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1While robbing a bank or anything in the game is cool, try not to get too plastered in the game when the following happens as you are robbing for millions:²²Note: Videogame/PAYDAY2 now has [[DrinkingGame/PAYDAY2 its own page]].²²* Every time you level up, drink.²* Whenever one of the robbers shout "IT'S A MOTHERFUCKING/FUCKING [Insert special unit here]!" you drink.²* Take a sip every time you go down.²** Take two sips if you are taken into custody.²*** Take three sips if you are exchanged back into the game.²*** If the entire time gets wiped, everyone must finish their drinks.²* Take a drink if you're downed and a teammate is also downed [[AnnoyingVideoGameHelper trying to help you up]].²* Take a sip for every two or more cops you kill with a grenade launcher/trip mine blast.²* Take a drink for every civilian you kill.²* Take a drink every time a Cloaker instantly downs you.²** Take a drink if you get downed by a Taser.²*** Take a big gulp if you are downed by a Bulldozer. Not recommended on higher difficulty levels where Bulldozers tend to spawn in frequently (sometimes up to 4 at once)!²*** [[INeedAFreakingDrink Chug the bottle]] if a single special unit somehow inflicts a TotalPartyKill.²* Every time a male civilian screams [[BigOMG OH MY GOD]], take a sip.²** Every time a female civilian shrieks, take a sip.²*** [[ScreamingWoman ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US]]?!²* In the Panic Room heist, every time Alex nags you to clear the roof, take a sip.²* In Diamond Heist, if you get spotted by the guards, take a sip.²** If the codes do not work, take a sip.²** If Mr. Garnet refuses to give you the codes, take a sip when the CFO is booted out of the chopper.²** If Ralph has to be used to get the codes, take a sip if the wait time for the vault is 30 seconds, two sips for 1 minute, or three sips for 3 minutes.²* Take a sip every time a saw or drill or code-breaker jams and has to be reset.²* Take a sip every time a smoke bomb gets tossed at you.


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