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1->''"Invoke the Power!"''²-->-- '''[[ByThePowerOfGreyskull Morphing call]]'''²²The thirty-fourth instalment of the DarthWiki/PowerRangersRedverse written by Tropers/MadRedX12, a adaptation of the actual Series/PowerRangersMegaforce but using solely Series/TensouSentaiGoseiger suits. In between the events of Mythical Blitz and Outerspace Chase, Gosei came across a race of human-like aliens with no name and no home, looking for a place to live. Gosei named them the Gosei Angels and provided them with a home in the Gosei World, located atop the Earth, where they took it upon themselves to use the power of their magic "Gosei Cards" to protect humanity in secret for generations.²²In the present day, a alien race known as the Insecto Empire has descended upon the Earth in the name of conquest, destroying the Dimensional Tower that acts as the gateway to Gosei World and [[KillEmAll slaughter seemingly every single one of the angel-like defenders]]. However, the spirits of the last five Gosei Angels killed descend to Earth and [[PsychicLink fuse with]] [[SpiritAdvisor the souls]] of five teens who just so happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.²²Gosei contacts the teens and gives them the power to become the Megaforce Rangers via combining their souls with their Gosei Angel partners so that they can defeat the Insecto Empire and save the world. In addition to fighting the Warstar aliens, the Rangers must also fight off two additional threats: a race of toxic underground beasts, and a ruthless robot army. As time goes on, the Rangers bond with each other and their Gosei Angel partners and learn what it truly means to protect the Earth. As they fight their foes, gathering new allies in the process, they discover that these three random enemies are connected [[TheManBehindTheMan in a way none would have realised]].²²!!The Megaforce Rangers:²* '''Troy Burrows/Red Megaforce Ranger:''' TheHero and TheLeader. TheStoic to the point of bordering on EmotionlessBoy levels, he tends to be TheComicallySerious whenever something weird happens. He's also a DeadpanSnarker who often pokes fun at the others' misfortunes, but is shown to have some kind of care for them (not that he's very good at showing it). Has [[PlayingWithFire Blaze Tribe powers]], [[InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons a dragon motif]] and a DarkSecret.²** '''Alata''': Troy's Gosei Angel partner, a SarcasmBlind [[ThePollyanna Pollyanna]]. Not the most mature of the team, but definitely the most optimistic, to the point of IncorruptiblePurePureness. Being a Blaze, he has PlayingWithFire powers and flight.²* '''Noah Carver/Blue Megaforce Ranger:''' TheSmartGuy whose motivation is BecauseImGoodAtIt.²** '''Hyde''': Noah's Gosei Angel partner, a AgentScully prone to BrutalHonesty.²* ''' '''²* ''' '''²* ''' '''²²!!Recurring Power Rangers Redverse Tropes:²* AnimalMotifs:²** InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons: Troy and Alata²** ThePhoenix: Emma and Eri²** SnakesAreSinister: Jake and Agri (actually a [[AvertedTrope aversion]] - they're good guys)²** PantheraAwesome: Gia and Moune²** ThreateningShark: Noah and Hyde²** HeroicDolphin: Magis²** KingOfBeasts: The Robo Knights²* BigBad: [[BigBadEnsemble Five, in fact:]]²** [[BigCreepyCrawlies Admiral Malkor]] of the [[AliensAreBastards Insecto Empire]] faction.²** [[BigBadDuumvirate Biggs and Bluefur]] of the [[OurMonstersAreWeird Makuin]] faction.²** [[MechanicalMonster The Herald]] of the [[KillerRobot Atlantis Empire]] faction.²** [[OrcusOnHisThrone Prince Vekar]] of the [[AlienInvaders Zangayk]] faction.²** [[spoiler:[[TheManBehindTheMan Vrak]] for the series as a whole.]]²* BigGood: Gosei.²* ByThePowerOfGreyskull: '''INVOKE THE POWER!'''²** Orion's morphing call, on the other hand, is '''PIRATE POWER!'''²** The Robo Knights use '''KNIGHT CHANGE!'''²** Later, the core five and Magis use '''SUPER MEGA MODE!''' to become the Super Megaforce [[note]] No, not that Super Megaforce - it's the Ultra Mode renamed [[/note]] Rangers.²* CallingYourAttacks²* CoolBike: The Ultra Cycles and Troy's Dragon Cycle.²* ElementalPowers: Depending on what tribe a Gosei Angel is born into, he or she is born with the six following powers. Due to being bonded with their Gosei Angel partners, the Rangers acquire their respective powers.