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4* "Ichigo! Don't!" [[spoiler:Masaki Kurosaki]]
5* "[[spoiler:Kuchiki]], I put you in risk by making you withstand my selfishness. Sorry, it surely was hard. Still, thank you... thanks to you, I can leave my heart here..." [[spoiler:Kaien Shiba]]
6* "The years I spent with you were like a dream... [[spoiler:Byakuya-sama]]..." [[spoiler:Hisana Kuchiki]]
7* "[[spoiler:Grimmjow]], you bastard!" [[spoiler:Luppi Antenor]]
8* "Why does this hurt so much!? It hurts!! It hurts so much!! I don't want to die! I don't I don't I don't I don't I don't I don't... nononononononono... " [[spoiler:Aaroniero Arruruerie]]
9** "Damn it." [[spoiler:Aaroniero's other face]]
10* "BANZAI AIZEN-SAMA!!" [[spoiler:Zommari Leroux]]
11* "How long must I agonize before this blade puts me out of my misery? Quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly free me from this torment!" [[spoiler:Szayel Aporro Grantz]]
12* "[[spoiler:Kira]], I'm sorry for dragging you into a terrible situation. I had a lot of fun with you guys. Goodbye." [[spoiler:Shuusuke Amagai, before committing suicide]]
13* "Oh fuck off... Every fuckin' one of them... They all have the gall to take pity on me... and they don't even know... how much they're hurting me by doin' it. Strong, weak, infant, monster... I just smash 'em all to pieces... I don't give them a chance to get up a second time. I don't..." [[spoiler:Nnoitra Jiruga]]
14* "You're quite a guy." [[spoiler:Charlotte Cuulhorn, to Yumichika Ayasegawa, Viz translation]]
15* "Damn you..." [[spoiler:Ggio Vega, to Soi Fon]]
16* "Oh, I get it. This is it. This here in my hand. The heart..."[[spoiler:Ulquiorra Cifer]]
17* "I will kill you. With my own hands. I will make you regret giving me power. I am the king. I am god. I will never die. And I will hunt you for all eternity, [[spoiler:Sosuke Aizen]]." [[spoiler:Barragan Luisenbarn]]
18* "Sorry, [[spoiler:Aizen]]. Looks like I won't be able to repay you..." [[spoiler:Coyote Starrk]].
19** "[[spoiler:S-Stark...]]" [[spoiler:Lilynette Gingerback, anime only]]
20* "Thank you...last, proud Quincy..." [[spoiler:Yoshino Souma]]
21* "[[spoiler:Hisagi]], please show me more of your face. As I am still in my Hollowfication form, I am still able to see with my eyes. While I still can, I want to try and remember your face..." [[spoiler:Kaname Tousen.]]
22* "Madarame Ikkaku, huh? I'm glad I asked for his name..." [[spoiler:Edorad Liones]]
23* "Yes. Your gaze has grown strong. Now I can finally die and leave the rest to you." [[spoiler:Gin Ichimaru.]]
24* "Why'd you come back, you stupid dog..." [[spoiler:Yammy Rialgo, to his dog and fraccion Kokkapurro.]]
25* "[[ThisCannotBe This... Is... Impossi... ble..]]" [[spoiler:Giriko Kutsuzawa]]
26* "Say, Ichigo...if we were reversed...if we were...would we..." [[spoiler:Ginjo Kuugo]]
27* "Thank you, [[spoiler: Shishigawara-kun]]. Because of you, I was never alone." [[spoiler: Shuukuro Tsukishima. The scene itself is vague in regards to his death or survival, but the manga later confirms that he ''did'' die.]]
28* [[spoiler:G-Genryusai]], th... there is something... I must tell you...!! Th-they... Our bankai... [[HisNameIs they can make it]]-" [[spoiler:Chojiro Sasakibe]], Viz translation.
29* "No...I'm not..." [[spoiler:Luders Friegen, in response to Yhwach asking "Are you a prophet?"]]
30* "Ah...Thank you very much!" [[spoiler:Asguiaro Ebern, right after being spared by and right before being killed by Yhwach]]
31* "Are you mocking the 13 Court Guards?! I'm telling you to stop!" [[spoiler:Hidetomo Kajoumaru.]]
32* "Before the power I absorbed from that monster vanishes, I will be sure to get rid of you-" [[spoiler:Kirge Opie.]]
33* "Stop gabbing and die, old man." [[spoiler: Driscoll Berci.]]
34* "You said... I did well... it was an... ho... nor..." [[spoiler: Royd Lloyd]]
35* Last words: "Bastard!"
36** Last thoughts: "... I probably won't come back here again." [[spoiler: Captain-Commander Yamamoto]].
37* "If you think you can strike me down, you're more than welcome to try. I will not be killed by any other hands than [[spoiler: Your Majesty]]'s!" [[spoiler: Cang Du. [[OhCrap Unfortunately for him]], [[TheDragon Haschwalth]] ''did'' turn out to be badass enough to go past [[SuperToughness his protective skills]].]]
38* "This has far exceeded the bounds of mere justice or evil! I'm going to drink from your skull!" [[spoiler:Mask de Masculine]]
39* "Is this...some twisted joke?!" (Last thoughts: " very afraid.") [[spoiler:As Nodt]]
40* "I feel lonely... thinking about... the world where I'm going... where I can't imagine anything." [[spoiler:Gremmy Thoumeaux]]
41* "Li-Liltotto-chan! G-glad to see that you're well!" [[spoiler:Pepe Waddabraca]]
42* "This...This won't--" [[spoiler:Nianzol Weizol]]
43* "Ba-- Damn you...[[spoiler:Bazz-B]]..." [[spoiler:[=NaNaNa=] Najahkoop]]
44* "Things never go the way they want you to, do they...I thought losing you too would hurt so much more than this." [[spoiler:Bazz-B]]
45* "It's such a shame...not being able to kill you..." [[spoiler:Liltotto Lamperd]]
46* "Wha... What is happening?!" [[spoiler:Pernida Parnkgjas]]
47* "I'm sure you've got an answer for this too. Man... I know you do, so I won't say it's fatal." [[spoiler:Askin Nakk Le Varr, before his UncertainDoom]]