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1''[[ Dead-Eyed Tsuna]]'' by [[ wyrvel]] is a ''complete'' ''Manga/KatekyoHitmanReborn'' gen-fic on many what-ifs. What if Tsuna had joined the Disciplinary Committee? What if rather than Reborn, ''Gokudera'' is the one sent to tutor Tsuna instead? What if Tsuna wasn't the next Vongola Decimo, but an [[EldritchAbomination an inversion of his canon self]] instead?. With plenty of World Building, ArcWelding and lots of [[{{DeadpanSnarker}} snark]], this author created an alternate universe which includes repercussions, discussion of mental issues, and [[GambitPileUp head-on collisions of plots?]]께The Author's Summary: Sawada Tsunayoshi is cold, aloof, constantly exhausted, perpetually doubtful, and has the resting face of an axe murderer. He's resigned to being a complete failure for the rest of his life, and is pretty satisfied with himself, as long as he has people like his [[MuggleBestFriend best friend Sasagawa Kyouko]] to help him along the way. 께But his dull, emotionless status quo is shattered when Kyouko decides he should join the Disciplinary Committee and do something with himself. The Disciplinary Committee, as in the thinly veiled school gang run by the Scariest Teenage Boy Alive. 께And yet, against all odds, it's not the Committee itself that led him into mass international criminal politics, magic powers, and casual murder. (Tsuna is in the Disciplinary Committee, and somewhere else, Timoteo's son is the heir to the seat of Vongola Decimo. Featuring: Ensemble Cast, many OCs, and fully original story arcs. Humour/Action/Drama, contains dark themes. Heavy AU.)께Can also be found on [[ Fanfiction.Net]]. The wiki can be found [[ here.]] This is the first of a multi-story behemoth: ''Fanfic/TheAbaloneFuneralDirge''. The sequel is ''Fanfic/DoubleAsterisk''. 께---!!Tropes* AbsurdlyPowerfulStudentCouncil: Not only do they 'patrol' Namimori, they wage an invasion against Nami West. Udo can attest to their [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking capabilities]] first hand. * AcceptableBreaksFromCanon: The what-ifs, as said above. Tsuna is not the [[ThisLoserIsYou loser-complex ridden, selfish, brash, noisy, whiny, and lazy, with low self-confidence person of canon.]] Instead, he embraces the suck. Too bad Kyouko isn't going along with it. Hibari's...traumatic family situation where [[spoiler: he and his 'father' would fight to the death. Also, owning a substantial area of a town that is also possessed by 1) Yakuza Group; and 2) ''Vongola''.]]** Tsuna isn't sealed by Nono. Instead, he experienced ''something'' in Room 213, and Naoki tried to seal his memories and block his PTSD away. Tsuna ends up remembering ''all of it'' but not caring about until the seal broke. [[spoiler: Not all of it. It's heartbreaking as we watch as Tsuna falls in with a villain and ends up not remembering ''any'' of it until the seal breaks, but still goes through the impact of it anyway.]]** He's physically different. Hair, eye color, abilities. * ActionGirl: ''Nyorohohoho...'' Also, Hana, by virtue of her being a decent shot with non-lethal bullets. * AChildShallLeadThem: Hibari's complex situation with owning 1/3 of Miyazawa. And the Disciplinary Committee. * AdultFear: ''What's in the water in Namimori?''** Kids going through PTSD** Kids nearly dying on a school field trip. ** Kids ''murdering'' others in self-defense; torturing others. ** Just Gi U. ** Your child is led away while you are busy with the monitors that you left him with missing in action, possibly dead. [[spoiler: And you find out only three years later. Or in other case, never find out at all.]]** [[spoiler: Trigger warning: Your child is sexually abused and exploited by what he sees as a trustworthy adult. This ruins his respect in authority and possibly destroys his entire outlook on life. And you're not aware because the rest of your family doesn't want you to find out.]]