly also missing their friends. Initially, it consists of [[Series/KousokuSentaiTurboranger Youhei Hama]]/'''Blue Turbo''', [[Series/DaiSentaiGoggleFive Miki Momozono]]/'''Goggle Pink''', [[Series/ChoujinSentaiJetman Gai Yuuki]]/'''Black Condor''' and [[Series/DengekiSentaiChangeman Sayaka Nagisa]]/'''Change Mermaid'''. However, this is later expanded with the addition of [[Series/ChikyuuSentaiFiveman Remi Hoshikawa]]/'''Five Yellow''' and [[Series/ChoushinseiFlashman Dai]]/'''Green Flash'''. However, he also received opposition of a team of villains consisting [[Series/ChoujinSentaiJetman Count Radiguet]], [[Series/DengekiSentaiChangeman Queen Ahames]], [[Series/SamuraiSentaiShinkenger Fuwa Juzou]], [[Series/DaiSentaiGoggleFive Mazurka]] and [[Series/KousokuSentaiTurboranger Bouma Princess Jarmin]], and it later expands with the addition of [[Series/ChikyuuSentaiFiveman Doldora]] and [[Series/ChoushinseiFlashman Great Doctor Lee Keflen]]. However, further to the battle, Takeru's vassal [[Series/SamuraiSentaiShinkenger Mako Shiraishi]]/'''Shinken Pink''' became entangled to the battle and joined him.께However, the incident does not affect only one world. A year after the defeat of the [[Series/HikariSentaiMaskman Emperor Zeba of the Tube Empire]], an uprising led by a Doggler monster unsatisfied with Princess Iyal's peaceful rule. The remaining Maskman who were still side by side with [[DaChief Commander Sugata]], [[Series/HikariSentaiMaskman Takeru]]/'''Red Mask''' and [[Series/HikariSentaiMaskman Momoko]]/'''Pink Mask''', investigated about the Doggler Monster and stopped him before he could do anything else. But, at that time, the same incident happened, throwing Takeru alone to the bizarre world, whereas he'd meet Sentai warriors ahead of his time and had to work together, uncovering the mysteries behind it on his own. The allies of Takeru currently consists [[Series/TokusouSentaiDekaranger Hoji Tomasu]]/'''Deka Blue''', [[Series/KyoryuSentaiZyuranger Mei]]/'''Ptera Ranger''', [[Series/NinjaSentaiKakuranger Jiraiya]]/'''Ninja Black''' and [[Series/DenjiSentaiMegaranger Chisato Jougasaki]]/'''Mega Yellow''', and recently the team seemed to increase with the addition of [[Series/JukenSentaiGekiranger Rin Jyuu Chameleon Ken Mistress]] '''Mele''' and [[Series/BakuryuuSentaiAbaranger Mikoto Nakadai]]/Abare Killer'''. They're also opposed by a team of villains consisting at first [[Series/TokusouSentaiDekaranger Agent Abrellar]], [[Series/HikariSentaiMaskman Thief Knight Kiros]], [[Series/KyoryuSentaiZyuranger Lamie]], [[Series/NinjaSentaiKakuranger Gasha Dokuro]] and [[Series/DenjiSentaiMegaranger Shibolena]]... until eventually, [[Series/JukenSentaiGekiranger Long]] arrived and usurped leadership from the villains, and even was joined by a BrainwashedAndCrazy [[Series/BakuryuuSentaiAbaranger Lijewel]]. Like the first team, Momoko was eventually thrown into the world and after a little misunderstanding, she also joined Takeru's entourage.께This series was ongoing for quite some time, but at the year 2012, the author suddenly went on a MASSIVE hiatus. When suddenly, in 2015, [[HesBack a new chapter is finally uploaded.]]께The first team's story can be read [[ here]]. Chapters uploaded: 30께The second team's story can be read [[ here]]. Chapters uploaded: 27께This page is under HEAVY construction and will be updated in time. As does [[Characters/SuperSentaiVsSuperSentai the character sheets.]]께Compare ''FanFic/SuperSentaiVsPowerRangers'' which is also a similar 'DreamTeam' fic, but in a larger scale and [[LighterAndSofter not as serious]].께-----!!Recurring Tropes of Super Sentai found in these fics:* AllYourPowersCombined: Most finishers, thus far includes [[CombinationAttack unleashing their special moves together]]. Until the Super Sentai Ball is introduced.* ByThePowerOfGreyskull: See entries of their respective series.* CallingYourAttacks* FiveManBand** First Team:*** TheLeader: Takeru*** TheBigGuy: Youhei, Remi (SixthRanger), Dai ([[SixthRanger Seventh Ranger]])*** TheChick: Miki*** TheLancer: Gai*** TheSmartGuy: Sayaka*** TheHeart: Mako ([[SixthRanger Eighth Ranger]])** Second Team:*** TheLeader: Takeru*** TheLancer: Hoji (sometimes shared with Jiraiya)*** TheChick: Mei, Momoko ([[SixthRanger Eighth Ranger]])*** TheSmartGuy: Jiraiya, Mikoto ([[SixthRanger Seventh Ranger]])*** TheHeart: Chisato (also occasionally shared TheSmartGuy position as she's from a [[Series/DenjiSentaiMegaranger tech-based Sentai]])*** TheBigGuy: Mele (SixthRanger)** First Evil Team:*** BigBad: Radiguet*** TheDragon: Ahames*** TheBrute: Juzou*** EvilGenius: Mazurka, Doldora (SixthRanger), Lee Keflen ([[SixthRanger Seventh Ranger]])*** DarkChick: Jarmin** Second Evil Team:*** BigBad: Abrellar (until he was usurped by...), Long (SixthRanger)*** TheDragon: Kiros*** TheBrute: Gasha Dokuro*** EvilGenius: Shibolena. (Abrellar more likely fell here after demotion)*** DarkChick: Lamie, Lijewel ([[SixthRanger Seventh Ranger]])* HomeBase: Kizuna, an airship for the first team. [[GratuitousEnglish Bonds]], an underground base for the second team.