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1Rishi Kapoor (4 September 1952 - 30 April 2020) was probably the supreme example of Bollywood's dynastic tendencies. He was the son of Creator/RajKapoor, the nephew of Creator/ShashiKapoor and Creator/ShammiKapoor, the father of rising star Creator/RanbirKapoor, and the uncle of Creator/KarismaKapoor and Creator/KareenaKapoor. He made his debut in ''Bobby'', a teen romance directed by his father in the early seventies, and quickly became a heartthrob. Despite his formidable comedic talents, slowly expanding waistline and penchant for weirdly patterned sweaters, he remained locked into romantic-lead roles until the early nineties, by which point he was often being saddled with much younger leading ladies. Once he broke away from this typecasting, he proved a much acclaimed character actor, bringing life to even the most generic father/uncle roles. He was married to [[ThoseTwoActors frequent costar]] Neetu Singh.²²Notable films include:²* ''Bobby''²* ''Film/AmarAkbarAnthony''


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