* AlcoholInducedIdiocy: Hibari thinks that drink doesn't improve the Secretary's outlook on life. ** Turns out the alcohol has its roots in Iemitsu. [[spoiler: Tsuna drinks sake because he associates alcohol with his father's warmth. That's just...sad.]]* AndTheAdventureContinues: A helicopter is here. It's from the Varia, and it comes for Tsuna. See CliffHanger for Hibari's reaction.* AntiHero: Tsuna is this, of the NominalHero variant.* ArtificialHuman: Gi U seems to think he's fake, by virtue of being born through In Vitro Fertilisation. [[spoiler: Bermuda simply tells him to get down and threatens to lock him up.]] Fun times. * AssholeVictim: The branch family that decided to co-operate with Zeni and his gang. It didn't go too well for them, as Morita [[spoiler: headshot]] would tell you. * AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: Seen above. Also, Yamazaki. * AwfulTruth: Tsuna is traumatized by what happened to him when he was younger and became the Galatical Smear across the universe after the seal is broken. Doesn't help his mental state much. ** In order to hide said AwfulTruth, Naoki ''wipes'' Tsuna's memories. Which becomes yet another AwfulTruth. * BackFromTheDead: Yamamoto after Gi U. Also, Ryouhei after having his skull dented. * TheBadGuyWins: Zeni comes out of the whole Miyazawa arc unscathed while the rest of his 'Guardians' are either dead or captured. Also, Yamazaki threatens Gokudera into allowing Tsuna to be bait; screws up that, and decides to recruit Mukuro and his gang. Half of Koyama goes flame active, much to Naoki's horror. * BattleInTheCenterOfTheMind: Yamazaki fights off Mukuro's possession. Mukuro is forced to listen to Yamazaki in return. * BigBadEnsemble: First the branch led by Taniguchi. Then Yamazaki comes along and wrecks shit up. Gokudera is about to burst a blood vessel. Then Zeni's forces show up...* BigDamnHeroes: Yamamoto fends off against Gi U. * BilingualBonus: 'Io sono suo figlio'-- I am her son. ** Проект Зеленая дверь -- Project Green Door. * BittersweetEnding: Cool! You've got nice flame powers, right? Gee, too bad you're all mentally-traumatised, got flame active, and in certain cases got to fight hardened criminals and mental masterminds. Sometimes they overlap. ** [[spoiler: You've got a stay on punishment from Hibari, and your circle of friends is considerably wider than it used to be. However, you've been recruited by the mafia and its ''assassination wing'' and it was because your EldritchAbomination powers seemed useful. ]]* BodyHorror: Tsuna's healing power. ** ''The Ashes begin to rise. Tsuna sniffles up his dribbling nose and concentrates on the pattern of the Ashes. They are very...bubbly, but also heavy. Like boiling water, that is somehow regurgitating specks of ash...The suction cuts out and the skin pops back into place with the usual poof of grey. It feels like getting stabbed a second time. ''* BrainwashingForTheGreaterGood: Of the Akiyama family. Doesn't help that they lure in kids at Koyama, before using their [[InTheBlood Guiding Eyes]] to break them in. * BreakThemByTalking: What happened to Udo as Naoki guides him around the tapestries whilst eroding his resistance to joining them. Doesn't help that Naoki has the Guiding Eyes too.* BullSeeingRed: Tsuna is enraged when his idolized figure (Hibari) goes flying. It's a culmination of the numerous times Zeni has killed someone (or attempted to) in front of him. * BullyingADragon: Ivo threatens Hana. Tsuna stabs him in the face multiple times. While absorbing his flames. And using The Ashes. * CerebusSyndrome: Shit starts hitting the fan once Zeni shows up. * ChekhovsBoomerang: Tsuna describes his Flame Activation as this. When searching online about traumatization, he realises that many of the symptoms listed as well as ways of dealing with stress matches up with what he had been experiencing since the flame seal. That doesn't hurt him.