* InTheNameOfTheMoon: After using their respective roll calls, they'd end with "We are...Super Sentai!"* LawOfChromaticSuperiority: The Red warriors (both Takerus) are the only one with exclusive purpose in their respective worlds, while the other warriors share.* MakeMyMonsterGrow:** Averted. The universe worked as if such abilities for the enemies are muted. On the other hand, the heroes have no access to their respective HumongousMecha either. Radiguet did attempt on bringing back [[Series/ChoujuuSentaiLiveman Guardnoid Gash's Giga Phantom]] to tilt the chance for the villains, but failed.** The second team's Chapter 14 inverts this, as rather than having a monster grow large, the monster instead shrunk everyone it came across.* MonsterOfTheWeek: A grand usage/combination of [[Series/SamuraiSentaiShinkenger Ayakashi]], [[Series/KousokuSentaiTurboranger Bouma]], [[Series/DaiSentaiGoggleFive Mozoo]], [[Series/ChoujinSentaiJetman (Bio) Dimensional Beasts]], [[Series/DengekiSentaiChangeman Space Beasts]], [[Series/ChikyuuSentaiFiveman Galactic Warriors]] and [[Series/ChoushinseiFlashman Beast Warriors]] (and let's not even get to the combinations possible thanks to Doldora) for the first team. And also a combo of [[Series/HikariSentaiMaskman Underground/Doggler Beasts]], [[Series/TokusouSentaiDekaranger Alienizers]], [[Series/KyoryuSentaiZyuranger Dora Monsters]], [[Series/NinjaSentaiKakuranger Youkai]], [[Series/DenjiSentaiMegaranger Nejire Beasts]], [[Series/JukenSentaiGekiranger Rinrinshi]] and [[Series/BakuryuuSentaiAbaranger Trinoid]] for the second team* SupervillainLair: A dimensional base, based on the Vyram's dimension for the first team; and for the second team, a tech-rennovated Bandora's Castle.* WeaponOfChoice: Just...look at the pages of the respective series. The characters came back with them.께!Tropes associated with Super Sentai Vs Super Sentai (Both teams, but not recurring ones):* AlternateUniverse: The stories takes place in an alternate universe that takes several Sentai warriors from various timelines and mash them in one place.* BackFromTheDead: The villains came back from being beaten, mostly. Also, Gai. [[CameBackWrong Wrong at first]], but he gets better. [[spoiler:In a subversion, it turns out he's DeadAllAlong.]] Also Mele and Mikoto.* BadBoss: Radiguet is really dismissive and not really appreciating to his allies. Long, on the other hand, frequently ''abuses'' his teammates.* BeautyBrainsAndBrawn: For the core team girls, the Beauty is the one who usually uses her MasterOfDisguise asset well (and usually is TheChick), the Brains is the one who uses her brain well, and the Brawns is the Tomboys. For the 1st and 2nd teams respectively...*** Beauty: Miki, Mei*** Brains: Sayaka, Chisato (she's a little more tech-savvy and helps Hoji in technological things)*** Brawn: Remi, Mele* TheCameo: [[Series/BakuryuuSentaiAbaranger Yukito Sanjou/Abare Blue]] appears in a flashback for Team 2. [[Series/KousokuSentaiTurboranger Chiron/Seelon]] also appeared shortly for a bit of inspiration-based DeusExMachina and a {{Foreshadowing}}. Then [[Series/KyoryuSentaiZyuranger Geki/Tyranno Ranger]] makes a cameo at the end of Team 2's Chapter 19. There's also a small cameo of [[spoiler:[[Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger Basco ta Jolokia]] via nightmare.]]* DistantFinale: Every character came from a set of time after their respective battles were over, and get thrown to the alternate universe.%%* DreamTeam* ElementalPowers:** First team:*** PlayingWithFire[=/=]ShockAndAwe: Takeru*** BlowYouAway: Miki, Mako*** MakingASplash: Sayaka** Second team:*** DishingOutDirt: Jiraiya*** PlayingWithFire: Mele (only after she re-absorbs her old Gen Jyuu Phoenix-Ken powers.)** Allies:*** HolyHandGrenade: Ryuu*** MakingASplash: Sakura, Nanami* FirstNameBasis:** First team: Dai** Second team: Takeru and Jiraiya.