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1-->''Anyways, hello new folks! I promise I shall protect your soul from these vultures, that Town may own it solely!'' - [=DeBunny=], The Town's resident [[RidiculouslyCuteCritter Cute thing]].께''The Nexus'' is a fiction-kitchen-sink freeform [[PlayByPostGames Play By Post Game]] with origins at the Giant in the Playground forums, made up of the former separate-but-not-really universes of Town and Acronymia.께Town started when a werewolf and a [[HalfHumanHybrid Half-Dragon]] had a feud that climaxed in an arena fight, which led an [[FunnyAnimal enterprising cat]] to make some money off selling dolls and making a Milk Bar, not to mention ascending to [[DeityOfHumanOrigin godhood]]. Make sense so far? No? Good; most of the longtime Townies don't really get it either. The Town has since developed into many stories and plots, so many, in fact, that there are doubts that anyone knows all of them.께Sort of parallel to Town was the Acronymia universe, occupied by various organizations of various alignments (GLOG, HALO, AMEN, etc) and including a city called... Inside. The two universes were sort of connected and sort of not, so eventually it was decided to just drop all pretenses and combine them.께The result is The Nexus. This is basically a world where everything is possible, and where people can come from any universe, fictional or real. A concept known as the "omniverse" is sometimes invoked, referring to the infinite expanse of every possible universe that ever was/is/will be/can be/could be/would have been/might be/should be/sorta is/et cetera. The Nexus is sometimes said to be an omniversal crossroads.께Not to be confused with the [[Film/TheTown 2010 film of the same name]].----쾆he Nexus provides examples of: * AbsurdlySpaciousSewer - Used many times, even serving as the home of a freakish serial killer.* AnachronismStew - Blatant and proud of it.* ApocalypseMaiden - Carrie was, as a Blightwalker... not exactly this. Her presence was unsettling to nature and her hands would kill plants and burn flesh.* AuthorAppeal - Lots.** Beans and stuff such as dapper clothing, {{NiceHat}}s (especially top hats), scars, fingerless gloves, psychological brokenness, mental disorders, catgirls, and a sort of "current stuff" category that changes with whatever Beans is influenced by at the time...** iElf and Gothic Lolita style clothing, unusual hair colours, and long hair. And a lot of Beans's stuff.** Durp and general Mad Scientist/Supers tropes, played straight and played with alike.** Quinsar may have a thing for military stuff---which is justified, seeing as Quinny has genuine firsthand knowledge of it.* AxCrazy - Almost everyone has at least one PC like this [[strike:particularly Nevrmore]].* BadassLabcoat - People like Ha* BeginnersLuck - [=PCs=] tend to be at their most powerful when first introduced.** There are exceptions - BR powered up significantly over time due to the threat of Draken.* BigLippedAlligatorMoment - Beans's musical plots are sort of this in relation to the rest of the universe.* BrainBleach - Tobias. BR. Lust potion. 'Nuff said.* BrokenBird - Din, to a point that she refused to be raised again when she was killed. She was raised anyway.* BroughtDownToNormal - Leo when entering the Nexus** Carrie, again and again.* CanonDiscontinuity - Taken to the logical extreme; everyone has their own view of the Nexus and hardly any are consistent with one another.* CensorBox - Whenever two characters are about to engage in sexual activity, the action is obscured with a "black curtain of censorship" to the point where "curtain" is used as a verb to describe such activities. Other things that would be... unsightly to play out are also censored, like surgery and childbirth.* CityOfAdventure - Inside* CreatorProvincialism - [=FireFox=]'s Vulpania, Quinsar's Verethonia, [=ChasTheMage=]'s Britannia (not [[Anime/CodeGeass that one]]), et cetera.* {{Cloudcuckoolander}} - Among many...* DeathIsCheap - Except sometimes not.* DeityOfHumanOrigin - Most of the Nexus's many gods started as mortals. Effectively exemplified (and also subverted) in the Gent's backstory and current status, respectively.* DeusAngstMachina - Many [=PCs=] have more then their fair share of angst.* DeusSexMachina - Angela and her followers (though in recent years, not quite as much.* DysfunctionJunction - The Wogal family (and Vocusta, who's a close family friend) fits this quite well.* EldritchAbomination - Draken. As well as Zee and Dyna, though they're generally [[DidWeJustHaveTeaWithCthulhu nice.]]* FanGirl - [=ValdisRequiem=].* FantasticRacism - There was a human supremacist organization at one point.* FunWithAcronyms - KNAVES, XENOS, GUFIPOLICE, CONARTIST, TAANPC, [[NebulousEvilOrganization AMEN, PEACE, HATS,]] [[HeroesRUs HALO, GLoG, WATCHTOWER,]] NO, etc.* GeographicFlexibility - Everything in the Nexus is only a few seconds' walk from Trog's.** The same seems to apply to the Dancing Fox Inn.** More to the point, distances between point A and point B are determined by [[TravelingAtTheSpeedOfPlot the needs of the plot]].* {{Gorn}} - Some of the more intense posts fall to this level.* HalfHumanHybrid* HatesBeingTouched - Among others, Magtok and Margaret. Poor haptophobes.* KarmaHoudini - Many players feel a little too attached to their villains and so they often get away without the punishment they deserve.** Alternately, some players give their villains JokerImmunity. Examples: Sszinyon, Jaric.* LargeHam - All over the place. Magtok, every single character of TheMadHatter's...* LesYay - Lesbians are EVERYWHERE. You can't spit without hitting one. Gay guys, on the other hand, are not so numerous.* {{Loads and Loads of Characters}} - Basically, all the characters.* MagicalLand* MakingASplash - Ray Jubadi's main power.* MamaBear - Most mothers in the Nexus tend to be this. [[PapaWolf The fathers]] aren't all that different. Especially Tobias.* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast - Some people have this and are evil... and some have it and aren't, and some don't have it and are evil anyway.* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed - far more [=PCs=] than you'd think.* NobodyPoops - Actually, this has been averted at times. Usually whenever one needs it to happen.** Such as when, after becoming human, ex-devil Abigale bemoaned humanity's need to use the bathroom.* PhysicalGod - Loads of them.* PlayByPostGames* RealitySubtext - Happens if a player is banned, or leaves.* RuleOfCool* RuleOfFunny* Surprisingly after the above RuleThirtyFour is averted by the infamous black curtains.* SoulJar - Destro, being a lich.* StatuesqueStunner - Felandria, the nearly thirteen foot tall demigoddess, certainly qualifies.** Her fiancé, Lynette, while not quite as tall, does as well.** Not to mention Felandria's evil vampire double from an alternate reality, Deadra Blackfyre.* StrongAsTheyNeedToBe - A Roleplay approach used by some players, scaling abilities to the situation.* WalkingTheEarth* TheWoobie - Woobiedom is bestowed upon various characters at various times for various reasons. Some are built to be Woobies.** Beans's characters. Most of 'em.** ''Raril''. His player (who this troper personally knows) screws him around with an amazing amount of glee, and the end result is that you really just wanna hug him.* TheWorldTree - Yggdrasil repurposed for the "Zero Hour" plot as a five mile high tree that is responsible for absorbing souls of the recently deceased and renewing them into fresh ones to be re-entered into the lifestream.* YouAllMeetInAnInn - [=Trog's=] and also the Dancing Fox Inn. And the Black Dragon's Den.----


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