** You know, in Gokudera's PV chapter, we see Gokudera wondering at the family of birds he's seeing. Hibari knows 28 different languages, and several varieties of Chinese dialects in addition to that. * CigarFuseLighting: What Gokudera uses in order to light his dynamite more effectively. It doesn't help that it fits his idea of a mature, suave mafioso. * TheClan: Akiyama Main Family is one big screwed up group. Too bad Miki and his parents can't run away effectively. Also, Vongola. * {{Cliffhanger}}: ''"You," Kyouya booms even over the helicopter, "have got some explaining to do."'' Did it just ''end''?* TheCorrupter: Yamazaki acts as this for Koyama students in order to get them into the Yakuza. * CrapsackWorld: ** The town is dominated by a yakuza group, a mafia famiglia, and the Misosazai Authority. All are screwed up one way or another. ** Tsuna has become an eldritch abomination even when both parties involved had seemingly good intentions. ** There are no police. The Disciplinary Committee and the neighbours are the ones to troubleshoot and 'take care' of problems. ** Miki has guiding eyes and a yakuza family he doesn't want. Too bad Yamazaki is hellbent on either making him join the family, or at the very least hanging on like a leech on his nephew. ** [[spoiler: Hibari and his father have to fight for survival once Hibari grows up. ]]** [[spoiler: Tsuna was sexually abused for three years and medically exploited. He doesn't remember it until the seal broke.]]* CreepyChild: Tsuna, due to his EldritchAbomination status. Also, Gi U. * CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Yamazaki's a irresponsible, self-centered and predatory Social Studies and Home Room teacher. He is also a Yakuza and took down Mukuro by destroying his Wick and overcoming the Possession Bullet. * CurbStompBattle: With Tsuna's 'help', the Disciplinary Committe brings this down on Namimori West. * CynicismCatalyst: Yamazaki's childhood shows that [[TheReveal Storm Flames]] cause the rest of his family to alienate him. This results in a bitter man trying to get back into the good graces by recruiting more youths to the Yakuza. Also, Xanxus' acceptance into the Varia is implied to have done this to Federico, along with a host of other factors.* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: Did you just ''divine'' Hibari's location? ''Kyouko, are you psychic?'' * DisguisedInDrag: 'Hachiko' does so to avoid the eyes of the Vongola during his breakout. [[spoiler: Hibari finds her anyway. So did the dog which Mammon was tracking.]]** Tsuna admires the wig he finds in the Varia helicopter. It is implied that in Book 2, he would be wearing that, in addition to a Varia uniform. * DissonantLaughter: ''More staring. Very catlike. The predatory eyes of a housepet. A burst of laughter escapes his mouth before he can stop it, and Kyouya holds his hand to his mouth. It's an irritant, laughter, because the longer he lets it happen, the harder to control it gets.'' Tsuna responds by taking another sip of Dutch courage. ** ''Tsuna is overtaken with a sudden, visceral urge to end his own life. '' after seeing Hibari smile. * DoingInTheWizard: YMMV on this, as the author portrays the Seal as having more of an effect than shown in canon. * {{Doorstopper}}: 206286 words at last go. * DotingGrandparent: Timoteo is more this than in canon. In canon, he seals Tsuna's flames when on holiday, and doesn't see him again until the ring arc. Here, not only does he explain to Tsuna in a reasonable manner, but takes him out to Kokuyo as a treat. [[spoiler: Of course, this entire chain of unfortunate events starts when he has to leave, without ensuring Tsuna's safety, so your mileage may vary on this.]]