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1Drinking game for ''Comicbook/{{Watchmen}}'':* Drink whenever the comic within a comic shows up.** Take a finger if there's a world-building ArtShift. Take two if it's from a consistent source (i.e. Hollis Mason's ''Under the Hood'' autobiography).* Drink two shots whenever Jon doesn't understand humans.** Drink on the occasion that he [[NotSoStoic shows other emotions but his usual expression.]]* Take one sip whenever violence is used to solve a problem.* Drink whenever the Comedian does something excessively violent.* Drink every time Rorschach goes "Hrm".** Conversely, drink whenever Rorschach breaks into Dan's apartment. Take an additional finger for every time he's rummaged through Dan's food and seen eating, or it's brought up that Dan needs a new lock because of said break-in.** Drink if he manages to scare the bejeezus out of someone with a completely random StealthHiBye.** Drink if he's seen [[spoiler:in his street clothes with his "TheEndIsNigh" sign.]] Add an extra finger if it's used for extra impact at the end of each issue. * Drink every time Laurie lights up.* Drink every time someone has a flashback.* Drink every time you see Dr. Manhattan's penis.* Drink whenever there's panel containing a high amount of intense yellow lighting during a contextually important scene.----


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