* GuestStarPartyMember: Each team have at least one character outside their series who'll temporarily help them in their quest:** First team: [[Series/ChoujuuSentaiLiveman Yuusuke Amamiya/Red Falcon]], [[Series/KagakuSentaiDynaman Ryuu Hoshikawa/Dyna Black]], [[Series/ChoudenshiBioman Jun Yabuki/Yellow Four II]].** Second team: [[Series/GoGoSentaiBoukenger Sakura Nishihori/Bouken Pink]], [[Series/NinpuuSentaiHurricaneger Nanami Nono/Hurricane Blue]], [[Series/GoseiSentaiDairanger Daigo/Shishiranger]]*** [[Series/HikariSentaiMaskman Momoko/Pink Mask]] appeared in the first chapter on the 2nd team and later assisted the 1st team in the 22nd chapter. This extends to Mako in the 2nd team's 21st chapter. Both later end up joining their respective Takerus for real, not as a Guest.*** Though not to be a permanent one, in Chapter 26 of the 2nd team, the team got to Hell where [[Series/JukenSentaiGekiranger Black Lion Rio]] helped them out.%%* MassiveMultiplayerCrossover* MidSeasonUpgrade: Yuusuke and Sakura give the respective teams a Super Sentai Ball before leaving.* EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs: Mei (Pteranodon), Mikoto (Tupuxuara).* NobleBirdofPrey: Gai (Condor), Yuusuke (Falcon).%%* KingOfBeasts: Daigo, Rio.%%* OurMermaidsAreDifferent: Sayaka.* MrExposition: [[OriginalGeneration Akihiro and Hiroaki]], who vanished after doing their job (it's just a hologram). Pretty justified because the author admits that he's bad at making OriginalGeneration characters.* NamesTheSame: The fact that the two red rangers share the same name is...NOT coincidental. * OnceAnEpisode: Once per chapter, once the core team is assembled, role calls following with "We are...Super Sentai!" become mandatory* SuperMode:** First team:*** Takeru: Super Shinken Red*** Mako: Super Shinken Pink** Second team:*** Houji: SWAT Mode*** Mikoto: Abare Mode* SigningOffCatchPhrase: "Fight, Super Sentai!" or similar words to that effect. It appears on pretty much at the end of every chapter. That was actually based on how the franchise did something very similar during the earlier run, especially the Hirohisa Soda era.* ThemeNaming: The backstory reveals that [=AkaRed=] has similarly-named allies: [=AoBlue=], [=MidoGreen=], [=KiYellow=], [=MomoPink=], [=KuroBlack=] and their Mentor [=ShiroWhite=]* TimeTravel: Sort of. This is what the heroes thought they're experiencing, until they realize it's an AlternateUniverse.* TomboyAndGirlyGirl:** The team usually has two girly girls and one tomboy. First team has Miki and Sayaka being the Girly Girls with Remi as the Tomboy. Second team has Mei (although she still is the Tomboy with her rival Lamie) and Chisato as the Girly Girls with Mele as the Tomboy. Note: Girly Girls join first, Tomboys get to be the SixthRanger.** If the guests of the second team would count, then Sakura as the Tomboy, Nanami as the Girly Girl (Jun is the sole girl in the first team's guests).* WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue: For those who doesn't appear in this work, they will be told about what they are doing as of 'now'.께----!Tropes associated to the chapters of the first team:* AccidentalPervert: Gai repeats the same thing he did to Ryuu in Jetman's hot spring scene to Youhei. Unfortunately for him, the girls learn about this and made sure he's punished for it.* AllUpToYou: Chapter 15 is this for Youhei. And as of Chapter 27, this is for all the girls.* AndIMustScream: The one struck with the gas of the monster of Chapter 26-27 will turn to stone, unable to do anything, stuck there as they feel that the worms are eating their very body and inside and reshaping it to TheWormThatWalks.* AssholeVictim: TheNeidermeyer General Ichijou becomes a monster in Chapter 19, but because he's becoming a bigger asshole who's asking it for himself, he was killed like a monster.%%* BadassInDistress:%%** Miki, at Chapter 15.%%** Sayaka at Chapter 17.* {{Bishonen}}: Apparently, [[Series/ChikyuuSentaiFiveman Chevalier]] attracts ladies beyond his grave, as proven by Miki, Mako, Mazurka and Jarmin. And Doldora noted that even Ahames would swoon over him if she saw him.%%* BeachEpisode: Chapter 26. And it goes [[{{Deconstruction}} downhill from there]].%%* BreakTheCutie: ''Hoo boy''. Chapter 11 breaks Miki BIG TIME.* ButtMonkey: Each boys had their share of being one (The exception so far being Dai).* CallBack: Remember Radiguet's one-time MoralityPet? Turns out she had a brother, who now despises Radiguet (especially his disguised form), and ends up telling Gai about his crossing of MoralEventHorizon, making him uncover the truth about Radiguet's disguise.