* DramaticWind: Every time Hibari appears. * EasyEvangelism: Inverted. The Akiyama conglomerate/yakuza play on this with the help of their Guiding Eyes. * EldritchAbomination: Tsuna, as Mammon puts it:** ''"What dreaded abomination have you led me to?" "Name yourself, creature. A puppet? A construct? A weapon?"'' Tsuna is nonplussed to say the least. * ElementalPowers: The flames are themed according to the weather. * EmotionSuppression: Tsuna inflicts this on himself in order to call up his Ashes. He gives up every regret he has in order to feel 'Desolation'. * EnhancedPunch: More like enhanced ''everything'' due to the Cloud's Propagation capabilities. Hibari is enjoying this way too much. * EverybodysDeadDave: Nazario is an unfeeling husk after told that Marcello and Ivo are gone. * FirstNameBasis: Tsuna with Kyoko and Takeshi. Also, he calls Hana 'Hacchan'. Tetsuya calls Kyouya by his first name, but adds a '-san' to show formality. * {{Flashback}}: Tsuna experiences this, in Introduction: Fantasy, Willpower: Underfoot and Recover: Mind. He searches for signs of trauma on the Internet later on. ** Yamazaki and Mukuro mutually experience each others' memories after Mukuro's search for information goes too far. * ForgoneConclusion: [[spoiler: There is only one way Tsuna's time spent in Room 213 will end, and it's not good.]]* Foreshadowing: Tsuna knowing Italian** ''Hibari'' knowing Italian. And Chinese. And twenty-eight other languages as well, including Cantonese and Taishanese. ** Проект Зеленая дверь [[spoiler: Project Green Door.]]* FreudianExcuse: YMMV on Yamazaki, but the author mostly averts this. * FromBadToWorse: The Miyazawa vacation veers off track and way off the worst case scenario, thanks to Yamazaki's actions...and Zeni. * GambitPileUp: Koyama High goes on a volunteer field trip to pick up rubbish. Kyouko asks Gokudera to let Tsuna be exposed to all these friends without her. Zeni is on a graverobbing expedition, aided by Taniguchi and his branch of the yakuza. Yamazaki decides to take advantage of the above and the fact that Vongola owns the part of Miyazawa that Zeni is investigating to use Tsuna as bait in order to tweak both his family and Iemitsu's collective noses. Needless to say, all their plans blow up sky high when Gi U comes along. * GenerationXerox: Though they did not bear an identical appearance, Yamamoto thinks that there are some similarities between his friends and that interesting painting in the ruins. Squalo takes one step further by telling Yamamoto to get Tsuna and the rest of his friends to stay out of the mafia before taking the painting. He does the same to Tsuna, hoping that their appearance wouldn't get in the way of Xanxus getting control. * GenocideFromTheInside: Miki takes control of Ben and lets loose on the Yakuza threatening his friends. * GlowingEyesOfDoom: Miki's eyes glow. He wore the bandages because he couldn't turn them off. * GodMode: Harshly averted with Tsuna. He feels delayed pain even in the depths of his despair. * GrandTheftMe: Mukuro tries to pull this by pretending to come to an agreement with Yamazaki before stabbing him with his sai. [[spoiler: It backfires harshly.]]* GraveRobbing: What do you call someone who intentionally pays off the yakuza to run interference, hires a burglar-thief in order to investigate the ruins of a foreign church in Japan owned by the ''Vongola?''* HairColours: Played for laughs when Hana decides to (re)dye Tsuna's hair to its original color. Becomes less entertaining once the reader finds out [[spoiler: that Iemitsu thought his wife was cheating on him and had to run a blood test, leading to Yamazaki's intended assassination and the fallout between Iemitsu, Nana and the Akiyama group.]]* HammeredIntoTheGround: Miki could only watch in horror as Ryouhei's head was dented a few inches by Marcello. Also, the tomb's ground is forcibly broken by Yamamoto. * HesBack: Yamamoto rises from the headshot that Gi U gives him. * HiddenDepths: All characters are like onions that have to be dissected in order to get their full measure. * HotBlooded: Yamazaki is impulsive, with frequently upsetting results for his family. Also, Ryouhei. * HowMuchMoreCanHeTake: ** ''He doesn't see the brat. Ivo circles the rubble with a furrowed brow. That should have hurt like a bitch. Where?''** Hibari when [[spoiler: up against Zeni. He goes down for the count, and Tsuna takes over.]]