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1Separated by character (warning: we recommend you use soda for these).----[[AC: Ayame/Blue Snow]]* Take a sip each time she flips her cellphone open.** Take one for each swear word she uses.** Make it a double, if it's used as part of a dirty joke or a pun.* Down half a can any time she has a freak-out over:** A. Seeing Tanukichi's junk.** B. If she misinterprets something he says to mean something perverted about girls.** C. If she walks in on him while he's in a compromising position.* Drink half a glass each time she dons her Blue Snow disguise.** Add a sip each time [[NoblewomansLaugh she laughs.]][[AC: Tanukichi]]* Take one sip each time he yells at the screen in response to anything either Ayame, or Saotome says, or does.* Take another whenever he's being chased by Anna.** Make it two if she corners or pins him.[[AC: Anna]]* Take a sip each time she mentions her "love nectar".** Add a chaser if she actually squirts while talking about it.** Take another sip each time her eye color changes to pink hearts.* One sip for each time she says, "Okuma-kun" ("Mr. Okuma" in the english dub).* Another sip each time she sniffs his boxers.** Make it two if Oboro's standing guard while she does it.* Drink a full glass (or can) whenever she goes yandere mode.* Take a shot whenever she tries to rape Tanukichi.[[AC: Saotome]]* Take a sip each time she feels inspired to draw.* One more any time she either eats something, or says it looks delicious.[[AC: Oboro]]* This one's rare, so drink a full glass whenever Oboro smiles.


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