* CharacterDevelopment: Takeru confronted his fear of [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes that one haunted house]] (which was never addressed further in the original series) and got over it by chapter 7.%%* ChekhovsGun: Miki's Pink Mirror.* CrossDresser: Implied to happen to the boys at the end of the 8th chapter, and in the next chapter, Takeru is forced to cross-dress again. [[UnsettlingGenderReveal Bridgets are dropped on Miki]].* CombinationAttack: By chapter 5, the team learns to combine their attacks together. And then, in Chapter 27, both Pinks (Goggle and Shinken) combine their [[BlowYouAway wind powers]] for ''Dual Pink Cyclone''.* CoolBigSis: Mako is on the way to 'become one' for Miki.* CoolOldGuy: Being the oldest of the bunch, Gai ends up as one, though he's not that old.* CurbStompBattle: Once Gai gets back to his senses, he proceeds to beat the crap out of the monster that brainwashed him, without the help of Takeru, Youhei or Miki.* DistractedByTheSexy:** Utilized by the ladies to get out of the enemy base.** Miki purposely flashed her PantyShot while in that fencer dress in chapter 8, which not only distracted the [[MonsterOfTheWeek Monster Of The Chapter]], but also Gai and Youhei (Takeru was GenreSavvy enough to close his eyes before that happens)* DrivenToSuicide: Mako nearly pulls one, but stopped in time by Takeru.* DualWielding, GunFu: Youhei started developing this style by dual wielding his Turbo Laser and J-Gun.* EverythingsEvenWorseWithSharks: What first greeted Youhei and Miki the moment they entered Dai's verse? [[OhCrap A shark]]. And the Monster of the Chapter's first creature to conjure to signify that the team's in big trouble? A Great White Shark.* FaceHeelTurn: [[spoiler:[[Series/SamuraiSentaiShinkenger Mako Shiraishi]] appeared and apparently sided with Radiguet...[[ForcedIntoEvil against her will since her parents were being held hostage]].]]* {{Fanservice}}: Chapter 24 ends with Miki bandaging Mako's back while she's near-topless. The justification is that she had to bandage Mako's back wounds while she was tortured during her time with Radiguet. She still got her boobs covered (with either bra, {{sarashi}} or one of the bandages used to her).* FakingTheDead: Used as a strategy. Takeru creates figures of dead Miki and Gai using Mojikara to fool Ahames and Lee Keflen...while the real Miki and Gai rescued Sayaka.* FightInTheNude: Youhei and Miki, while trying to dry their clothes after being dropped at the sea, suddenly got themselves surrounded by {{Mook}}s and had to fight at that time.* {{Foreshadowing}}:** Surely, those [[Series/ChoushinseiFlashman red insectoid]] {{Mook}}s at the end of chapter 16 [[SarcasmMode doesn't mean a thing...]]** During the battle against Future Doggler, the monster foreshadowed the events of ''[[Series/TensouSentaiGoseiger Goseiger vs Shinkenger]]'', where [[spoiler:Takeru gets BrainwashedAndCrazy by Bladerun]].%%** Chapter 25 seems to foreshadow one big DarkestHour...%%* FuroScene: Chapter 25 contains one.* GagBoobs: Gai accidentally squeezed Miki's boobs while trying to hold her off...then [[TheCasanova ran with it]].* GiantSquid: Technically, it's an octopus, but Remi is attacked by one in Act 17. * GratuitousEnglish: Invoked by a Space Beast that tried attacking Dyna Black saying "DIE DIE DIE DIE DYNAMAN!", which is actually one of the possible {{Mondegreen}}s of the Dynaman theme song.* HeManWomanHater: Ironically hit [[ChickMagnet Youhei]] in the 9th chapter, in which thanks to a cake made by the villains, he started developing an unhealthy fear to women.* HeroicBSOD:** Takeru fell to it after failing to prevent the trope below. It takes the socking, scolding of the rest of the teammates (recent newcomer Remi included) to get him straight again.** Gai fell for it after being revealed that [[spoiler:he's DeadAllAlong. Ryuu snapped him out from it.]]** Youhei also fell for it after being revealed that yet another childhood friend was slain by Jarmin, the concept of Turboranger fighting for nature looked like a {{Hypocrite}} for drawing power from vehichles that contribute in polluting nature, and eventually the destruction of his Turbo Brace. Most of them got fixed.%%* HeroicSacrifice: Sayaka in 12th chapter, gets herself to a black hole with near-zero chance to return to close it.