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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²²->''"I like weird things, I've tried to gravitate toward the incredibly strange."''²²Rob Bottin is a special effects artist who began his career at age 14 after sending a letter to his idol Creator/RickBaker who was impressed by his drawing and molding skills, he eventually formed his own company Rob Bottin Studio, he abruptly retired in 2002 when he just wasn't getting work in the horror and action films he desired, part of this was due to the film industry's reliance on CGI over practical effects.²²!!Projects Bottin Worked On:²* Film/KingKong1976 - His first major work in a feature film²* Film/ANewHope - Designed several cantina aliens, also played one of the band members²* Film/{{Piranha}} - Makeup effects for the piranha victims, one of which is based on himself, also the first film in which he received an onscreen credit.²* Film/TheFog - In addition to makeup effects he also played Captain Blake.²* Film/HumanoidsFromTheDeep²* Film/Maniac1980²* Film/{{Airplane}}²* Film/TheHowling²* Film/TheThing1982 - This is his StarMakingRole, the one for which he will always be loved and rembered, he was so dedicated to improving the creature effects he slept in the studio and was briefly hospitalized for exhaustion.²* Film/TwilightZoneTheMovie²* Film/{{Explorers}}²* Film/{{Legend 1985}}²* Film/TheWitchesOfEastwick²* Film/{{Innerspace}}²* Film/RoboCop1987²* Film/TotalRecall1990²* Film/BasicInstinct²* Film/{{Se7en}}²* Film/DeepRising²* Film/FightClub²* Film/MissionImpossible²* Film/FearAndLoathingInLasVegas²* Film/MrDeeds²²----


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