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1[[quoteright:280:]] ²²Rebecca Louisa Ferguson Sundström (born October 19, 1983 in Stockholm, Sweden) is a Swedish actress. ²²Her father is Swedish and her mother English, so she was raised bilingual. She has a son due to her past relationship with then-boyfriend Ludwig Hallberg. In 2018, she gave birth to a daughter with her new partner. She announced the pair had married in 2019, although only his first name (Rory) has been revealed yet.²²Born to a British mother, she grew up and graduated from school in Stockholm. Her first acting experience at the age of 15 was her role in the Swedish TV series ''Nya tider'', leading to a role in the American TV series ''Ocean Ave''. After participating in the BBC series ''Series/TheWhiteQueen'', Ferguson soon gained international attention. Her most famous role to date is Ilsa Faust in the ''Film/MissionImpossible'' film series, making her debut in ''Film/MissionImpossibleRogueNation''. ²²Not to be confused with the English singer of the [[NamesTheSame same name.]]²----²!!Selected filmography:²* ''Nya tider'' (1999 – 2002) as Anna Gripenhielm²* ''Film/TheDrowningGhost'' (2004) as Amanda²* ''Series/{{Wallander}}'' (2008) as Louise Fredman (episode: "Sidetracked")²* ''Series/TheWhiteQueen'' (2013) as Queen Elizabeth Woodville²* ''Film/{{Hercules|2014}}'' (2014) as Ergenia ²* ''Literature/TheRedTent'' (2014) as Dinah²* ''Film/MissionImpossibleFilmSeries'' as Ilsa Faust:²** ''Film/MissionImpossibleRogueNation'' (2015)²** ''Film/MissionImpossibleFallout'' (2018)²** ''Mission Impossible 7'' (2022)²** ''Mission Impossible 8'' (TBA)²* ''Film/FlorenceFosterJenkins'' (2016) as Kathleen²* ''Literature/TheGirlOnTheTrain'' (2016) as Anna ²* ''Film/{{Life|2017}}'' (2017) as Dr. Miranda North²* ''Film/{{The Snowman|2017}}'' (2017) as Katrine Bratt²* ''Film/TheGreatestShowman'' (2017) as [[HistoricalDomainCharacter Jenny Lind]]²* ''Film/TheKidWhoWouldBeKing'' (2019) as Morgana le Fay²* ''Film/MenInBlackInternational'' (2019) as Riza²* ''Film/DoctorSleep'' (2019) as Rose the Hat²* ''Film/{{Reminiscence}}'' (2021) as Mae²* ''Film/{{Dune|2021}}'' (2021) as Lady Jessica²----


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