* HookedUpAfterwards: According to Youhei, some time after defeating the Bouma; his friends Riki/Red Turbo and Haruna/Pink Turbo started dating. [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy Youhei backs down even though he once had feelings for her]].* HostileShowTakeover: At least in Author's note. Radiguet hijacks the author's note, [[KilledMidSentence 'killing' him mid-typing]] and turns it into 'Radiguet's note' to give a forthcoming message on the doom of Super Sentai.* ImpossiblyLowNeckline: Miki's fencer dress in chapter 8 reveals her shoulders.* JadeColoredGlasses: Miki came from [[Series/DaiSentaiGoggleFive a lighter and softer Sentai series]]. Witnessing how later Sentai enemies do their job (with killing) made her aware on just how naive she was. * KickTheDog:** If you read Jarmin's MoralEventHorizon entry in the [[Series/KousokuSentaiTurboranger Turboranger page]], she makes it worse by telling Youhei that she actually ''revels'' in doing such horrific action, which caused him even more anguish.** Juzou goes further by [[MoralEventHorizon stating in details how he doesn't care about his parents and only wants to kill people]], all after [[ShutUpKirk cutting down Miki, who tried to appeal his humanity,]] and [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech telling her that she's completely naive and weak]]. This somewhat pressed Takeru's BerserkButton.** Jarmin goes up for another dog-kicking when she revealed that she tortured Youhei's childhood friend. And that's before she and Ahames captured around 1000 men to be 'sacrificed'.* LethalChef: In Fiveman, Remi's horrid housework skills were just AllThereInTheManual, here, it gets shown along with horrid cooking. There's also [[Series/SamuraiSentaiShinkenger Mako]]...* LukeYouAreMyFather: Chapter 19 revolves around Dai finding his father that we never get to find in Flashman.* ManipulativeBastard: Radiguet in Chapter 10. He re-used his human form to seduce Sayaka and created a tension between her and the team, and when there's an opening, he tried to kill her.* MasterOfDisguise: In chapter 8, Miki actually uses quick-change costume in battle (rather than in the series).* TheMole: Gai becomes this in the 6th chapter due to [[TheLancer frustration and distrust]]. He changed his mind and the team [[WelcomeBackTraitor welcomed him back]].* MysteriousProtector: For now, this seems to be the 'role' for Yuusuke in Chapter 15. Not so much in he later episodes.* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Invoked by Sayaka after she realized that the man she loved was Radiguet in disguise.* MyGreatestFailure: Youhei's failure to save that one MonsterOfTheWeek that Jarmin killed while she crossed her MoralEventHorizon continued to haunt him, turning it into his BerserkButton.* NearVillainVictory: At Chapter 26, Radiguet was victorious. The girls were all in his captivity, the boys suffered FateWorseThanDeath and Earth is free for his further invasion. At Chapter 27...thanks to [[spoiler:insubordination of Juzou and Jarmin]], the girls were freed and set everything right* NotSoStoic: After seeing the crossing of MoralEventHorizon, Takeru finally loses his composure and lets out a rage unusual for him.* OfCorsetsSexy: Miki wears a corset in chapter 8.* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent: Youhei has long graduated since Turboranger, but before going back to action, Miki is this.* PleasePutSomeClothesOn: Uttered by Dai to Miki during the FightInTheNude scene. She eventually did.* PluckyGirl: Again, Miki. She saw through new brutalities and even gets horribly wounded by Juzou, but despite her wounds, she still resolved to fight and not be a burden.* ShipTease: Chapter 20 teases Gai-Sayaka big time, but they really agree not to make it romantic.* ShoutOut: The monster in Chapter 23 can enlarge his body to the point of absorbing punches...kinda similar to [[Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar Mr. Heart]].* TheStrategist: Sayaka, seems moreso than in the actual series.* SugarAndIcePersonality: Takeru is much more mellow compared to a {{Tsundere}} than in [[Series/SamuraiSentaiShinkenger his original series]]. Then again, we have the CharacterDevelopment to blame.* TenderTears:** Miki, after hearing Youhei's anguish, shed one for the dead Bell Chime Bouma. Then again, after piling up sad moments in Chapter 8, first against those killed by Gedoushuu, and later for Juzou's parents after he made it clear what kind of person he is. Then AGAIN, when she was anguished seeing Youhei being inflicted with fear of women, which turned vital in getting him to get over his fear.