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1[[quoteright:330:]]²->''"One very important element for me to make a movie is, it has to be unique and different from any other."''²²An influential Hong Kong comedian, actor and film director, best known in the west for ''Film/ShaolinSoccer'' and ''Film/KungFuHustle'', Stephen Chow Sing-Chi (born 22 June 1962 in Hong Kong) is famous for his slap stick martial arts movies. He also has something of a reputation for taking unknowns as his romantic lead, collectively called "Sing girls", all of whom go on to have successful careers in their own right.²²As an actor he has been known to be the lead actor in all of his movies as well as some lead roles in films such as the ''Film/GodOfGamblers'' sequels and ''Film/AChineseOdyssey''. ²²He was also a producer for ''Film/DragonballEvolution'', but beyond that he had not given any sort of creative influence to the film, even if it needed it.[[note]]Which it did[[/note]]²²His [[Film/JourneyToTheWestConqueringTheDemons take]] on ''Literature/JourneyToTheWest'' has him changing things up a bit by sticking to the directorship.²²-----²[[AC: Directed, Written and/or Starred In:]]²* ''The Final Combat'' (a memetic quote from his character, "Let's sit down, have some tea and a bun, and talk slowly", is regarded as the TropeMaker of his ''mo lei tau'' style)²* ''My Hero'' (widely considered his big break in showbiz. Known for a [=CMoF=] involving [[HollywoodToneDeaf really bad karaoke]] that gained memetic spread at the time)²* ''All for the Winner'' (originally a ''Film/GodOfGamblers'' parody, later gets [[CanonImmigrant promoted to canon]] when he appears in ''God of Gamblers III'')²* ''New Fist of Fury'' (an AffectionateParody of Creator/BruceLee's ''Film/FistOfFury'', of course. There's even an ActingForTwo moment in an IntercontinuityCrossover with ''All for the Winner''.)²* ''Fight Back to School'' ([[DieHardOnAnX Die Hard in a high school]])²* ''Film/TrickyBrains''²* ''Justice My Foot'' (The first of many Qing Dynasty period films by Chow, this one sees him take the role of ancient lawyer Song Shijie, taking on his many crises of character in the court with the usual RuleOfFunny thrown in)²* ''The Royal Tramp'' (based off the classic literature ''Literature/TheDeerAndTheCauldron'')²* ''Film/KingOfBeggars''²* ''Flirting Scholar'' (AffectionateParody of the classic romance of Tang Bohu and Qiuxiang. Known for testing the waters for epic duels by pitting martial arts legends Cheng Peipei and Gordon Liu against each other.)²* ''Film/LoveOnDelivery''²* ''Film/HailTheJudge'' (Looking like a FollowTheLeader of the resurgence of interest in the historical judge Justice Bao thanks to a Chinese LongRunner tv series, this is actually a SpiritualSuccessor of ''Justice My Foot'')²* ''Film/FromBeijingWithLove'' (an AffectionateParody of ''Film/JamesBond'')²* ''Film/AChineseOdyssey'' (based off ''Literature/JourneyToTheWest'')²* ''Film/SixtyMillionDollarMan''²* ''Film/ForbiddenCityCop'' (SpiritualSuccessor to ''From Beijing'' above)²* ''Film/GodOfCookery''²* ''Film/KingOfComedy''²* ''Film/ShaolinSoccer''²* ''Film/KungFuHustle''²* ''Film/CJ7''²* ''Film/JourneyToTheWestConqueringTheDemons''²** ''Film/JourneyToTheWestTheDemonsStrikeBack''²²!!Creator/StephenChow's work provides examples of:²²* AffectionateParody: Much of his earlier stuff, but ''Film/AChineseOdyssey'' comes dangerously close to PragmaticAdaptation.²* AuthorTract: ²** ''The Royal Tramp'' ends with Wei Xiaobao (played by Chow) pointing out that Manchurian rule has not exactly scourged China and the LaResistance may not even be necessary, deliberately paralleling the impending handover of the Hongkong colony from UK to China rule in '97.²** ''King of Beggars'' has the newly-crowned king of beggars Soh (played by Chow) lampshading the fact that the poor have become the majority, and the problem of poverty can only be solved by those with the power, [[DidYouJustFlipoffCthulhu all to the Emperor's face.]] [[HilariousInHindsight And all this was WAY before the #Occupy movement.]]²** The one in ''Forbidden City Cop'' has stirred up controversy due to being a FlipFlopOfGod in comparison to the ''Royal Tramp'' one above, but the real point is the same as the ''King of Beggars'' one - real power belongs to the people.²* BlackAndWhiteMorality: Sticks to traditional good vs evil stories. ²* ClassicallyTrainedExtra: This sums up his start in showbiz in a nutshell, having practiced Jeet Kune Do before starting out as an actual extra.²* EnlightenmentSuperpowers: Multiple of his films involve a Buddhist powerup to finish the climactic battle. Notably ''Film/AChineseOdyssey'', ''Film/ShaolinSoccer'' and ''Film/KungFuHustle''.²* GenreShift: From shlocky B-movies thanks to director Wong Ching to full-blown blockbuster material from ''A Chinese Odyssey'' onwards. The knee-slapper moments have remained intact, though.²* MoodWhiplash: Chow's films are known to suddenly veer from slapstick comedy to melodramatic tragedy and back. ²* ProductionPosse: The second best known hallmark of Chow's work. Al the recurring actors in his movies can be divided into three categories - longtime friends (eg. Ng Man Tat and Sandra Ng), [[MsFanservice hot young things getting a bump in popularity while falling victim to rumors of being his newest dalliance]], and classic big names going through a CareerResurrection.²* RuleOfFunny: Widely considered the TropeCodifier of the ''mo lei tau'' style comedy (which translates to something in the vein of "nonsensical comedy") for Hong Kong cinema.²* SlidingScaleOfIdealismVsCynicism: Very much on the Idealistic end.²* SlobsVersusSnobs: One theme of Chow's movies included the conflict between the working class and the upper-class, which sympathizes with the former. Though the lead character of ''Film/GodOfCookery'' and ''Film/KingOfBeggars'' came from wealthy strata, they only learn humility as they spend more with the lower classes after their fall from grace.²----


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