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1''Da Princess in da gle club'' is a fanfiction by 'iluvmybfclay'. It's basically ''My Immortal'' for the Glee fandom, complete with OOC characters, the slutty MarySue and the appalling spelling and grammar.²²It tells the story of Princess, the twin sister of Kurt. The reason she's Kurt's sister is, according to the author herself, because he's the only guy who wouldn't sleep with her anyway. She's also abused by their father. The story begins the day Princess joins the glee club, and meets her new stepbrother, 'Fin', who she falls in love with. That's Chapter 1, and things only get worse from there.²²The story was recently removed from, the internet began to celebrate the loss of this terrible fanfic, only to find the author had brought the fanfic back from the dead and started to post in on a brand new livejournal account. ²The story can now be found [[ here]]. And she is still apparently determined to work on it, in the hopes of, at least according to her Twitter, "im gong to be famus."²----²!!''Da Princess in da gle club'' contains examples of:²* AuthorAvatar: Princess²* ArtisticLicenseBiology:²** Puck's balls are apparently the size of tomatoes.²** Chapter 1 says her boobs are the size of basketballs.²* EvenEvilHasStandards: The author read My Immortal and disliked it [[CompletelyMissingThePoint because it was too emo.]]²* FridgeBrilliance: Princess mentions in Chapta 1 that she's never gone to school before. So the atrocious spelling and grammar in the story isn't just the author's lack of intelligence, it's because Princess never learnt how to write properly! Well, maybe.²* GratuitousSpanish: The Spanish teacher says this to Princess, "hočem jebi princesa i love u soooo veliko omogoča, da imajo vroč seks in da dojenčke in tudi flamers so zavira". It apparently means 'i luv princess also flammers are retards', except it's not even Spanish. It's Slovenian. And it doesn't quite mean that anyway.²** It doesn't make much sense in Slovenian either. Literally "I want, you fuck, princess, that they have hot sex and that babies and also flamers are, he brakes." Commas added because without them the literal English translation makes a lot more sense than the original. Assuming that the author intended to say something along the lines of "I want you to fuck [Puck, presumably], princess, so that you can have hot sex and babies. And also, flamers are retards.", it also appears that she [[EpicFail forgot what she put into the translator to begin with.]]²* {{Neologism}}: "AAAAAHHHH," i dinferd.²* OverlyLongName: Princess Estella Ruby Diamond Hummill


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