* HypnoticEyes: Curiously averted with the Guiding Eyes. As Iemitsu explains: ** ''"They're not called Controlling Eyes," The man continues, with less patience. "They're called Guiding Eyes. Believe me, if there was a group capable of mind-controlling everyone they make eye contact with, they would be dead, and no one would be hearing about them."''* IAmYourOpponent: Nazario tries to pull this with Gokudera. Gokudera has better things to deal with than a petty match between two of the same kind of bastards. * ILLKILLYOU: Tsuna is pissed off at Zeni. ** ''"Ha! Deja vu. No Halo, won't regret getting rid of you." Zeni drags Tsuna back to Hibari, who he grabs by the hair again. Hibari looks unfocused, and his breathing is thin and ragged, and Tsuna feels like he's violating something just by seeing it.''* ImmortalHero: Tsuna might be this with his Ashes. * ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: Tsuna did this to Ivo. He doesn't fully recover from it. * ImportantHaircut: Hibari cuts it as he did not want people to grab it while he's fighting. Tsuna helps him. * InelegantBlubbering: Gi U does this with impunity, as he never matures. Tsuna does this from time to time. * IOweYouMyLife: Hibari would very much prefer Tetsuya to be one he owes a life debt to, thank you very much. * KiAttacks: Tsuna's ashes. * LifeEnergy: What flames are. The flame lore is heavily built up here, and forms the basis of what could have created Tsuna's Ashes in the Wiki. * LikeBrotherAndSister: With all the squabbling and mayhem Tsuna and Hana caused in conjunction. * LivingEmotionalCrutch: Miki is this to Yamazaki. He doesn't appreciate Yamazaki for doing this to him. Yamazaki is either oblivious, or ''doesn't care''. ** ''Yamazaki's obsession with Miki is based heavily in Miki being too young to understand he has no autonomy and his isolation from the family meaning he doesn't have any strong feelings about Yamazaki killing his own family members. He's using Miki as an emotional crutch, and demands his unconditional affection whenever he's having a bad day, which is always''* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: ** CastHerd: The main characters: Tsuna, Kyouko, Hana, Gokudera, Hibari. The Disciplinary Committee. Koyama. Vongola. Akiyama. [[spoiler: pics by the author show that the Bovino would play an important role later on.]]* LonersWillStayAlone: Part of why Kyouko thinks that Tsuna should go on a field trip was to avert this trope. Boy did she know...* MadeOfIron: Zeni wonders if Hibari has high pain tolerance. He corrects himself that it's [[FeelNoPain a little beyond that.]] * MagicalEye: What the Guiding Eyes are. ** AuraVision: Shouichi has this, courtesy of [[spoiler: his owning the Mare Rings]]* MagicByAnyOtherName: Flames do this. Illusions, strength, ability to read minds and immortality--what can't they do?* ManBitesMan: Tsuna bites Zeni after 'draining' his false immortality. * MemoryWipingCrew: What is implied to have happened to Tsuna. * MightMakesRight: Hibari's ideal in Namimori.* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: During the Recovery Arc: Gokudera goes through this after seeing what [[spoiler: killing someone]] did to Tsuna. Tsuna comforts him. Also, Hana feels guilty by hiding while Tsuna dealt with Ivo. * MyLifeFlashedBeforeMyEyes: Tsuna and Hayato experience this back to back in chapter 32. * NiceJobBreakingItHero: If Kyouko hadn't asked Tsuna to go on that field trip, it is likely that Yamazaki would not have found the opportunity to bait Zeni's group, resulting in Gi U finding someone else to light the Ruins. The Miyazawa Arc would have passed on peacefully while the Recovery Arc would not have happened. [[spoiler: Also, Kyouko would not have her Sky Flame junked.]]* NoOneCouldSurviveThat: Mammon/Viper after seeing Tsuna. At best, Tsuna should have been turned into a vegetable. * NoSell: Tsuna does this to Zeni, causing him to lose his physical immortality. Zeni regrets this very much. Hibari is ''delighted''.