** Everyone shed one for Miki after seeing her mother killed. [[TheStoic Takeru]] uses [[SandInMyEyes something else]].* TookALevelInJerkass: Commander Ichijou of the [[Series/ChoujinSentaiJetman Neo Jetman]] returns...and he's ''even worse''. He also receives some sort of [[AGodAmI God complex]] in the process.%%* WhamEpisode: Chapter 26.* TheWormThatWalks: Chapter 26's monster, with an evil MacGuffin power, is capable of turning a human into one.* WouldntHitAGirl: A flaw of Youhei, which gets revealed and abused by a MonsterOfTheWeek.* WiseBeyondTheirYears: Most people couldn't believe at first that someone as mature as Miki is just ''18 years old''.* YouLookFamiliar: Thought by Remi when seeing Dai (considering Dai's actor played Chevalier in Fiveman). Likewise, Miki first thought Ryuu was [[Series/DaiSentaiGoggleFive Kanpei Kuroda/Goggle Black]] ([since they're played by the same actor)* YouShallNotPass: Invoked by Red Falcon as he held off ''both'' Radiguet and Juzou.께----!Tropes associated to the chapters of the second team:* AccidentalPervert: Hoji accidentally gets mistaken as trying to strip Mei when all he wanted is to see her Dino Buckler. And again when he accidentally mistook Mei's disguise's skill as some monster trying to attack her and ended up seeing her in the undies.* AllMythsAreTrue: In particular at Chapter 18, the myth of ''Literature/{{Pinocchio}}'' and the Pleasure Island is real over here, and that the Alienizer of that chapter was in fact the same Coachman who became a KarmaHoudini in the original story...and has done similar thing in multiple planets.* AndThereWasMuchRejoicing: Once Long apparently bit the dust, the villains celebrated that they won't have to put up with him again. Subverted that they forgot Long is [[{{Immortality}} immortal]]. HereWeGoAgain...* AntiVillain: Dark Shadow turns into this as Gekkou revealed his reasons for Dark Shadow's thievery: to return to its roots as a honorable ninja clan in the past. They just needs big cash.* BackToBackBadasses: Takeru and Hoji showcase this at times. Later, Mei and Chisato.* BlahBlahBlah: How Mikoto interrupts the cheesy TransformationNameAnnouncement routine...-->'''Red Mask''': Even though we---->'''Abare Killer''': BlahBlahBlah, we are '''Super Sentai!''' ''(cue explosion and everyone looking at him funny)''* BrainwashedAndCrazy: Shell Nejire's ability, which is admittedly and purposely based on Maskman's Armor Doggler.%%* CallBack: Chapter 8 is this to Dekaranger Episode 37.* CatFight: DarkActionGirl Mele vs DarkActionGirl Shizuka. [[spoiler:Draw]].* CooldownHug: Mei has become fond with this, as she demonstrated to Hoji, an alien and lately Mele.* DamselInDistress: ** Mei at the fourth chapter including getting [[BoundAndGagged tied up]]. She gets kidnapped again into Long's custody thanks to [[spoiler:[[Series/BakuryuuSentaiAbaranger Top Galer]]]]. However, in any time she's kidnapped, [[DamselOutOfDistress she can take care of herself]].** In chapter 15, nearly everyone got this treatment. ** Gasha Dokuro and the Youkai corps has a tendency to do this [[CallBack since the Kakurangers spent a lot of time being tied up in the original series]]. Abrellar eventually [[LampshadeHanging lampshades this]].** Flip-flopped in Chapter 18: At first it looks like Jiraiya is the DistressedDude and Chisato is out to save him, but then she ends up kidnapped and became the DistressedDamsel. Jiraiya got back to his senses and tried saving her...and failed. Then both of them were put in distress, until Takeru bailed them out.** Both Mikoto and Mele end up in distress at Chapter 27.* DeadpanSnarker: Jiraiya leers to this at times, especially when Hoji spouts out his GratuitousEnglish. Chisato, Mele and Mikoto also had these moments.* DeliberatelyDistressedDamsel: Nanami, cornered, ends up being held captive rather than resisting further, which is part of her plan to infiltrate the enemy base and find out the enemy weakness.* FaceHeelTurn: [[spoiler:Momoko returned in Chapter 21...on Long's side, and unlike Mako, it's MoreThanMindControl. [[HeelFaceTurn She overcomes it]].]]* FakeDefector: In the 6th chapter, Jiraiya pretends to have surrendered and even captured Chisato to find out the weakness of the MonsterOfTheWeek. All staged, worked without a hitch.* {{Foreshadowing}}:** Chisato DID appear in Chapter 4 before her official introduction in Chapter 5. And if the appearance of Top Galer from Chapters 14 to 16 doesn't scream 'Mikoto is the last member'...