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1%%˛%%˛%% Zero-Context Examples are not allowed, and have been commented-out.˛%%˛%% Please add context before uncommenting any examples.˛%%˛%%˛˛''[[ Snape's Worst Memory]]'' is an AU Snape/Lily fanfic, written by [[ Darkglare]]. It's a long fic with a reasonable amount of angst and mostly realistic portrayal of characters. Focuses on Severus and Lily's friendship and relationship during their last two years of school. "Snape's Worst Memory" scene happened but with a twist in the form of Regulus Black and his plan to get his brother in trouble, so there was no "Mudblood" incident. Adult themes.˛˛----˛!!This fanfiction contains examples of:˛%% * AbusiveParents: Tobias Snape.˛* AccidentalPervert: Lily. It really wasn't her intention to [[spoiler: watch Severus in his backyard]]. It was just a huge misunderstanding.˛%% * ADateWithRosiePalms: Mulciber is known for that.˛%% * ALadyOnEachArm: [[spoiler: Mary]] and Lily try it with Severus. Only Lily succeeds. Unless you count [[spoiler: the night the three of them spent together (fully clothed) as a security measure. Severus endured it.]].˛%% * AllOfTheOtherReindeer: Severus. Somewhat {{exaggerated}}, but {{justified|Trope}}. He is also unlucky enough to love a PluckyGirl.˛%% * AllTakeAndNoGive: Severus and Lily's relationship for the most part. Though Lily genuinely doesn't see it that way.˛%% * AllWorkVsAllPlay: Generally {{subverted}}, since they are both rather studious and responsible, but sometimes played straight on Lily's part, usually regarding sex.˛%% * AlternateUniverseFic.˛%% * AManIsAlwaysEager: {{Subverted}} with Severus.˛* AmIJustAToyToYou: Severus to Lily, or so he thinks.˛--> ...this was not a good time to be sending her letters accusing her of being a bossy know-it-all that he was tired of having toy around with him.˛* AmbitionIsEvil: ˛** {{Subverted}} with Severus: despite of him being a Slytherin he has no real ambition.˛** {{Played For Laughs}} by Lily and Severus while discussing each other's future Chocolate Frog Cards. Severus even made one for Lily:˛--> "At the mere age of seventeen, Lily Evans knocked the wizarding world arse over tea kettle with a ballpoint pen."˛* AMindIsATerribleThingToRead: Dumbledore doesn't like that he sees in Severus' mind.˛%% * AntiHero: Severus.˛%% * AttentionWhore: ˛%% ** James Potter, duh. ˛%% ** {{Subverted}}, somewhat, with Gilderoy Lockhart: it seems he was a lot nicer as a student.˛%% * BadDreams: Severus (and Lily notices).˛* BadassBaritone: Severus, but only after he [[spoiler: suffered very severe case of dragon pox, which spread to his throat]]. And technically, his badass side shows itself only [[spoiler: when he is protecting Lily from the werewolf]].˛%% * BadassNormal: Tobias Snape and his friends, who [[spoiler: killed Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestranges and almost killed Bellatrix]].˛%% * BatmanGambit: Severus uses it successfully.˛* BerserkButton: For James, whenever he sees Severus too close to Lily. Severus uses it against him [[spoiler: in the Ministry while getting their apparation licenses]].˛* BondingOverMissingParents: {{Subverted}} with Lily and Severus: they don't even understand each other's feelings concerning the matter. ˛%% * {{Bookworm}}: Severus and Barty Crouch Jr.˛%% * BornWinner: James, at least he thinks that way.˛%% * BrilliantButLazy: James and Sirius.˛%% * CallingYourOrgasms: Lily.˛%% * CantHoldHisLiquor: Lily. Severus doesn't take advantage at first, [[spoiler: but when the time is right he does]].˛* TheCassandra: Lily. She accurately predicted almost everything that would happen to Severus in their Sixth Year [[spoiler: while doing her Divination assignment]]. But ''neither of them'' tried to do much about it.˛%% * CatsAreMean: {{Subverted}} with Mrs Norris. She isn't really mean. [[spoiler: Only to rats]].˛%% * CloserToEarth: {{Inverted}}. Severus is a reasonable one. The same with the other two Slytherin/Gryffindor couples in the fic.˛%% * ChildhoodFriendRomance: Arguably.˛* ComplimentFishing: Lily:˛--> '''Lily:''' You don't think I'm getting too fat, do you, Sev? \˛Lily said 'too fat'. She knew she was gaining weight. Why bother asking him about it?˛* ConvenienceStoreGiftShopping: ˛** Usually neither Severus nor Lily are pleased with each other's gifts. ˛** Oddly enough, [[spoiler: Petunia sends Severus "thank you" letter for his wedding gift. Though, he chose it from the list she made herself]].˛%% * CryingWolf: Marauders. Even when they really haven't done anything, nobody believes them.˛%% * DeadlyPrank.˛%% * DeathIsASadThing.˛* DirtyBusiness: Dumbledore does that, [[spoiler: breaking into Severus' house in the company of Mundungus Fletcher because he thinks Slytherin locket may be there]].˛%% * TheDragAlong: Peter Pettigrew.˛%% * DroppingTheBombshell: Dumbledore does that to Severus. {{Played For Drama}}.˛%% * DontLookAtMe: Severus tried it with Lily, but failed.