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1[[quoteright:300:]] ²²Leslie Steven Berks (born 3 August 1937), better known as Steven Berkoff, is an English character actor, author, playwright and theatre director of Romanian and Russian Jewish descent. ²----²!!Selected filmography:²²* ''Film/AClockworkOrange'' (1971) as Det. Const. Tom²* ''Film/NicholasAndAlexandra'' (1971) as Pankratov²* ''Film/BarryLyndon'' (1975) as Lord Ludd²* ''Film/{{Outland}}'' (1981) as Sagan²* ''Film/{{Octopussy}}'' (1983) as General Orlov ²* ''Film/BeverlyHillsCop'' (1984) as Victor Maitland²* ''Film/RamboFirstBloodPartII'' (1985) as Lt. Col. Podovsky²* ''Film/Revolution1985'' (1985) as Sgt. Jones²* ''Film/AbsoluteBeginners'' (1986) as The Fanatic²* ''Film/UnderTheCherryMoon'' (1986) as Mr. Sharon²* ''Film/{{Fair Game|1995}}'' (1995) as Colonel Ilya Pavel Kazak ²* ''Film/TheTourist'' (2010) as Reginald Shaw²* ''Film/TheGirlWithTheDragonTattoo'' (2011) as Dirch Frode²* ''[[Film/{{Red}} Red 2]]'' (2013) as Cobb²²!!Tropes²²* IcyBlueEyes: Just take a good look at the picture.²* LargeHam: His approach to acting and theatre is...expressive, shall we say.²* {{Typecasting}}: It seems like he used to be the go-to guy whenever you needed a ruthless Russian villain in a movie. [[ActorSharedBackground His background]] and looks helped quite a bit.²* YourMimeMakesItReal: His playwrighting and directing style is highly non-naturalist, and involves the almost complete absence of props. Consequently, while his characters speak, their actions are almost always mimed.²----


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