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1DarthWiki/ProjectValkyrie is an unfinished novel by Tropers/TheEvilOboist, not related to DarthWiki/{{Canfyre}} or DarthWiki/TheAspenValleyIncident.께0430N, known as Andrea Hampton to her friends, is a super soldier. She was hand-picked at the age of three, shipped off to a top-secret Academy in what was once Michigan, and trained and indoctrinated to be completely loyal to the oppressive government of New Columbia. Due to extensive physical conditioning, brain surgery, and drugs, she is incapable of feeling guilt, fear, or remorse. In other words, she has no conscience.께Then one day en route to squashing a rebellion in what was once Washington, she gets separated from her unit. The drug withdrawals set in, and when she wakes up, she's surrounded by people who seem to know a different side of the country she thought she knew.께The rest of the story follows her trying to figure out why she's feeling the way she's feeling and also trying to decode her past. As she becomes more aware, she realizes what the government has made her do and how horrible it is, and dedicates herself to bringing it down.께The biggest challenge Tropers/TheEvilOboist has with this project is, predictably, not making it {{Anvilicious}}.께DarthWiki/ProjectValkyrie provides examples of:께* ActionGirl: All of the Valkyries, of course.* AmazonBrigade: The Valkyries.* BoomHeadshot: Poor, poor [[spoiler: Gretchen...]]* ChurchMilitant: The entire state of Utah. A haven for repressed religious folks and a place so badass that New Columbia tries not to mess with it.* ColdSniper: Gretchen* DividedStatesOfAmerica: Divided into New Columbia, The Western Alliance, The United Southern States, and The Free State of Utah. Alaska and Hawaii became part of Canada and the Polynesian League, respectively.* GreenAesop: The whole Western Alliance arc is turning into one of these, and I haven't even written it yet.* LaResistance: Dr. Allen has a small one at his house, but he is in contact with others across the country.* NoPeriodsPeriod: Averted. Andrea's first period is (for her) a serious cause for alarm, seeing as she doesn't know what it is and she's ''22''.* OutgrownSuchSillySuperstitions: New Columbia has outlawed religion, saying that it enslaves the mind. Not that they're too worried about enslaving minds by themselves.* PsychoLesbian: Sam, after [[spoiler: Gretchen gets headshotted.]]* PsychoSerum: Temerdiol makes one ruthless and fearless. For some reason, a side effect is that you don't have any sex drive whatsoever.* SexAsRiteOfPassage: Andrea first has sex as part of her "awakening" from her past life.* StuffBlowingUp: Janey likes this. Her specialty is explosives.* SuperSoldier* TheAtoner: Andrea. Eventually her three friends, too. And Dr. Allen, who is trying to make up for all the work he did on the Project.* TrainingFromHell: Though I would totally go through it, if it meant I got to be a badass.* TykeBomb: The Valkyries have been in training since the age of three.* VaderBreath: The Director's chest was ruined in her last battle. She now has a machine that works what's left of her respiratory system.


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