** Chapter 21 adds up with a dream of Takeru [[spoiler:getting the Maskman power stolen by [[Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger Basco]].]]** Chapter 22 adds a possibility that [[spoiler:the next cameo team would be from [[Series/GoseiSentaiDairanger Dairanger]] and Long could be aiming to topple Daijinryuu]].* FreakyFridayFlip: Chapter 28 has one between Momoko and Jiraiya and several other civilians and animals, all part of the work of MonsterOfTheWeek.* GirlsAreReallyScaredOfHorrorMovies: Subverted. Mei and Chisato ARE scared of ''Film/TheRing''-like horror movie Jiraiya brought...but ''so is Takeru''. [[spoiler:Later, turns out Jiraiya was also scared, but hid it well enough. He confessed in the end.]] Hoji was the only one unaffected, because he's watched that kind of movie so many times in the past.* GoGoEnslavement: Practically defined the Garment of Kushinada. Which is worn by Mei. Chisato also gets to wear a similar thing in 18.* GratuitousEnglish: Like usual, ''Hoji''. [[SurprisinglyGoodEnglish Jiraiya]] eventually called him out for it. Eventually subverted in Chapter 25, Hoji secretly has been training and shows that when he wanted, he could speak good English.* HandshakeSubstitute: At one point, Takeru does a BroFist with Hoji.* HeroicBSOD:** Mele ''snapped'' hard when 'Rio' (Actually Long in disguise) betrayed her.** Takeru broke down when he learnt Momoko had a FaceHeelTurn and stated that his other friends are 'dead', until Hoji [[GetAHoldOfYourselfMan socked him on the face]] and Mikoto revealed that those friends can't possibly dead because he never met them in the afterlife.* HotBlooded: Takeru, just like he was in [[Series/HikariSentaiMaskman his own series.]]* IBrokeANail: Uttered hysterically by Youkai Onibaba, when she blocked Mei's kick with a nail...destroying them.* InterruptedCooldownHug: Happened to Dora Catsith at Chapter 19 when Mei nearly got it to do a HeelFaceTurn.* InvincibleVillain: Long so far, due to more screentime of his more truer evil nature, and [[SmugSnake boy does he spend his times to rub it in the heroes' faces.]]* {{Irony}}: Mei's original task is to protect the dinosaurs. However, she ended up helping destroying one to protect the innocents.%%* ItsNotYouItsMyEnemies: The conclusion of Chapter 8.%%* KilledOffForReal: [[spoiler:BOTH [[Series/GoGoSentaiBoukenger Maboroshi no Gekkou]] and Kaze no Shizuka are killed.]]%%* LoveHurts: Chapter 8. Poor Hoji.* MindRape: [[spoiler:How Long pulled the MoreThanMindControl on Momoko. Needless to say, Hoji considers it equally [[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil as vile as actual rape]]]].* MoodWhiplash: In a way, Chapter 14. A seemingly lighthearted chapter in an attempt to [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap restore the status of the]] Series/{{Ultraman}} {{Expy}} [[Series/BakuryuuSentaiAbaranger Igrec]] (also including Mele bonding with a human child and even got some GagBoobs treatment)...and at the end, all of a sudden, [[spoiler:[[Series/BakuryuuSentaiAbaranger Top Galer]]]] appears and kidnaps Mei, giving her to Long & his team. [[spoiler:And [[Series/GoGoSentaiBoukenger Sakura]] appears.]]* MoreThanMindControl: [[spoiler:Momoko was half-brainwashed, half-manipulated into believing that Takeru left the rest of Maskmen for the dead.]]* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Chapter 5 had Chisato destroying an enemy device that she thought would stop the enemy's plot...but instead accelerated the plot.* NotSoHarmlessVillain: Jiraiya describes Chapter 28's MonsterOfTheWeek as just a "shadowy woman that startles people inside their houses"...and then she starts suddenly swapping Jiraiya's and Momoko's bodies based on their being startled and mutating the animals she swaps to target the team.* OnlyOneName: Unlike Takeru and Jiraiya, whose surnames were just never mentioned, Mei and Mele do not have any surnames at all.* ThePsychoRangers: Not only does [[Series/DenjiSentaiMegaranger Neji Yellow]] return, but Long (through Lamie) also makes an evil Sentai like a new formation of Nejirangers for the Super Sentai, which includes [[Series/HikariSentaiMaskman Tube]] Red, [[Series/TokusouSentaiDekaranger Alien]] Blue, [[Series/KyoryuSentaiZyuranger Dora]] Pink, [[Series/NinjaSentaiKakuranger Youkai]] Black, [[Series/JukenSentaiGekiranger Gen]] Green, [[Series/BakuryuuSentaiAbaranger Evo]] White. The team's name? ''Kyoufuu Sentai Kyoukingers''* ShoutOut:** Jiraiya uses a Creator/ChuckNorris-style roundhouse kick from ''Film/WayOfTheDragon''** Per the Dekaranger ShoutOutThemeNaming, most Alienizers' name are based on names on the western media:*** Goonian Jarkjinbars is an anagram of [[Film/StarWars Jar Jar Binks]]*** Calconian Finix is a pun of [[ComicBook/{{Asterix}} Cacofonix]]*** Angelonian Michael/Michael of the Angelo Planet is...