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3Ronit Elkabetz (Hebrew: רונית אלקבץ‎, Arabic: رونيت القبص, November 27, 1964 April 19, 2016) was an UsefulNotes/{{Israel}}i actress, screenwriter and director of Moroccan descent. She worked in both Israeli and French cinema (she was fluent in French) and won three Ophir Awards, with a total of seven nominations over her career.
5She specialized in the roles of women who are confronted to various psychological, emotional and social troubles in contemporary Israeli society. Her younger brother Shlomi became a director whom [[DirectedByCastMember she worked with on a film trilogy in which she starred]] as the main character, Viviane Amsalem, a woman who struggles to overcome her difficulties (couple problems and religious pressure, mostly) and obtain divorce following her ArrangedMarriage with a man she doesn't love.
7She passed away from lung cancer on April 19, 2016 at the age of 51.
9!!Notable works:
11* ''Florentine'' (TV series)
12* ''Sh'Chur''
13* ''Origine contrôlée'' (US title: ''Made in France'')
14* ''Metamorphosis of a Melody''
15* ''Late Marriage''
16* ''Or (My Treasure)''
17* ''Film/TheBandsVisit''
18* The ''Viviane Amsalem'' trilogy:
19** ''To Take a Wife''
20** ''Shiva (Seven Days)''
21** ''Film/GettTheTrialOfVivianeAmsalem''
22* ''The Girl on the Train''
23* ''Zion and His Brother''
24* ''Film/{{Mabul}}''
25* ''Les Mains libres''
26* ''WesternAnimation/{{Zarafa}}''
27* ''Trepalium'' (TV series)