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1''[[ Shattered Eyes]]'' is a Anime/{{Naruto}} AlternateUniverseFic by [[ Lithius Osmius]] It starts out with Naruto battling Haku, but with one twist: Naruto not only activates the Kyuubi, but also his kekkei genkai, and not just any kekkei genkai, but one that has to ability to copy other bloodline limits. While the battle proceeds as in canon, before Haku dies, he forces Naruto to promise to keep his kekkei genkai a secret. Naruto, while trying to keep his final promise to Haku, is now is trying to figure out how his kekkei genkai works, which he dubs the Kyoukagan, and what else it does. Although as Naruto learns how to control the Kyoukagan, [[BlessedWithSuck he also learns the trouble]] [[CursedWithAwesome of having the bloodline that can copy other bloodlines.]]²----²* AlmightyJanitor: Iruka could easily be an S-Class jonin, he just chooses not to be.²* AscendedExtra: Iruka, Anko and Haku.²* AscendedToAHigherPlaneOfExistence: Haku became the personification of the power of the Kyoukagan²* AxeCrazy: Mizuki²* BigDamnHeroes: Iruka and Anko in the Team 7 vs Orochimaru fight²* BrainBleach: Naruto and Sasuke's reaction in chapter 19. (See CoitusInterruptus for more details).²-->'''Naruto''': [[spoiler: ...I felt a part of myself die that I'll never get back.]]²-->'''Sasuke''': [[spoiler: ...I had my Sharingan on. Now it's forever burned into my mind.]]²* CoitusInterruptus: [[spoiler: Iruka forgots he was on scroll duty. So when Team Seven use the two Heaven and Earth scrolls, he was ... busy with Anko.]] ²* CurbStompBattle: Shizuka was completely flattened in her first fight with Naruto²* DishingOutDirt[=/=]ExtraOreDinary: [[spoiler: Sakura]]²* GogglesDoNothing: Averted Naruto's googles help him hide the Kyoukagan²* ItsPersonal: Shizuka's reason for wanting to kill Naruto.²* KatanasAreJustBetter: Sakura gets a katana that she names [[NamedWeapons Bloody Rose.]]²* ManipulativeBitch: Kyubi²* MeaningfulName: Inverted with Shizuka Komoriuta. Her name literally translates as 'peaceful lullaby' and is an intended pun against her.²* OpenSecret: Naruto's status as a Jinchuuriki and a Transcendent Bloodline wielder.²--> '''Naruto''': Great! Can't I have a secret that's actually a secret?²* PosthumousCharacter: Haku²* PowerAtAPrice: ²--> '''Kyubi''': The price of the Kyoukagan is your human sanity.²--> '''Haku''': While the price of the Kyubi's power is your humanity itself.²* PowerCopying: The Kyoukagan's schtick. ²* ThePowerOfBlood: Anyone who comes in contact with Naruto's blood aquires a bloodline limit.²* RequiredSecondaryPowers²* SadisticChoice: On one hand, the Kyoukagan grant Naruto the power to copy other bloodlines, but it makes him lose his sanity the more he uses it. On the other hand, Kyubi's power is incredibly powerful, but will turn him into a mindless beast if he abuses it.²* ShockAndAwe: Iruka²* TookALevelInBadass: Sakura [[spoiler: thanks to her new bloodlimit.]] Even Orochimaru was impressed.²* WhatBeautifulEyes: Even '''Orochimaru''' is captivated.


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