[[ well...]]** The Zeta Doggler is based on one of Series/{{Ultraman}}'s most famous enemy Zetton.** Sasuegami, the 'disguised' Tsukumogami of Dark Shadow is based on [[Series/DaiSentaiGoggleFive Goggle Robo]], which had no representative in [[Series/GoGoSentaiBoukenger Boukenger]].** To ''Film/ThePrincessBride'': "JustForFun/{{Hello}}. [[MyNameIsInigoMontoya I am Kaze no Shizuka of the Dark Shadow]]. [[YouKilledMyFather You killed Gekkou-sama]]. PrepareToDie."** Chapter 18 is filled with this. Starting from the whole ''Literature/{{Pinocchio}}'' reference, there's also [[GoGoEnslavement Leia's slave outfit]] worn by Chisato, as well as [[Film/{{Commando}} Mikoto tossing an enemy to the cliff while 'promising' safety and then stated]] "ILied".** Chapter 19, Mei found a cat that she [[NamesTheSame named after Geki/Tyranno Ranger]], who had a bad habit to biting Takeru when he tried to pet him...same way like how [[Manga/AzumangaDaioh Kamineko-Sakaki relationship goes]]** Chapter 20, [[StarWars DO]] [[BigNo NOT]] [[TranslationTrainWreck WANT]].** Chapter 25 is chock full of this, heavily quite based on both the [[Series/HikoninSentaiAkibaranger Delusional Import]] episode and Franchise/PowerRangers:*** First, the director 'Clint Gilleron', much like George Spielburton, is a name combination of Creator/ClintEastwood, Creator/TerryGilliam and Creator/JamesCameron*** The Strength Knights are off shoots of the whole Power Rangers, or particularly... [[Series/HikoninSentaiAkibaranger the Powerful Rangers]], though instead of being bullies, they were instead sympathetic self-aware former heroes group in great sorrow that such 'fan wars' destroyed the world they were being watched... by their own creator.*** The code-names of the Strength Knights are the initials of the identities the Power Rangers counterparts of the involved Sentai characters (X-KH -> [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers Kimberly Hart]], X-ST -> [[Series/PowerRangersSPD Sky Tate]], X-C -> [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers Corcus]], X-AH -> [[Series/PowerRangersInSpace Ashley Hammond]]). For bonus, before she nearly disappeared, the first two letters of X-KH's real name was "Ki".* {{Squick}}: An InUniverse example. As much as Radiguet's plan in Chapter 26 is effective, Ahames, Mazurka and Doldora were still pretty disgusted for seeing TheWormThatWalks. Even Lee Keflen was surprised as the disgust level (and in a subversion of EvenEvilHasStandards, he claims that he's pretty okay with the strategy, but seeing it will still disgust him).* SssssnakeTalk: A [[Series/JukenSentaiGekiranger Rinshi]] named Dokomo speaks like this.* SuddenlyVoiced: Or suddenly talking. Daijinryuu didn't speak in the original series. But here, he speaks. Though with fellow immortals, so it might make sense that he didn't speak to mortals.* TakingTheBullet: Mikoto pulls this on Nanami and thereby preventing her to get whisked away from the world with the rest of the team.* TemptingFate:-->'''Deka Blue''': Almost there! Just hope that there's nothing like a jet stream of flame coming from there!-->''*at the end of the tunnel, they did find one and dodged*''-->'''Mega Yellow''': YouJustHadToSayIt, didn't you?* TenderTears: Being TheChick, Mei became more prone to this.* TokenEvilTeammate: Mele, although she's less evil now. Also Mikoto.* TrainingFromHell: Does anyone remember what [[Series/GoseiSentaiDairanger Ryo went through to stand up against Jin?]] Because Daigo subjected the same to Takeru in Chapter 27.* TheUsurper: Once Long made his appearance known to the bad guys, he proceeded to kick every of the bad guys' asses and forcefully took over the leadership spot from Abrellar.* WhatTheHellHero: Takeru gave out a massive one for Hoji after he kept distrusting Mei due to her rather hard-to-believe history (which led her to being a DistressedDamsel).* WhyAmITicking: There was no ticking, but Long's latest plan involves turning Hoji and Sakura into human bombs.께--------


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