˛* DrinkBasedCharacterization: Dumbledore was shocked when he found out that Severus, unlike himself, drinks tea without sugar. ˛* EverybodyHasLotsOfSex: For the last two years of Hogwarts, they do. Or would like to. Hence, contraceptive magic at the castle. And really, why have so many unused classrooms?˛--> Students were snogging and shagging all over the castle. Didn't have to be a prefect or head girl to know that.˛* EveryoneIsRelated: Severus discovers this, when [[spoiler: he inherits from Lestranges, who prior to their deaths killed his father]].˛%% * FieryRedhead: Lily.˛%% * ForgetsToEat: Severus.˛%% * FreudianExcuse: Severus has a big one.˛%% * FriendsWithBenefits: On Lily's side.˛%% * TheGloriousWarOfSisterlyRivalry: Lily and Petunia. Not as ugly as in the canon.˛%% * GuessWhoImMarrying: Walburga and [[spoiler: Slughorn]] to poor Regulus.˛%% * HappyEndingMassage: Lily wants to do it to Severus and won't take no for an answer.˛* HatesBaths: Severus doesn't, but:˛-->He hurried since if Lily got through washing herself then she insisted on washing him. When she did, only one part of him got washed really well, and everything else was ignored.˛%% * HatesBeingTouched: Severus. Lily is the only exception for him. [[spoiler: Later would tolerate Mary]].˛%% * HiddenBadass: Severus.˛* HolyBurnsEvil: Petunia splashes Severus with HolyWater when he accompanies them to the church, [[SubvertedTrope although it doesn't actually do anything to him]].˛--> '''Petunia:''' Won't he burst into flames as soon as he sets foot inside a church?˛%% * HumbleHero: Severus, in the eyes of some people. But he just doesn't care.˛%% * ICanStillFight: Severus, but he doesn't have a choice, literally. ˛* IgnoreTheFanservice: Severus tries to do it with Lily sometimes, but never succeeds. [[spoiler: He completely ignores Mary, though]].˛%% * InnocentlyInsensitive: James to Lily, sometimes Lily to Severus.˛%% * IntergenerationalFriendship: Severus and Xenophilius Lovegood (he is already working as an editor).˛* IOweYouMyLife: [[spoiler: Mary]] and Lily to Severus. PlayedForDrama because when Severus' life was in danger, Lily's Life Debt forced her to take action which [[spoiler: cost them their unborn child]]. ˛%% * JustFriends: Lily's line.˛%% * KickThemWhileTheyAreDown: ˛%% ** James and Sirius do that to Severus. ˛%% ** Severus does it too, but is much more sneaky about it.˛%% * LackOfEmpathy: Lily, Severus and most of the characters.˛%% * LieBackAndThinkOfEngland: Severus when Lily is in the mood, but he is not. So, {{inverted}}.˛%% * LonersAreFreaks: It doesn't help Severus' reputation. Even Lily thinks Severus needs more friends than just her. He disagrees.˛%% * LoveHurts: Severus.˛%% * LovePotion: {{Discussed}} and [[DeconstructedTrope deconstructed]] by Lily.˛%% * LustObject: Severus to Lily.˛%% * {{Mangst}}: Severus.˛%% * MasqueradeBall.˛%% * MiseryBuildsCharacter: Severus.˛%% * MistakenConfession: Lily to her parents.˛%% * MistakenForMurderer: Sirius Black. But not in the way you thought.˛%% * MomentKiller: Dumbledore.˛%% * MoreThanMeetsTheEye: Severus.˛%% * MusclesAreMeaningless: In the wizarding world they are, and Severus proves it.˛%% * NeatFreak: Petunia.˛* NotHelpingYourCase: When [=McGonagall=] accuses the Marauders of attacking Snape because [[FantasticRacism he's a half-blood]] in Chapter 7, James responds ''that they would have attacked him no matter what his parents were''. ˛* NotWhatItLooksLike: When Mrs Evans catches them in Lily's bedroom in compromising position. Severus' reaction - ICanExplain. And [[ReconstructedTrope he does]]. Still, Lily gets in trouble.˛%% ** Slughorn got his moment with Magical Law Enforcement [[spoiler: and bloodied Severus]]. It did not end well.˛%% * OddFriendship: Severus and Lily.˛* PluckyGirl: Lily. Despite all the bad things that keep happening to her and her friends, she doesn't seem to be affected.˛%% * PosterGalleryBedroom: Mulciber's posters from his PornStash.˛%% * PornStash: A lot of students had it to Minerva's disappointment.˛%% * ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Minerva [=McGonagall=], Alastor Gumboil, Healer Pye.˛%% * SandInMyEyes: [[ReconstructedTrope Reconstructed]] with Severus.˛%% * SecretRelationship: Severus and Lily.˛* SexEqualsLove: {{Subverted}}. [[spoiler: Severus was in love with her before they did it, and Lily isn't in love with him at all]].˛%% * SweetTooth: Dumbledore and Slughorn. {{Exaggerated}}.˛%% * SwitchingPOV.˛%% * TeenDrama.˛%% * TheirFirstTime.˛%% * TroubleFollowsYouHome.˛* VirginityMakesYouStupid: Lily doesn't know a lot of things about sex that a girl her age would know, even in the seventies.˛%% * VoluntaryShapeshifting: ˛%% ** Severus doesn't hesitate to use the Polyjuice Potion when needed. ˛%% ** Marauders and [=McGonagall=], of course.˛%% * WeddingDay.˛%% * WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong: Lily and her friends' attitude before [[spoiler: the werewolf incident]].˛%% * YouAreGrounded: Lily by her parents.˛----


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