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1''[[ Addiction]]'' by [[ Jezzaanne]] is a ''Manga/DeathNote'' [[AlternateUniverseFic AU]] and ContinuationFic. Because of Light's actions when [[spoiler: he was alive]] the Shinigami Realm and the Human World have become unbalanced with so much death and several new Kiras have begun killing. Light becomes a Shinigami and the Shinigami King tasks him with fixing the mess he made or else he will be crushed by the weight of both worlds-ideally [[ThouShaltNotKill WITHOUT killing anyone]] seeing as every life he takes will make his burden heavier. But this is easier said than done as Light is suffering from a severe murder [[TitleDrop addiction]]. [[RealityWarper Also the King warped reality]] so that [[spoiler: L, Mello, Matt, Souichiro Yagami and Beyond Birthday]] are still alive allegedly to "help" him with this quest. ²²----²!! ''Addiction'' provides examples of:²%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample * AlternateUniverseFic²%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample * TheAtoner: Light ²%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample * {{Angst}} ²%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample * BackFromTheDead: [[spoiler: Light, Souichiro, L, Mello, Matt, and Beyond Birthday.]]²* CapeWings: when Light retracts his wings they resemble a BadassLongcoat.²* CloudCuckooLander: Sayu [[spoiler: as a result of the trauma of her kidnapping.]] ²* CloudcuckoolandersMinder: Light for Sayu. ²%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample * ContinuationFic²* CosmicPlaything: All of the main characters but especially Light.²* CursedWithAwesome: Light is a Shinigami. ²%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample * DarkFic²%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample * DeusAngstMachina²%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample * EvilVersusEvil ²* KidWithTheLeash: L steals Light's Death Note so he's bound to him. ²%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample * NobleDemon: Light²* MoralityPet: Sayu for Light.²* OneWordTitle: The plot relates to a murder addiction.²* MySisterIsOffLimits: To Light's dismay Sayu begins flirting with Near. ²* RealityWarper: The Shinigami King ²* SaveBothWorlds: the goal of our protagonists. ²%%* {{Shinigami}}²* SlashFic: Light x L and Mello x Matt ²%%* StagesOfMonsterGrief ²* ThouShaltNotKill: Light's burden gets heavier every time he kills. ²* TitleDrop: Light suffers from a murder addiction. ²* TookALevelInBadass: Light as a {{Shinigami}}. ²* TraumaCongaLine: it seems that ''everything'' in this universe exists to torture Light. ²----


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