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1Stephen Michael Kunken (c. 1971-) is an American actor best known for ''Series/{{Billions}}'', ''Series/TheHandmaidsTale'', and ''Film/FrostNixon''.˛˛He is married to Jenn Thompson and has one child.˛˛!Filmography˛* ''Series/SpinCity'' as Doctor (1 episode)˛* ''Film/MaryAndRhoda'' as Man in Jonah's office (TV Movie)˛* ''Series/NowAndAgain'' as Gov't Man/Agent #1 (2 episodes)˛* ''Film/{{Bamboozled}}'' as David˛* ''Series/TheSopranos'' as ER Doctor (1 episode)˛* ''Film/TheGirlInThePark'' as Leo˛* ''Film/LightAndTheSufferer'' as Douglas˛* ''Series/NewAmsterdam2008'' as Ben Tucker (1 episode)˛* ''Series/GossipGirl'' as Creator/RollingStone (1 episode)˛* ''Series/LawAndOrder'' as Harold Foley/Dwight Connelly/Mark Wood/Process Server (4 episodes)˛* ''Film/TakingWoodstock'' as Mel˛* ''Series/TheUnusuals'' as Gary Reed (1 episode)˛* ''Series/LawAndOrderCriminalIntent'' as Don [=McCallum=]/Contractor (2 episodes)˛* ''Film/AllGoodThings'' as Todd Fleck ˛* ''Series/TheGoodWife'' as Rand Blaylock (1 episode)˛* ''Film/ExtremelyLoudAndIncrediblyClose'' as Teacher˛* ''Film/PriceCheck'' as Cartwright˛* ''Film/TheBay'' as Dr. Abrams˛* ''Series/{{Elementary}}'' as Dr. Carrow (1 episode)˛* ''Series/BlueBloods'' as Jacob (1 episode)˛* ''Film/ABirdersGuideToEverything'' as Ted˛* ''Film/{{Blumenthal}}'' as Barry ˛* ''Series/{{Unforgettable}}'' as Dale Parsons (2 episodes)˛* ''Film/TheWolfOfWallStreet'' as Jerry Fogel˛* ''Film/StillAlice'' as Dr. Benjamin ˛* ''Film/BridgeOfSpies'' as William Tompkins ˛* ''Film/{{Custody}}'' as Mark Dooley ˛* ''Film/CafeSociety'' as Leonard ˛* ''Series/BrainDead'' as Matthew Maizen (1 episode)˛* ''Film/JasonBourne'' as Baumen ˛* ''Film/{{Otherhood}}'' as Joel Lieberman˛* ''Series/TheHandmaidsTale'' as Warren Putnam (13 episodes)˛* ''Series/TheAffair'' as Harry (8 episodes)˛* ''Series/{{Billions}}'' as Ari Spyros


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