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1%%First Draft Theatre presents...께Ryan Estrada is an artist/adventurer who has traveled the globe and currently resides in South Korea. He mostly writes and draws webcomics but he also writes prose, and is currently creating an AudioPlay named "Big Data".께Most of his work is available to read for free on the internet. His website is [[ here.]]께He has never actually hacked a shark, [[CrazyPrepared but he does know how to if he ever needs to.]]께Works which have their own page:께* ''Webcomic/AkiAlliance''* ''Webcomic/BrokenTelephone''* ''Podcast/BigData''* ''Literature/ThisIsHowYouDie'' ("Shiv Sena Riot")께Other major works include:께* The Kind* Learn to Read Korean in 15 Minutes* Unlicensed께----


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