* NothingButSkinAndBones: Tsuna has not been eating well, an uncomfortable Yamamoto would attest after him curling into the next source of warmth. ** After Valentin, Tsuna stops finishing his plate.* NothingIsTheSameAnymore: After Miyazawa, all of the main characters go through some form of mental trauma. Also, all their flames have awaken. * OhCrap: The explosion at the end of chapter 31** Tsuna used to be such a sweet child before Nono visited him. [[spoiler: He's a little shit that has abuse and some ungodly powers heaped upon him, as an aversion to the Dark and Angsty AUs the author's read before.]]** Hayato reacts like this when Iemitsu mentions that they would talk more ''at home.'' He escapes Iemitsu and bunks in with Takeshi instead. * Omniglot: Hibari is this by virtue of being a political authority, knowing twenty-eight languages. Tsuna knows Italian from finding out his father's in the mafia. * OnlyAFleshWound: Tsuna cuts himself to demonstrate his Eldritch powers of healing. Still doesn't take the pain away from being cut. * OutOfFocus: Kyouya does this during Miyazawa. Tetsuya is tetchy and worried because of it. * PapaWolf: Iemitsu feels some shade of this with regards to Tsuna, hence he sending Gokudera as 'tutor/bodyguard'. * ParentalNeglect: -->'' "I'm the kind of person who can only move or settle. There's no point in visiting if I'm just going right out the door again."'' Iemitsu is intentionally neglectful due to his workaholic nature. Nana tries to [[AvertedTrope avert]] this, but is resigned to letting Tsuna do as he wishes. * PhlebotinumHandlingRequirements: Each flame weapon can only be handled by its flame type user. That is why [[spoiler: Gi U gave one of Asari's Four Irregular Swords to Takeshi]]. * ThePiratesWhoDontDoAnything: Averted. The Akiyama are active recruiters, besides owning some part of Miyazawa. Iemitsu is ''very'' different from his vacation at home while at work. * PlayingWithFire: Flames, as done by Zeni's group. Also, Naoki and Yamazaki. * PlayingWithSyringes: Gi U is the subject of experimentation by the Green Door Project. [[As of the epilogue of Book 1, we learn that Tsuna is one too.]]* PleaseDontLeaveMe: Yamazaki to Nana. [[spoiler: He is willing to fight Iemitsu over this.]] Miki dislikes his clinging. * PoliceAreUseless: The common referral for Namimori crimes is to ask the Yakuza or someone they know if there's a break in, or alternatively the closest bar and realtors. Police play a very small role in Namimori. * PowersDoTheFighting: Tsuna needs the Ashes [[spoiler: to make up the gap in experience between him and Ivo. Ivo doesn't get away from that battle.]]** Tsuna makes use of his ashes to get around Zeni's immortal status. [[spoiler: Hibari awakens his flames through sheer intent and contrariness, and finishes the job.]]* PrecociousCrush: Tsuna's infatuation/obsession with Hibari starts out after coming to elementary. ** ''He almost settles. Then, only a few months later, Tsuna opens his eyes as his arms vibrate with the weight of a tonfa strike, and he sees someone who looks at him like he if he ever left Tsuna behind, it would be Tsuna's fault for not keeping up. It's confusing, and actually a little offensive. For the first time in years, though, Tsuna looks at someone and doesn't feel scared of being near them.''** '' He's got cool-looking eyebrows and he's not wearing a tie and his skin's a little darker and his nose is really straight and thin instead of hooked. He's the coolest one, so Tsuna decides that one is his favourite.'' Oh Xanxus. * PsychicLink: Kyouko is aforementioned psychic after [[spoiler: her flame is junked by Miki.]]* QuestionableConsent: Tsuna is experiences this [[spoiler: when he agrees to help Valentin with his 'medical' research. Naoki is appalled when he finds out.]]* RecruitedFromTheGutter: Nazario, Ivo and Marcello are this, with the Blackmarket as the gutter and Zeni as their saviour. [[spoiler: All of them are damaged permanently after Miyazawa, with two of them stone dead.]]