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1The ''Christian Potter Chandler'' series by Garfield fan 1 [[ found here]] is a FanFic with the objective of rewriting the Literature/HarryPotter series with [[{{Webcomic/Sonichu}} Christian Weston Chandler]] (born Christopher Weston Chandler, who infamously despises it for allegedly being a direct competitor to Pokemon) in place of the titular character, to see how it would affect the plot.!!The ''Christian Potter Chandler'' series provides examples of:* ADateWithRosiePalms: Christopher (as in, ''preteen Chris-chan'') is a master of danger wanking.* AdultsAreUseless: ** In ''Christopher Weston Chandler & Magi-chan's Stone'', Voldemort ''attacks Chris at school'' and fails, '''''killing Voldemort.''''' Not only is school not immediately called off, all Borb hear about it is when Chris says he was bullied worse than usual ''at dinner the next night.''** When Bob tells a CPS worker Barb kicked Chris in the balls, Barb passes off Tic Tacs as Bob's dementia pills. It works.* AwfulWeddedLife: Bob and Barb routinely scream at each other and Chris (Barb doing it along with ''beating Chris up'' '''''with the sole purpose of getting at Bob,''''' while Bob is genuinely sick of his family's shit.)* BigEater: The Chandlers. ** Bob eats breakfast at Burger King every day and brings home a 4-person meal from [=McDonald's=] for his family of 3.** Barb and Chris buy an entire tub of ice-cream. From a guy selling them by the cone.* BlackComedy: Between this and blue humor, this makes up a large amount of the jokes. One example is Barb giving Chris a nutshot so Bob buys ''her'' stuff.* BlatantLies: Barb claims Chris is heartbroken that Bob won't take him to the zoo. Meanwhile, Chris is busy [[ItMakesSenseInContext stripping naked and rubbing his clothes on a game disc.]]* CompositeCharacter: The Chandlers replace both the Potters and the Dursleys, ''especially'' Chris.* CrazyCatLady: Implied with the Chandlers, or at least Bob, who, unlike Mr Dursley in the original book, immediately identifies that [=McGonagall=]-in-cat-form is not behaving like an ordinary cat.* DeceasedParentsAreTheBest: Averted here; Voldemort unsuccessfully attacked Chris at school to kick off the plot, sparing the lives of Bob and Barb.* DoNotCallMePaul: In ''Magi-chan's Stone'', Chris identifies himself as Christian but is still legally named Christopher, meaning he has to tell everybody to call him Christian.* DysfunctionalFamily: Barb is a [[ManipulativeBastard manipulative bitch]], Chris is... well... Chris, and Bob himself is a cynical old bastard that wishes at least one of the three would die.* EntitledBastard: It wouldn't be Chris without this.* FusionFic: The Chandler family in the Literature/HarryPotter universe.* GoneHorriblyRight: In ''Magi-chan's Stone,'' Bob, sick of dealing with Chris, wishes the wizards would kidnap Chris (though he reconsiders after talking to one). They do take Chris away, but he ends up going to Hogwarts. Meaning he'll come back with Bob helpless to his antics.* HandWave: Why is Christopher going to Hogwarts and not Ilvermony? Ilvermony is having financial difficulties.* HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood: ** Bob tries to get Chris (and Barb) kidnapped or taken away by CPS (some methods being honest but also trying crazy plans like calling male strippers and blaming it on Barb), calls Chris a dumbass on an hourly basis, swears at Barb in front of Chris, threatens to lock Chris in a cupboard for ten months, swears at Chris because Barb claimed he was talking to a snake and ''gets drunk and challenges Chris to a fight.''** Barb [[DomesticAbuse routinely beats up Chris,]] usually to get Bob to buy her things (e.g. kicking Chris in the balls [[ItMakesSenseInContext to get Bob to take her to the thrift store]] when she can't convince Bob that he's heartbroken that Bob won't take them and getting it past CPS by passing off Tic Tacs as Bob's dementia pills, throwing Chris through a plate of glass and getting free wine, trying to get Chris's penis bitten by a crocodile so they can sue the zoo) and screams at Chris for talking when it doesn't get her anything.* {{Hypocrite}}: --> Barb: ''[After Bob reproaches her for yelling at Chris for talking]'' Whose side are you on?! Not too long ago, you were trying to get Child Protection to take him!--> Bob: Whose side are YOU ON?! Not too long ago, he ate fifty candy bars without paying and you just waited for him to finish!** A meta example: The author notes that, in the event that the real Chris reads [[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness Christopher]] Weston Chandler & Magi-chan's Stone, it is not intended to be inflammatory... right before introducing Chapter 1: The Boy Who Bob Wished Wouldn't Live.* NewsTravelsFast: One morning, Chris-chan survives an attack by Voldmort that ends up in Voldemort's death. The next day, British wizards are already vacationing in Virginia.* RuleOfFunny: The author is willing to mess with the universe if it yields better material.* TheScottishTrope: Voldemort, as in the original. However, he gains an additional method of name avoidance: [[FanFic/MyImmortal misspellings of his name]], which is used in faster-paced dialogue.* SerialEscalation: Bob's examples of Chris getting rewarded for being a dick. First, Chris eats half the candy aisle at the convenience store. Then he fills his underpants with Nutella, rips it off in class and puts it over his teacher's head. ''[[RuleOfThree Then]]'' he ''[[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext moonsaults into a stripper's tits.]]'' The last one is [[RefugeInAudacity so ridiculous Barb doesn't believe Bob when he says Chris did it.]]* UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist: Chris is this up to eleven, and it's one of the driving points behind the story.


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