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1As an anthology series where [[TwistEnding nothing happens as you'd expect]], ''The Twilight Zone'' will naturally have several [[FamousLastWords last words]].≤≤* "Mommy, Daddy, please don't let them do this to me!" [[spoiler: Jenna Winslow. [[MoralEventHorizon They don't listen to her]].]]≤* "It felt good. It felt real good." [[spoiler: Dr. Ferguson]]≤* "Is this really necessary? Fine. I loved you." [[spoiler: Andrew Lomax]]≤* "Oh God forgive me." [[spoiler: Andrea Collins]]≤* "[[OhCrap That bus, it was life. I should have gotten on]]. [[spoiler: Melinda Croner]]≤* "Look, [[spoiler: Becca]], I want us to be together. And-and whatever you decide, I still want you to know I'm still leaving [[spoiler: Laurel]]. I'm just tired. I'm tired of checking her in and out of rehab. You know, if she wasn't so delusional, he would have realized it was overó" [[spoiler: Nick Janus, before said Laurel beats him to death.]]≤* "Just a machine. No soul." [[spoiler: An unnamed "kreetor": a human in a world of robots.]]≤* "Future Trade... I gotta... I gotta exercise... my option." [[spoiler: Martin Donner.]]≤* "I don't know. It's hot out here, isn't it?" [[spoiler: George, who is then [[KillItWithFire set on fire]].]]≤* "But Anthony, we're your friends!" [[spoiler: Joe]]≤* "Oh my God." [[spoiler: Cynthia]]≤* "No! No!" [[spoiler: Agnes Fremont.]]≤* "Let go, Danielle! LET GO!" [[spoiler: Miranda Evans, as she's [[AndIMustScream permanently transformed into a doll.]]]]≤* "[[BigNo NO]]!" [[spoiler: Ted Saicheck]]≤* "That's right. Not yet." [[spoiler: Grady Finch]]≤* "Please don't kill me! Please don't! Please don't!" [[spoiler: Amber. She is ignored, leading to the DownerEnding]]≤* "I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry..." [[spoiler: Scott Crane]]≤----


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