* TheReveal: Vongola owns one third of Miyazawa. More specifically, where the church and ruins are. ** Yamazaki, playful and irrepressible, is a member of the Akiyama Main Branch. ** The tutor isn't Reborn. It's Gokudera. ** [[spoiler: Tsuna does not have Sky Flames. He has the Ashes/Zero Point Breakthrough instead]] * RightThroughTheWall: Hibari goes through two meters of concrete after getting attacked by Zeni. * SadisticChoice: Gokudera is forced between having Tsuna and the rest of his friends becoming bait for Zeni, or having his brains blown out and Yamazaki baiting them anyway. * SheIsNotMyGirlfriend: Shouichi in response to Hana teasing him about his penpal.* ShockAndAwe: Zeni's Innocent Torture relies on this. * ShroudedInMyth: Vongola Primo and his Guardians in Namimori. * SinsOfOurFathers: Yamazaki decides to use Tsuna to get back at Iemitsu. It doesn't go well for Tsuna and the rest of his friends while Yamazaki happily chucks Mukuro onto the boat back. * TheSpartanWay: What else? Reborn with poor Federico. * StockholmSyndrome: [[spoiler: Tsuna, after getting his memories wiped, thinks he's been abandoned.]]* SuddenPrincipledStand: Hayato has gone from being anxious about his position in the mafia to wilfully going against Iemitsu's orders in order to cement his place as Koyama's student president and Tsuna's friend. Iemitsu's reaction to this...[[MyLifeFlashedBeforeMyEyes Hayato's in trouble.]] * SuperReflexes: Tsuna has this. Helps him deal with his initiation into the Disciplinary Committee as secretary. * TalkToTheFist: Udo attempts this. Fuyumi gently dissuades him that this notion works. * TechnicolorFire: Due to the Ruins, all of the main characters (except Kyouya and Kyouko) have obtained flames. Without Reborn to explain it to them, they are forced to resort to other means of finding out.* TheseHandsHaveKilled: In chapter 32, Tsuna thinks this, but only says it out loud. Hibari is ''lousy'' at comforting him, but it is sufficient to distract him from it by drinking as well. * TranquilFury: Hibari's second wind after Tsuna helps out with the fight. * TrashTalk: Nazario attempts this with Gokudera. Gokudera is initially affected, but walks away from it. * TraumaticSuperpowerAwakening: What awakened Tsuna's Ashes was Nazario threatening Hana and him. * {{Troll}}: There is no better way to describe Yamazaki other than this. * TroubledBackstoryFlashback: Gokudera and Yamazaki get an entire chapter to themselves. Tsuna's however, takes the cake. * TrueCompanions: Tsuna's friends in Miyazawa. Showed in the epilogue, where Tsuna is left unexpectably happy after seeing the torrent of text messages that Hana leaves on his phone, including pictures of the rest of his friends. * UnstoppableForceMeetsImmovableObject: [[TitleDrop mentioned in chapter 32.]]* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom: Kyoko was the one who came up with the field trip idea. ** Miki plays a crucial role in the Miyazawa Arc. * UsedToBeASweetKid: Yamazaki, in his backstory. * UsedToBeMoreSocial: Tsuna before Valentin. Afterwards, he eats less, his grades drop and his mother worries. The same mother he used to look up to and told her that he wanted to marry her. * VitriolicBestBuds: Tsuna and Hana are this to each other.* VolleyingInsults: Hana and Gokudera's animosity spill out into this. * WeCanRuleTogether: Zeni, are you that ''dense''? Getting ''Hibari Kyouya'' to work for you?* WellDoneSonGuy: Yamazaki's been luring kids into the yakuza because he wants to get accepted back into the main family. * YouAreNotAlone: Tsuna does this to Gokudera. He is strongly tempted to hug him. Also, Tsuna to Takeshi, resulting in Takeshi joining them on the field trip after breaking his arm. * YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: Morita tries to break off the deal with Zeni. Zeni kills him instead, and orders his men to kill the children who spotted them ''and'' the rest of the Yakuza. * YourMindMakesItReal: Any illusionist.


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