²** PlayingWithFire: Blaze Tribe, Alata and Troy²** MakingASplash: Sea Tribe, Hyde and Noah²** DishingOutDirt: Land Tribe, Agri and Jake²** ShockAndAwe: Storm Tribe, Moune and Gia²** BlowYouAway: Sky Tribe, Eri and Emma ²** SoulPower: Soul Tribe and Magis²* FourManBand: The Zangayk:²** TheBigBad: [[DeadpanSnarker Vekar]]²** TheDragon: [[OnlySaneMan Damaras]]²** The EvilGenius DarkChick: [[FatBastard Levira]]²** TheBrute: [[YesMan Argus]]²* FiveManBand: There are three {{Big Guy}}s [[note]] Jake, Agri and Gia [[/note]] on the team.²** TheLeader: Troy²** TheLancer: Alata²** TheSmartGuy: Hyde²** TheChick: Emma²** TheEngineer: Noah²** TheHeart: Jake²** TheMedic: Eri²** TheStrategist: Gia²** KidAppealCharacter: Moune²** [[SixthRanger Sixth Rangers]]: Magis, Orion, and the Gosei Knights.²* HumongousMecha:²** CombiningMecha:²*** Dragon Mechazord + Phoenix Mechazord + Snake Mechazord + Tiger Mechazord + Shark Mechazord = Star Guard Megazord²*** Star Guard Megazord + Manta Ray Seazord + Sawshark Seazord + Hammerhead Seazord = Sea Tribe Star Guard Megazord²*** Star Guard Megazord + Tyrannosaurus Landzord + Beetle Landzord + Rhino Landzord = Land Tribe Star Guard Megazord²*** Star Guard Megazord + Manta Ray Seazord + Sawshark Seazord + Hammerhead Seazord + Tyrannosaurus Landzord + Beetle Landzord + Rhino Landzord + Hawk Skyzord + Pteranodon Skyzord + Crow Skyzord = Hyper Star Guard Megazord²*** Star Guard Megazord + Hyper Tensou + Manta Ray Seazord + Sawshark Seazord + Hammerhead Seazord + Tyrannosaurus Landzord + Beetle Landzord + Rhino Landzord + [[OverlyLongGag Hawk Skyzord + Pteranodon Skyzord + Crow Skyzord + Triceratops Stormzord + Gazelle Stormzord + Eagle Stormzord + Ibex Blazezord + Komodo Blazezord + Ant Blazezord]] = Ultra Star Guard Megazord²*** Land Lionzord + Sky Lionzord + Sea Lionzord = Groundion Megazord²*** Star Guard Megazord + Land Lionzord + Sky Lionzord + Sea Lionzord = Star Ground Megazord²*** Goseizord + Star Guard Megazord = Gosei Great Megazord²*** Goseizord + Groundion Megazord = Gosei Grand Megazord²* [[InTheNameOfTheMoon Transformation Name Announcement]]:²--->"Fury of the dragon! Megaforce Red!"²--->"Flames of the phoenix! Megaforce Pink!"²--->"Venom of the snake! Megaforce Black!"²--->"Fang of the tiger! Megaforce Yellow!"²--->"Bite of the shark! Megaforce Blue!"²--->"Heart of the dolphin! Megaforce Green!"²--->"Earth's defenders never surrender! Power Rangers Megaforce!"²*** And the one for their Super Mega Mode power-up:²---->"Ultimate dragon's fury! Super Megaforce Red!"²---->"Ultimate phoenix's flames! Super Megaforce Pink!"²---->"Ultimate snake's venom! Super Megaforce Black!"²---->"Ultimate tiger's fang! Super Megaforce Yellow!"²---->"Ultimate shark's bite! Super Megaforce Blue!"²---->"Ultimate dolphin's heart! Super Megaforce Green!"²---->"Earth's defenders wil never surrender! Power Rangers Super Megaforce!"²*** Orion and the Robo Knights has their own separate one:²---->"Silver Pirate Ranger! I won't let what happened to Andresia happen to Earth!"²---->"We are the Robo Knights, defenders of the environment, guardians of the Earth!"²* {{Thememobile}}:²** Troy's aforementioned Dragon Cycle²** Noah's [[CoolBike Shark Double Cycle]]²** Jake's [[CoolCar Snake Monster Truck]]²** Gia's [[TankGoodness Tiger Tank]]²** Emma's [[CoolCar Phoenix Racer]]²* WeaponOfChoice:²** FrickinLaserBeams: The Headder Blasters²** {{BFS}}: The Tenswords²** CoolSword: Troy and Alata's Dragon Sword²** AutomaticCrossbows: Noah and Hyde's Shark Bowgun²** AnAxeToGrind: Jake and Hyde's Snake Axe²** ImprobableWeaponUser: Gia and Moune's Tiger Claw²** HandCannon: Emma and Eri's Phoenix Shot ²** ThisIsADrill: Magis's Dolphin Drill²** SniperRifle: Orion's Pirate Punisher²** SwissArmyWeapon: Landaeon's [[CoolSword Lion]] [[RayGun Laser]]²** WolverineClaws: Skyron's Lion Shredders²** BattleBoomerang: Sealeon's Lion Spinner²²!!Tropes specific to Megaforce:²* {{Acrofatic}}: Levira is shown to be able run like a cheetah in battle, which isn't bad for someone who weighs in at '''6,310 pounds!'''²* AdaptationalBadass: ²** As opposed to in either ''Goseiger'' or ''Megaforce'', Admiral Malkor avoids being a DiscOneFinalBoss and sticks around for the entire season after faking his death when the Rangers crash him into the Annihilation Mothership. [[spoiler: Hell, he even manages to survive the entire series!]]