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1[[quoteright:250:]]²[[caption-width-right:250:Saskia Burmeister at ShortFilm festival Tropfest in 2012.]]²²Saskia Burmeister (born 12 February 1985 in Sydney, Australia) is an [[UsefulNotes/{{Australia}} Australian]] actress from Sydney. In high school, she acted in plays such as ''Theatre/TheMerchantOfVenice'', and her first major role was in ''Series/WickedScience'' from 2003 to 2004. After that, she gained critical attention by starring in ''Literature/HatingAlisonAshley'', which won her a nomination for Best Lead Actress from the Australian Film Institute (AFI). She later won an acting award from the AFI for a guest role in ''Series/BlueHeelers'', and received another nomination for ''The Jammed''.²²From 2007 to 2009, Saskia was on ''Series/SeaPatrol'' as the navigator Nikki Caetano. In 2011, Saskia joined ''Home and Away'' as Tegan Callahan. She also appeared in ''Series/{{Underbelly}}: Razor''. Her upcoming projects include ''Black and White and Sex'', ''Min Min'', and ''Tricky Business''. She has been married to Australian actor Jamie Croft since 2008, and in 2012 she gave birth to their first child. Her sister, Martika Sullivan, is also an actress.²----²!Roles²* ''Series/WaterRats'' (2000 episode "Low Blows") as Victoria St. Clair²* ''The Junction Boys'' (2002) as Joyce²* ''[[Film/NedKelly2003 Ned Kelly]]'' (2003 film starring Creator/HeathLedger) as Jane Jones²* ''The Pact'' (2003) as Young Susan Tuttle²* ''Series/WickedScience'' (2003-2004) as Dina Demiris²* ''Thunderstruck'' (2004) as Chloe²* ''The Glenmoore Job'' (2005) as Sally²* ''Literature/HatingAlisonAshley'' (2005) as Erica Yurken²* ''Jewboy'' (2005) as Rivka²* ''Series/BlueHeelers'' (2005 episode "Child's Play") as Ashley Barker²* ''The Jammed'' (2007) as Vanya²* ''Pirate Islands: The Lost Treasure of Fiji'' (2007) as Pirate Lily²* ''Series/SeaPatrol'' (2007-2009) as Nikki Caetano²* ''Kind of Man'' (2009 ShortFilm) as Chloe²* ''Storage'' (2009) as Zia²* ''Cold Sore'' (2011 ShortFilm) as Jenna²* ''[[EmergencyServices Rescue Special Ops]]'' (2011 episode "Storm Chaser") as Annie Griffin²* ''Series/HomeAndAway'' (2011) as Tegan Callahan²* ''Series/{{Underbelly}}: Razor'' (2011 episode "The Darlinghurst Outrage") as Ida Maddocks²* ''Black and White and Sex'' (2012) as Angie 7²* ''Min Min'' (2012 ShortFilm) as Celeste²* ''Series/TrickyBusiness'' (2012 episode "Space and Time") as Zoe Platt²----²!Tropes²* TypeCasting: Saskia shows up in a lot of PoliceProcedural and other EmergencyServices dramas, and in ShortFilm.²----


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