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1A project meant to span several mediums, most prominently as a comic and a collection of short stories. ˛˛The plot follows the struggles of Aesaelion Tathviel, an elf who's lived most of his life on borrowed time after a mysterious traveler nullified an ancient family curse that's fated him to a slow death. The curse has almost returned - and Aesaelion is determined to break it before it can destroy him.˛˛The story has a few major focus points with their own special titles - Aesaelion's story in particular is called 'Cursebreaker.˛˛----˛!!''The God We Dare Not Speak Of'' includes examples of:˛* LanguageOfMagic: Magic and "Speech" are two distinctly different things - there's magic that can be done via incantation, but Speech is nothing but this.˛* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: The story takes a broad view of many different members of the Tathviel family across history, and of people influential in their lives.˛* ConLang: The Elven Language is intended to be one!˛* ConvenientlyPreciseTranslation: Averted. Translations of Elven are merely rough approximations.˛˛[[foldercontrol]]˛[[folder:Main Cast - Cursebreaker Arc]]˛!! Aesaelion Tathviel˛* LawfulGood˛* RealityWarper: The more Aesaelion comprehends Speech, the more he becomes one of these.˛!! Rathael Tathviel˛!! [[spoiler: Rennuid Tathviel]]˛* AntiquatedLinguistics: Due to being born over a millenium before the rest of the cast.˛* CreatorsFavorite˛!! [[spoiler: Allegory]]˛* AmbiguousSyntax: Fond of using this.˛[[/folder]]˛[[folder:Minor Cast - Cursebreaker Arc]]˛!!Ylmaut the Lifedrinker˛* PosthumousCharacter˛!!Sinne-Othuul˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Major Cast - The Cult at Gorfuin Arc]]˛!!Rennuid Tathviel˛!!The Knight˛!!Allegory˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Minor Cast - The Cult at Gorfuin Arc]]˛!! Vaerdet Dolvmeer˛!! Mirhosa Tathviel˛* PosthumousCharacter˛!! Viromil Tathviel˛!! Guelhenthart Tathviel˛!! Llmedha Tathviel˛!! Narriviri Sinne-tyr-Tawn˛[[/folder]]


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