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1%%˛%%˛%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Do not uncomment them without expanding them to explain how these tropes apply. A character name on its own is not context. "[Character] is this" is not context. WHY does this character fit this trope?˛%%˛%%˛A CrisisCrossover novel about an AuthorAvatar who has to save a Utopia full of Videogame characters from an army of characters from bad quality movie characters.˛˛----˛!!Sterate Baboogeddon provides examples of:˛* AbsurdlySpaciousSewer: Hyperion City has these and some nice catacombs underneath it.˛* AlternateCharacterInterpretation: Is Daniel a heroic idiot that is just trying to save his world? Or a lazy geek that has no intention of going back home?˛* AntiClimaxBoss: The Garbage Pail Kids, being the shortest "boss battle" in the entire series.˛%%* AuthorityEqualsAssKicking: Rudrick, the King, is a badass.˛* BetaCouple: Judging by Book 4, Andres and Vaynia may become this. They kiss in Book 5.˛* BigBrotherMentor: Julian just wants what's best for Daniel.˛* BigDamnHeroes:˛** Andres saving Daniel and Felincia from an oncoming wave of Shadow Beings.˛** Donkey Kong saving Julian, Andres, and Vaynia from Dr Zoom.˛** Banjo's team and Donkey Kong's Team saving Don Pirahna from Dr Zoom's mech.˛%%* {{BFS}}:˛%%** Daniel wields one, named Ai Shainingu.˛%%** Julian gets one (The Twilight Sword) in book 4.˛%%* BigBad: Cailleta, leader of the Sterates of Babooa.˛* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: Several, but most notably, the moment where everyone in the entire story begins having an insane fit of laughter in Book 4.˛%%* BilingualBonus: Some of the weapon names are in phonetical Japanese.˛* BookEnds: At the beggining of Book 3, Felincia wakes Daniel up. At the end of Book 3, she does the same thing.˛%%* BuffySpeak: Used quite frequently, especially by Daniel.˛%%* CampGay: Jolly Roger.˛%%* CloudCuckoolander: The shopkeeper from Book 3, as well as Daniel himself.˛* ContinuityNod: In Book 4, [[VideoGame/PaperMario Proffessor Kolorado]] says in a documentary, "And so, we may never know the mystery of the Frozen Tan Guy, of the ice side of [[VideoGame/BanjoTooie Hailfire Peaks]]." A villain of the previous book was defeated by Banjo and Kazooie and plummeted to said location.˛* ContinuityPorn: Being Fanon, this work contains numerous references to a bunch of Nintendo... things.˛%%* CoolShades: Funky Kong.˛%%* CoolBoat: The Daisy Cruiser.˛%%* CoolShip: The [=BanjoCopter=].˛%%* CrashIntoHello: How Daniel meets Felincia.˛* CreatorInJoke: So many, that this is part of the reason why the author refuses to post this online.˛* CurbStompBattle: Rudrick Vs The Death Rose. The King of Hyperion, against a throw-in side boss.˛* DarkIsNotEvil:˛** Julian's Katana uses darkness, but it is far from being evil.˛** Vaynia has red eyes, as opposed to Felincia's green, but she is more of a {{Tsundere}} than a villainess.˛%%* DarkerAndEdgier: Book 4, mildly.˛* ADayInTheLimelight: Book 4 makes Julian the main character. With this, HilarityEnsues.˛* DeathByCameo: Ntom64 and TheHellDragon make a cameo after a long dragged on chapter, and criticise it, only to be blown apart by THD's robot butler.˛%%* TheDon: Don Pirahna is a friendly example.˛%%* DumbMuscle: Donkey Kong and Chunky Kong. An evil example would be Peter and Ivan, Dr Zoom's two Austrian henchmen.˛%%* EldritchAbomination: The Antibody, or pretty much any other Shadow Being.˛%%* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: The Kong family.˛* FamilyUnfriendlyDeath: Dr Zoom suffers this in Book 4, by slowly drowning in his mech suit..˛%%* FiveManBand:˛%%** TheHero: Daniel˛%%** TheLancer: Andres˛%%** TheBigGuy: Julian˛%%** TheSmartGuy: Vaynia˛%%** TheChick: Felincia˛%%* GenkiGirl: Felincia˛* AGodAmI: The Antibody exhibits this behavior.˛* GottaCatchEmAll: The quest to find all 7 keys to a dimension where a hungry universe devourer waits.˛%%* HumongousMecha: Dr Zoom seems to pull these out of his ass.˛* IAmNotShazam: There is no character called Sterate Baboogeddon.˛%%* IdiotHero: Daniel, mildly.˛%%* ItCanThink: The Antibody, unlike other Shadow Beings, is not mindless. But still, mindless.˛%%* LargeHam: King Koopa and Mr Electric. Heck, even Daniel himself has strayed into this behavior.˛%%* LimitBreak: The beam of pure lightning that Daniel annihilated Stanley with is this.˛* MarshmallowHell: Daniel falls face first into Felincia's melons during a "miniboss" fight in Book 5.˛* MemeticMutation: Several lines and innuendos from this story become this between the author and the real life Andres.˛* MegatonPunch: How Donkey Kong knocks Dr Zoom out of his own mech suit.˛* MoodWhiplash: In Book 1, the transition from an introduction to a cheerful world full of videogame characters, to a girl kidnapped by Austrians and almost raped is quite abrupt.˛%%* MoralEventHorizon: [[AttemptedRape What Dr Zoom planned to do with Felincia]].˛%%* MythologyGag: Thiry Days of Summer has these.˛%%* NoFourthWall: The narrators and Cranky Kong make sure of this.˛* PreMortemOneLiner:˛** "I am Donkey Kong, and these bananas, ARE MINE!"˛** "And you... are fucked."˛* ProductPlacement: Book 1 was written shortly after E3 2010, and what does Felincia carry with her? A Nintendo 3DS.˛* ReedRichardsIsUseless: Wait, Felincia can open portals to anywhere? Why can't she just teleport behind Cailleta and slit her neck? (She probably has limits on her teleportation.)˛* ReferenceOverdosed: Get a drink. Take a shot every time you get a reference to some videogame.˛%%* SailorFuku: Felincia and Vaynia wear this.˛%%* SealedEvilInACan: The Antibody.˛%%* ShutUpHannibal: The Author loves this trope. It's used in practically every book.˛%%* ShoutOut: A whole hurricane full of them.˛* {{Shoryuken}}: Daniel does this to Stanley The Troll, except it's a lightning variation.˛* SpinOff: Thirty Days of Summer, written by the Author's best friend, follows Andres, Daniel, Felincia, and Julian as they journey Hyperion to win a videogame tournament.˛%%* TeamPet: Yoshi [[spoiler: Until his death.]]˛* TrollFic: Real life Andres made a retelling of Book 1 where Andres is the heroic one and Daniel is the side character. The Author was not pleased.˛%%* VacationEpisode: Book 2, as well as the entirety of Thirty Days of Summer.˛%%* VillainousBreakDown: Dr Zoom goes into this after his first defeat.˛* WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids: Most of the videogame characters are from kid friendly games, but this novel is anything but kid friendly.˛* WorldOfBadass: Pretty much everyone in Hyperion knows how to kick badguy butt.


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