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1'''''Ai Yori Aoshi Koi''''' is an ''Manga/AiYoriAoshi'' FanFic written by [[ Rosefire]]. It can be read [[ here]].˛˛Taking place six months after the events of the anime, Kaoru has finally managed to prove himself to the Sakuraba family and made his relationship with Aoi public, but one member of the Hanabishi family isn't so keen on letting him off...˛˛This page is currently under construction.˛˛!!''Ai Yori Aoshi Koi'' contains examples of the following tropes:˛----˛[[index]]˛* AmbitionIsEvil: Chapter 8 reveals that Kaoru's aunt Suzuno, as part of her plan to become the Hanabishi successor, manipulated events so that Kaoru's father would be killed, his mother would be shunned, and Kaoru himself would be abused by his grandfather.˛* AssholeVictim[=/=]KickTheSonOfABitch: Chapter 8 reveals that Kaoru's aunt Suzuno [[spoiler: poisoned Kaoru's grandfather, the same man who shunned Kaoru's mother and abused Kaoru himself for years]].˛* AttemptedRape: Kanaye [[spoiler: tries to rape Aoi in Chapter 9. Luckily, Kaoru and the police arrive in time to stop him]].˛* BirdsOfAFeather: In chapter 7, Aoi's grandfather reveals that, when he married Aoi's grandmother, he was to the Sakurabas what Kaoru's mother was to the Hanabishis, telling Kaoru outright that his grandfather was a fool and he is glad that Kaoru didn't turn out like him.˛* BrotherSisterIncest: Chapter 8 reveals that in the past, [[spoiler: Kaoru's aunt Suzuno actually drugged and raped Kaoru's father to conceive a child as part of a plan to become the Hanabishi heir]].˛* ChildhoodFriends: It's stated in chapter 6 that Raina and Miyabi have known each other since childhood, with Raina even playfully teasing her:˛-->'''Miyabi''': Why am I so frightening a person?\˛'''Raina''': Oh, please, Miyabi. You intimidate the hell out of everyone. Even when we were kids. I think you gave one or two of our teachers nervous disorders.˛* DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale: Defied in chapter 8; both Miyabi and Raina are justifiably {{squick}}ed out at the thought that [[spoiler: Kaoru's aunt raped his father to conceive a child as part of her EvilPlan]].˛* DrugsAreBad: It's implied in chapter 8 that Kaoru's grandfather was abusive at least partially because [[spoiler: his aunt Suzuno secretly fed him mind-altering drugs and poisoned him with morning glory seeds]].˛* HarmfulToMinors[=/=]PrimalScene: Chika ends up discovering Kaoru and Aoi's SecretRelationship when she accidentally walks in on them getting intimate in the bathroom.˛* MakeItLookLikeAnAccident: As revealed in chapter 8, Kaoru's uncle Seki [[spoiler: arranged for the car crash that killed Kaoru's father]].˛* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Mayu has this reaction in chapter 8 when she realizes that Kaoru will ''only'' ever love her as a friend, and that in helping Kanaye in his scheme to take Aoi, she may very well have ruined their friendship.˛* SecretKeeper: Chika becomes one upon learning of the agreement between Kaoru and Aoi.˛


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