²** Vekar is MUCH more competent and more of a threat than he was in either source, twice even reaching a NearVillainVictory which were both only foiled by the Rangers getting a upgrade just in time. Even more so when he actually goes up against the Rangers unmorphed - rather than [[DirtyCoward running off]] like [[Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger Warz Gill]], he yells "Bring it on!" and actually attacks them with a bin lid. Granted, he was rather easy for the unmorphed Rangers to beat up, but it's the thought that counts. ²** ²* AlphaStrike: The Ultra Star Guard Megazord's finisher in a nutshell.²--->'''Troy''': Focus all firepower on the target!²* BadBoss: While the other villains in this series are opposed to hurting their own minions, The Herald fits this trope's bill. If any of his robots fail him in even the smallest degree, he flies into a blind rage, kicking them, electrocuting them, and calling them "low-spec trash". If he doesn't decide to kill them right then and there, he'll attach a bomb to their body and threaten to blow them up if they fail him again.²* BenevolentBoss: ²** Malkor treats his subordinates with true respect and as equals (apart from when he's scolding them for failing their missions, but even then he still gives credit where credit is due). ²** Biggs and Bluefur have a VillainousFriendship and often praise their MonsterOfTheWeek for doing well, even if they still didn't beat the Rangers.²** Vekar is a downplayed example - while he tends to yell at his underlings when they fail, he never does so without a good reason, and actually praises good work. In addition, his relationship with [[TheDragon Damaras]], [[EvilGenius Levira]] and [[TheBrute Argus]] is more like a gang of friends rather than a boss and subordinates.²* ButtMonkey: If something bad's going to happen to one of the Rangers, nine out of ten times it'll happen to Noah.²* CardsOfPower²* TheChessmaster: [[spoiler: Vrak.]]²* LeaveNoSurvivors: The Warstar's attack on the Gosei World, as seen in one of Hyde's nightmares.²---> '''Malkor''': Eliminate all of them, Creepox! [[NameDrop LEAVE. NO. SURVIVORS!]]²* LightningBruiser: The majority of the main villains:²** ²** [[TheJuggernaut Creepox]] possesses insane strength, is surprisingly fast, and has natural armour that can't be penetrated by anything but the most powerful attacks. ²** ²** Argus is able to move at incredible speeds, is a MasterSwordsman and is MadeOfIndestructium. ²** Levira by virtue of being able to successfully juggle {{Acrofatic}}, StoutStrength and {{Kevlard}} at the same time.²* OrcusOnHisThrone: Averted for the most part - Malkor, Biggs, Bluefur and The Herald all actively go out and fight the Rangers. The only BigBad who does not fight is Vekar, though it's justified as he's physically weak and more focused on strategy. ²* MoreDakka: Summed up perfectly in two lines of dialogue:²---> '''Troy:''' Wait, what if firing those lasers doesn't work?²---> '''Alata:''' Then that means we aren't firing enough lasers!²* MyGodYouAreSerious: In the first episode:²---> '''Emma''': One of those invaders Moune talked about is in these woods. I saw it with my own eyes.²---> '''Gia''': [[ArbitraryScepticism You cannot be serious.]]²---> (Loogies appear)²---> '''Gia''': Oh wait, you were serious.²* NeverMyFault: [[BadBoss The Herald]] always pins the failure of his plans on the robots that carry them out. He conveniently ignores the fact that, since he personally builds all of those robots, faulty construction might be a factor...²* SparedByTheAdaptation:²** In ''Goseiger'', Magis suffered DeathByOriginStory. Here, he survives.²** [[spoiler: Malkor, Vekar, Damaras, Levira and Argus all survive the series and leave Earth of their own accord as opposed to their ''Goseiger'', ''Gokaiger'' and ''Super Megaforce'' counterparts, who are all killed.]]²* RockBeatsLaser: In order to battle the Yellow and Pink Rangers head on, Vekar suggests firing lasers from the ship which he can radio. It doesn't work. Fortunately, [[FatBastard Levira]] has a backup plan - just run into the Rangers with her massive gut. THAT works.²---> '''Vekar''': So our armada's technological advancements fail to defeat these puny Power Rangers ... but your fat ass CAN?!²---> '''Levira''': Word of advice... don't doubt my fat ass.²* RunningGag:²** Troy's hatred of water bottles.²** "There's a simple explanation for that..."²---> '''[[DeadpanSnarker Troy]]''': Oh, is there really?²---> '''Gosei''': ...No, no there isn't. Just roll with it, so it'll be over faster.


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